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How to Recover a Deleted Contact on iPhone?

Do you know how to recover a deleted contact on iPhone? In this article, you can find your solution easily; if you face this problem.

It can happen to anyone who accidentally presses on the wrong place on the screen. Or it can even happen that by an oversight or lack of attention you delete a contact from your list. Like a small software or hardware error, it can cause all your phone information to be lost.

The advantage lies in the fact that smart cell phone companies are prepared for this. Specifically, companies such as Apple develop their devices to generate a backup from time to time. Allowing its users to restore their devices if an eventuality occurs.

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Also, if you own an iPhone and one of the big problems mentioned above has occurred to you; this guide will help you. Because in the following paragraphs we will show you how to recover your information. You just have to follow these instructions to recover a deleted or deleted contact on your iPhone device.

Steps to follow to know how to recover a deleted or deleted contact on iPhone

In order to recover lost contact on our iPhone, we will have to have the iTunes application. This will have to be installed on our computer, either Windows or Mac. Although we certainly recommend the version set for Mac due to the great compatibility between them.

Once we have opened this application, we will have to connect our iPhone to the desktop device using a USB cable. Exactly as we would normally do to synchronize it or move some internal file. Now, we will have to explore the iTunes application until we find the “Devices” section.

Once we have found this section we will have to click on it to access its content. In this way, we will look for our iPhone and press the right button of our mouse on it. This will display a short list with options.

Within these options we will have to search and select the one that says: “Restore from Backup”. This option will return your iPhone exactly as it was when the last backup was made. So, you will have to notice the date of this to know if it is convenient.

Therefore, if this backup is very old, you better not apply it. You could lose much more information than you are trying to recover. But, if the backup is recent, there should be no problem executing it.

So, if you have already decided, you will have to select the backup you want to apply and click on “Restore”. In summary, the iTunes program will be responsible for performing the procedure automatically. You just have to wait for it to complete and your iPhone notifies you that you can use it.

At this time will already have restored your contact list along with other data from your iPhone. So, if you are looking for the contact you had lost, deleted or deleted, it should be there. In the same way, we advise you to make a backup periodically in case this happens.

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