How to Increase the Life of Your Gadgets?

This is the age of fast food, fast fashion, fast cars, and fast tech. This doesn’t simply refer to the high internet speed you get with Charter Spectrum cable. The truth is that this era is defined by the need for something new, all the time. For example, instead of investing in long-lasting clothes, people prefer to buy in bulk from affordable brands, and discard them quickly. And so, the cycle of consumption continues. What’s surprising is that this is how people now treat even more expensive items, such as tech gadgets. 

A lot of this has to do with marketing and brands purposely making their products have shorter lifespans. But you don’t always have to fall for that. Luckily, there are ways you can easily extend your gadgets’ lifespans and get the most benefit out of them for the longest time. By following these simple tips, you won’t believe just how long your devices last. 

Don’t Overcharge Your Gadgets 

Charging electric devices too much is probably the most common mistake people tend to make. If you’re like most people, it is likely that you set your devices to charge overnight. However, this is a bad idea! These days, devices don’t need that much time to fully power up. And if you keep your devices plugged in even after they’ve been fully charged, you risk weakening their batteries. So, try to charge your phone and other devices for some hours during the day, and then remember to unplug. Also, don’t keep your laptop always plugged in when you’re using it. Instead, let its battery drain at least 50% before plugging in the charger. 

Regularly Clean Your Gadgets  

This is a maintenance essential for nearly everything in the world. Yet, people seem to ignore it when it comes to tech gadgets. To realize its importance, just think about all the places your phone travels with you. Of course, it collects lots of grime along the way. You may come back after a long day of work and jump into your shower daily, but what about your gadgets? Or, what if you stopped showering for the same duration that you leave your gadgets dirty? Chances are, even you won’t feel like living for too long. At the very least, your housemates may plan your murder. 

Thus, you need to pay attention to all your devices’ hygiene. Regularly do a deep-cleanse of your devices by opening them up, or get a professional to do it. This would ensure that all their internal machinery keeps working smoothly. Also, the same applies to internal cleaning. Make it a habit to regularly delete unnecessary apps, photos, files, and cache from your device. This will allow your devices to keep working without lags or glitches. 

Install Software Updates Timely 

Don’t delay updating your devices’ software if you want them to last. The manufacturers keep introducing updates to fix bugs and improve your user experience. So, don’t keep clicking that “Remind me later” button. Otherwise, it may be too late!  

Protect Your Hardware 

No matter how advanced today’s gadgets are, they are still delicate. So, always protect your gear with covers and cases. For smartphones, make sure to invest in a high-quality glass protector and a durable case to protect all its sides. For your cameras and laptops, buy dedicated bags that will protect them during travel and storage. 

Keep Your Gadgets Cool 

It can be tempting to use your laptop in bed for hours, but it also drains away at its life. If you keep your computer placed for too long on fabric, cushions, or your lap, it will heat up. This will affect its internal machinery and performance. Thus, make sure to either work on an insulated surface or use a laptop stand that is built for this purpose. Similarly, never leave your phone, laptop, or other electric gadgets exposes to high sunlight or heat. Also, running too many programs on your gadgets for too long can heat them up. Therefore, try to give your devices a break every now and then. 

Get Professional Maintenance 

Just like humans need spa or rest days to function in the long run, your gadgets could also benefit from some professional upkeep. So, whenever you feel like your devices are acting strange or could do with some fixing, visit a professional. Not only will they fix any existing issues they may have, but also delay or prevent future issues. 

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