How to Choose the Best Domain Name?

For any person or business starting up a new website, you may believe that choosing a domain name is not all that important. Instead, you may feel the content on the webpage matters most. The fact of the matter is your domain name is a crucial element of your website, and in fact, it truly can make or break your success on the web. With that in mind, here are some good tips for choosing a domain name. 

Choosing the Right Extension

When you begin your domain search and are looking for ideas for a domain name at a place like, you need to consider which extension you want to use carefully. In almost all cases, most people or businesses want a .com name. 

The relatively simple reason you want this type of name is that most people assume that any website will end with .com. So if some person knows the name of your business but does not know your website address, chances are they will start searching by simply typing in your business name and then ending it in .com.

Is It Best To Choose Something Generic or Something Specific to Your Brand?

While you want your domain name to be specific, you also want it to be creative and memorable. While it is easy to believe that having a generic-sounding name may appeal to a broader audience, chances are this will only mean that most people will not find you.

Instead, as you begin to research domain name ideas on, try focusing on names that highlight your brand and what your brand does to appeal to potential customers.

Take Special Note of the Length of Your Domain Name

Generally, having a shorter domain name is far better than having a long one. In fact, one of the most common domain name lengths is around 12 characters. 

While you may believe that finding a short domain name could be almost impossible because there are so many domains already out there, be creative and see if you can find something that fits. Always remember you are looking for something that is short but also describes your brand quite well.

Remember To Make Sure That Your Domain Is Easy for People To Type

While quite a few people will find your website through a search result, there is always a chance people will manually type in your web address. That is why it is essential to ensure your domain name is easy to type and has minimal risk of getting misspelled.

While there are ways a website owner can mitigate this risk by purchasing other misspelled domains and redirecting them to the correct domain, this can become quite costly. As a good rule of thumb, if you have to keep explaining to people how to spell your domain name, you probably have the wrong domain name.


Coming up with a good domain name comes down to making sure you offer something concise that highlights your brand precisely. When you can accomplish these goals, you will soon see incredible benefits in the digital world for your new website.


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