How to Change Kik Username?

Nowadays many people find how to change Kik username? So, today our social media team is describing it easily. Founded in 2009, Canada-based Kik Messenger is one of the most popular anonymous instant messaging services, allowing users to connect to its Android and iOS apps using only their email id.

Names and usernames are the most important aspect of social network profiles, as they are the main identifying features and help your profile stand out from the rest. An attractive username and an easily recognizable display name are essential for your friends to easily find you on Kik.

Kik User Name vs Display Name

  • Your username is required to find your profile. If someone gets your username wrong, they will not be able to find you on Kik.
  • User names can only contain letters, numbers, periods (.), and underscore (_); other special characters and emoji can only be included in display names.
  • The names displayed appear at the top of your friends’ chat screen, in notifications, and in contact lists.

How to change Kik username?

Usually, Kik uses two names. One is the display name and another is the username. The username is your unique identifier and is tied to your Kik account. You cannot change your Kik username but it is not publicly displayed. The only way to change this is to close down your Kik account and open a new one.

Your Kik display name is the name you give people who you want to be able to contact you using the app. It is this name that you can change.

Kik does not allow users to change their usernames after creating a profile. To change Kik username, you must create a new account with a unique email address and use your new username there. As mentioned above, the username cannot be changed after creating a profile. Therefore, when you create a new profile, make sure your username is correct this time.

To change Kik username, log in to the Kik Messenger app for Android or iOS and follow the steps below.

  • Click on Configuration.
  • Then click on your account.
  • On the next page, click on Name and change your display name.

How can I see someone’s Kik username?

To see the username of the person who has sent you a message, click on their profile picture in the chat window and select View profile. The username appears below the name in small gray text. You can also click on the username at the top of the chat, and the username will appear below the username.

You can also find out the username of the person you have blocked by going to the Blocked list – Settings> Privacy> Blocked list. The username appears in small gray font below the displayed name of the blocked profile.

If you don’t want to be acknowledged on Kik

When using Kik if anonymity is your priority, you need a display name or screen name with at least one degree of separation. For example, let’s say you’re a raven-haired cycling fan who hates soccer in real life. If you use the name “Blond49er” or something similar, any suspicious person will get it all wrong. Just like any other name associated with soccer, soccer players, Vikings, blondes, and blond hair. This is just one example out of a million possible scenarios, but you get the idea. You don’t need to have an exact opposite name, just enough so that no one will easily associate it.

If you just want to be anonymous on Kik

You can use the “degree of separation” principle if you want, but it is not necessary if you just want a display name or screen name that is not your own. You can use the same rules we use for all our social networks or game names. Think of some words you like and stop on those.

Unlike games or other social networks, the names that appear on Kik are freely accessible. Your username remains constant, but only between you and the Kik servers. You can set any name and change it as you wish.

Remember that inappropriate, childish, racist, offensive, stupid, or just plain stupid names have the same effect as on other social networks. If you want to be seen as such, act like it. If you want to be taken seriously or for people to want to communicate with you, don’t bother.

As we said before, changing your display name on Kik is very easy. The hard part is finding something appropriate. We’ve given you some ideas and we are sure you can think of more.

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