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How a GPS Clock in and Out App Works

Many different team time tracking apps are available today, and the majority of them have some convenient functions. However, if your main goal is to track employee productivity throughout the day because you have a fluid and moving workforce or dozens of remote workers, then a clock in and out app is an intelligent choice.

Unfortunately, many business owners don’t know exactly how the features in these apps work. Traditionally, GPS has been used to keep track of company-owned vehicles and equipment. An employee GPS app, on the other hand, tracks employees through their mobile devices. It is much more than a simple GPS, though.

There are many features that a GPS clock in and out app has that make handling a fluid work environment much more manageable, safer, and more productive. To use them effectively, though, you need to understand how they work.

How GPS Tracking Works

Without getting overly technical, the global positioning system (GPS) of the app works by using the employee’s smartphone or device to communicate with location satellites that are situated in low Earth orbit. These satellites send and receive the location data of everyone connected to them. This means that you can get real-time data on your employees’ location whenever they punch in or out.

Many apps use these features, but for employee tracking, a clock in and out app only works when an employee punches time. Then the manager of the employee can see on their time card where they punched in or out. GPS tracking on punch in and out helps alleviate privacy concerns because employees know they won’t be tracked when they are not working. Employers can see when an employee is punched in and out and ensure they’re working at the correct location.

Unlike in other apps, with a GPS time tracking app, the location detection is not kept active simply because the phone is on. This is a concern for many employees who feel that GPS trackers should only be applied to company property and not to employees’ personal devices.

The Benefits of Time Tracking

One of the primary benefits of using a clock in and out app with GPS to track employees is that it automatically calculates hours and pay, so long as the employee is punched in. This limits the need for manual tracking.

The automatic calculating is helpful for making sure employees are paid accurately and on time, but it also serves a secondary purpose. The GPS allows employers to see where an employee is located, and app features will enable them to tell if the employee is productive or not. This will enable them to handle payment disputes quickly and correct negative behavior such as taking care of personal business while on company time.

By tracking employees this way, they can manage multiple job sites, remote workers, and improve performance from the same time and attendance app. This gives businesses a way to be more flexible in new work environments and adjust to demand changes.

The work tracking features function the same as any other timekeeper app, only they take effect when an employee punches in, and it has the added benefit of location data instead of just calculating hours and pay.

With the ever-changing situations that happen in the world, it’s essential to have a diverse workforce that can move and work as needed. A clock in and out app helps to facilitate that ability by allowing you to track employee’s hours and location in real-time through the app and make sure that they perform as they should, even with the added freedom.

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