7 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Home Internet Connection

When the wifi connection is lost, even for five minutes, we almost feel lost in the world!

Some of us don’t even know what to do without the virtual world. While others will be panicking about their unfinished project, which has a deadline in 5 MINUTES! 

Or, we could just be enjoying some of the best new releases in the pirate bay. Excited about the fact that we can download all the movies and series for free from here. But, the lost internet connection puts a damper on it.  

Yes, sometimes the weather could be blamed, but other times it could just be a poor home internet connection. Isn’t it better to get the best internet connection before, rather than facing this nuisance later? 

But, how?

That’s a very good question. At least for a layman who might not know everything about the complexities of an internet connection. Now, don’t get scared with the term ‘complexities.’ 

We are not asking you to become an expert and hunt for the best network. However, if you are worried about the internet connection, all you have to do is ask some important questions to your service provider.

 A little survey! A little search for credibility! Here are some things you should find out about your internet service provider to get the best network.

Ask These Seven Questions!

Whenever you are planning on getting an internet connection for your house, no matter the purpose, remember to ask these questions.

This will give you a thorough idea about the internet connection and the service provider.

1. What Is The Uptime To Downtime Ratio?

The uptime is the total time you will be receiving an internet connection from your Internet service provider in a year. Similarly, downtime is the time you will not. The reason why we ask you to find out the uptime to downtime ratio is that- 

  • You will get to know the efficiency of the ISP.
  • You will be able to compare and contrast different ISPs and choose the best one.
  • You will understand the number of times your ISP breaks down in a year and well they work towards fixing the issue.

Yes, there is weather and your own network issues, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get the best. Don’t compromise if the downtime is more than 10 minutes in a year.

2. What Kind Of Network Connection Do You Provide?

There are different kinds of networks from which you could choose. These are- 

  • Cable Internet: This is the oldest kind of internet connection. Standard wires are used to provide the connection.
  • Satellite Connection: This is where the ISP will install a dish to provide the internet connection.
  • Fiber Optic Internet: This is the latest one where fiber cables transfer internet in houses. Generally, they have a faster connection.

3. What Are The Number Of Connection Points In My Area?

Whenever you go to an ISP for an internet connection, it is suggested to go for one closer to your location. However, if you cannot find one, always see your ISP’s connection map. 

Check the number of connection units for your location.

4. What Is The Price For Each Package?

The Internet is fun, but it is not free! 

This is why you need to be very cautious about your budget. Ask about the different plans they provide, and what is the quality of the internet connection in each.

5. What Is The Installation Price?

The ISP usually sends a person for installation. Therefore, it is important to ask about the installation fee rather than getting a shock at the moment.

Also, ask if there are any extra survival fees that you need to pay to the installer. It doesn’t hurt to be absolutely crystal clear when it comes to money.

6. How Is Customer Service?

No matter how great of a service provider someone is, you are bound to face some problem with your internet at times. 

Ask about the customer service charges and how fastidious they are to solve any issue.

7. What Are The Different Updates Available?

For the internet package you take, there is always an update. 

Do not ask about the updates right away! 

At first, you ask about the internet connection one package is providing, and then after a few days, a survey about the premium. You can now compare the performance and then decide whether to upgrade.

Enjoy a High-Quality Internet Connection!

The countries without a proper internet connection are getting fewer day by day. The day isn’t far when every country will have a fast internet connection. 

Thus, new advancements are at bay. You should never settle for anything but the best at times like this.

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