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What is The Future of Cloud Computing?

What is The Future of Cloud Computing?

Excerpt: Have you ever thought about what could be the more thoughtful and innovative choice for your businesses? Today everything we work on connects digitally. This digital transformation gives rise to many technologies that prove smart and innovative for any business. It won’t be wrong to say that cloud services primarily drive businesses. Small organizations to big companies or enterprises are highly dependent on cloud services.


The pandemic pushed people towards remote work, but it has become easy to handle remote work thanks to cloud-based services. Cloud computing allows users to access files or programs stored in the cloud easily. Also, the cloud is not only flexible or scalable but can offer security and control. Cloud computing is changing the picture of the internet as it grows tremendously.

Let us deeply understand how cloud computing is changing the future.

Cloud Computing History

Cloud computing comes from the 1950s and 1960s. But after that, it has undergone many evolutions, and cloud computing which we recognized today, has revolutionized way beyond. Before cloud computing, the works were dependent on client-server architecture. This is because all the information or data of the client are stored on the server side. But due to this, users experience many difficulties like if any user wants to access some data, then firstly, it is necessary for the user to connect with the server-side only after then will the user get the access required.

However, it has been discovered that this type of client-server option has numerous drawbacks. So distributed networks came to the rescue, but they also had their limitations. So, cloud computing enters the picture to avoid all of these limitations and disadvantages.

At that time, many people didn’t want to adapt to the new technology as they were very particular about the already used technologies, which they thought were good enough for them. But as time passes, the need and features of cloud computing become more apparent, and people’s trust in the technology grows.

As we cannot predict the future, one thing is sure the future of cloud computing is bright.

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Advantages of Cloud Computing

  • Cloud computing eases the backup.
  • Shared storage can bring out a good collaboration as it allows a group of people to share information to the cloud quickly.
  • It achieves maintainability as it reduces the cost of hardware and software.
  • With mobile, it allows access to the data.
  • You can access cloud data anytime and anywhere with a good internet connection.
  • It offers data security which can be considered its significant advantage.

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

  • As it is highly dependent on the internet, good connectivity is a must; if not, it creates problems accessing the data. 
  • It provides limited control as the service provider mostly manages it.
  • Vendor lock-in can create a more significant problem were transferring the data from one vendor to another will be problematic.

What Exactly will be the Future of Cloud Computing?

Advancement in Security:

Security provided by the cloud is considered more advanced as it now collaborates with the latest trends like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), which can detect threats and reduce security risks.

  1. Artificial Intelligence looks for the indicators to achieve precise timing and get the proper functionality.
  2. Machine learning is capable of detecting cloud-based transaction points to avoid vulnerabilities.
  3. But since the small services providers are lacking to provide total security in the future, it is necessary to implement better security measures to combat cyber threats.
  4. It is predicted that by 2022, the cloud’s security will be more robust than usual. Hence it will benefit businesses to focus more on work rather than worrying about data security.


  1. As the name suggests, multi-cloud means the presence of more than one cloud service. Instead of a single cloud, the services are sourced from different cloud vendors.
  2. The multi-cloud vendor distributes the workload across multiple cloud ecosystems. If you want to store sensitive data, you can utilize the private cloud. And for less sensitive data, the public cloud is the solution where you can keep the general data.
  3. Today, one survey states that 93% of organizations have adopted multi-cloud.
  4. It offers a set of cloud storage with a wide range of services that help maintain the business’s economic balance.
  5. This increases security, is highly flexible, and mitigates the risk of a data breach.

Much Better Cloud Services:

  1. Today, cloud computing provides a variety of platforms if we talk about the most trending ones like SaaS, Paas, and Iaas.
  2. It can be studied that the more services are supported with these platforms, the more accessible shifting organizations become.
  3. The future of cloud computing is not restricted to organizations, only its future in industries and the educational domain will witness good or, we can say, much better cloud computing services.

Edge Computing Services:

  1. Why is the need for edge computing required? Today most organizations are connected to the internet, so they require a data centre to manage the data effectively.
  2. So, edge computing rises to make these data centres closer to the data source.
  3. Instead of a local database centre, edge computing helps to build closer data centres; hence it is the trending cloud computing today. It can help handle the workloads and offers higher bandwidth, enhancing efficiency and performance.
  4. Big IT giant is doubling on edge solutions, and according to a report for processing the data, 5.6 billion IoT devices utilize edge computing. 
  5. With the introduction of 5G, edge computing can store a massive amount of data.

Data storage Capacity Expanded:

  1. The data generation for today is very high, and it will get higher in the future. It won’t be easy to store this large amount of data with proper security.
  2. Hence cloud services come with a solution that provides expanded storage capacity, and price and speed are considered to be its two critical attributes.
  3. In the future, data centres will have a larger storage capacity, leading to fast computing.
  4. They remove the storage tiers for faster and easy access, and the providers will implement the data security frameworks.
  5. As the market has lots of cloud services, the businesses get help as the provider offers the cloud-based data centres at a lower price, ultimately increasing competition.
  6. All these advancements will lead to seamless data flow without any physical space. 

Artificial Intelligence:

  1. According to a recent report, by 2025, the value of artificial intelligence in the market the 89 billion dollars on an annual basis.
  2. Cloud computing has its new face in Artificial intelligence. The introduction of AI will smooth the data storage process. Hence, organizations that don’t adopt AI will see themselves lagging in the coming future.
  3. AI and cloud computing work together, providing each other with the future scope.
  4. But utilizing AI in cloud computing can come with a great price as it requires lots of capital investments, technical skills, and computing power.
  5. But the investment is worth it as the companies already utilize cloud technology.

IoT (Internet of things):

  1. IoT and cloud computing are closely related to each other success. IoT is used for the development and implementation of cloud applications. It acts as a mediator.
  2. It is a cloud-based platform and self-management technology that offers smart device management.
  3. It sends real-time troubleshooting alerts and collects data from different remote device configurations. It follows smart predictions through monitoring by supporting different types of protocols.
  4. It is considered the most trending cloud computing trend because of its performance in connecting and interacting.

Modular Software:

  1. Cloud computing needs advanced system thinking as the individual programs increases and become larger.
  2. The system software extensively looks upon the customization if the businesses are using cloud technology. The futuristic programs should be flexible and versatile.
  3. It should be the priority to advance modular software and cloud services. Hence the software will be much faster and more cost-effective in the long run.


We can see that cloud computing has increased rapidly in the past few years; hence the need for hardware will eventually decrease as most things are done by cloud computing. And if this continues, then the need for human help is no longer required as all work and analysis is done by the machine itself. 

Serverless Computing:

  1. Without managing any physical servers, businesses have the privilege to run applications with the help of serverless computing architecture.
  2. For cloud services, serverless computing is the fastest growing platform that can perform scaling, looks for maintenance and works efficiently.
  3. It is priced for you for only those cloud services you have used, so its pricing model depends on usage only.
  4. It enables organizations to use multi or hybrid cloud services. It is considered a blessing for the developer.

Final Points:

As more businesses use and rely on cloud computing technology, the technology’s future looks bright. As a result, the scope of cloud computing is adaptable, cost-effective, and quick. Because of its feature, businesses will automatically grow faster. Its adaptability and longevity will aid in the creation of innovative companies. However, it would be best if you kept up to date with the introduction of new cloud computing trends. Prepare to embrace the future that cloud computing will bring.

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