Everything You Should Know about Devops Today

I invite you to get acquainted with DevOps. Let’s start from afar, a little morphology. Dev means Development and Ops is Opportunity. 

Directly Between Dev and Ops, it is necessary to build a solid bridge and when this understanding came, then the DevOps expert engineers and the methodology itself were born.

This phenomenon in the field of new technologies is still essentially a child, but already a child prodigy.

starting its history in 2009 at the moment it has generated great demand. Especially in the last four years, people are very interested. They are joining the use of this system in huge numbers. In terms of numbers, one year equals one million.Anyone who works on software development, whether from the development stage or operations stage, will be benefited from learning DevOps. Before you embark on DevOps Training, it is essential to know what you wish to accomplish with the implementation. 

In fact, the main task of DevOps is to automate all stages of software development.

Logically, there are different stages between development and operation. Accordingly, DevOps has its own cycle. 

  • We start directly with Development

It always starts with a plan. Well, also with coding.  But first of all still from the plan.  These two points are provided in the first stage.

Very interesting and convenient, but no tools are required for planning. But when it comes time to write code, they come into play too. GiT, CVS, Gradle, JIRA are small examples of those tools that are used.

  • Further according to plan is Testing

Here the software is checked for errors. And this process is automated. Unlike the previous paragraph, which talked about tools for building code, now we are talking about tools for automation. For examples like TestNG or Selenium.

The main goal is to make sure there are no flaws.

  • Integration

This stage of the life cycle is the foundation or the so-called core. This is where we can influence the holy of holies. To the source code. Make changes to it. You can carry out this prevention at least every day. For what? The answer is simple. To eliminate inaccuracies if they suddenly make themselves feel.

The code is constantly being integrated, in fact, this continuous process is a perpetual motion machine

  • Deployment 

Nothing supernatural will be said only that the count is deployed on servers. Be careful and check a hundred times that the code is correctly deployed on each server!

This stage is continuous.  Let me tell you a secret, these are all stages.  Here, too, there are nuances with the tools.  One of them is Puppet.  It manages the configuration. Get to know Docker. He is doing containerization for us just like Vagrant.

  • Monitoring 

An important and final step in this continuous life cycle. This step implies control.  This is where you have the option to fix system errors and keep track of the work. No detail escapes attention!

Congratulations on getting to know the Continuous WorkShop!

Why does everyone come to DevOps? Why exactly it?

This is a unique solution in which the presence of harmony!  Oh yes, harmony!  Teams of different specialists work harmoniously and together and do it quickly and efficiently.

Everything will be so rosy if you take the smallest step bold and precise.  The key is to choose the right Devops Service Provider. Trust me, it’s in your best interest.  Everyone wants to reap worthy rewards for the fruitful work done!


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