Covid-19: India Could Become Next Hotspot in the World

Experts fear that India could become the world’s next hotspot for coronavirus infection.

According to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University (JHU), India has risen to the third position in the list of countries most affected by coronavirus in terms of infection, with a total of 1,375,835 corona patients being infected so far.

According to a BBC report, India is not doing enough testing of Covid-19 which has shocked scientists and questioned the information received from the government about the infection.

Five things about the spread of coronavirus in India:

  1. Rapid increase in the number of infections: Corona infections have been increasing every day in India since lockdown was lifted. According to virologist Shahid Jameel, the actual rate of infection among humans is not clear.

The Indian government collected 26,000 samples in May, proving that the infection rate at the time was 0.63 percent.

“If we extrapolate that to the whole population, we would have had 10 million infections in mid-May,” Dr Jameel said.

However, the number of identities has also increased recently as the government has taken steps to test more coronavirus.

  1. India is not doing enough testing: Dr. Jameel claims that the number of tests per capita is very low compared to the population in India.

Mathematicians Himanshu Tyagi and Aditya Gopalan, who studied the Covid-19 test, said the virus infections may spread quickly if the authorities could not conduct sufficient tests.

The infection rate stood at 3.8 per cent in April in India while it was 4.8 per cent in July.

  1. India’s recovery numbers are promising: The data shows a number of infected are recovering from the virus faster than they are dying from it.

Dr. Jameel said the number of deaths is slowly increasing. However, a rapid increase in the rate of infection will increase the pressure on hospitals, which can also increase the death rate.

  1. The death rate in India is very low: As of 5 July, 32,060 people have died of Covid-19 in India. However, the country has a lower mortality rate than other countries.

India’s mortality rate is similar to other countries in the region such as Pakistan or Indonesia.

  1. The picture of coronavirus is different in every state of India: Coronavirus statistics vary from state to state in the country. It changes drastically over time. Delhi, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu alone reported 80 per cent of the country’s Covid-19 cases so far.

The central government of India has advised to continue coronavirus testing and treatment in all the states of the country.


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