Companion Care Services are The Solution to Many Problems

For some, the onset of retirement age is associated with rest from tiring work. For others, it is the appearance of a void in life and the arrival of previously unknown problems. The energy and positive attitude of older persons are undermined by diseases and emerging thoughts of death. Some people find their way into domestic care and some work at home. Yet, some feel very lonely.

Older people need to communicate more than others. And the best solution to prevent mood deterioration or serious diseases is professional nursing. Luckily, today, it is not so difficult to find companion care services in Nassau, NY. How to do it? And why are they important? 

Why communication is crucial for the elderly

If a person was active and sociable in his youth, retirement he survives with difficulty. Communication is one of the important tools to maintain self-esteem. An elderly person, like any other, wants to feel necessary to someone. The quality of communication with others also matters. Young people often communicate with pensioners using unnecessarily simple constructions, as if to point to the mental disability of the person.

Without the necessary flow of information, it could indeed cause mental disability. It is sad to recognize that many stereotypes are transformed into reality by the fact that people take them for the truth and communicate with their elderly relatives in a different way.

Communication is important for people of any age for several reasons:

1. Self-realization

By communicating, people transfer their experience, knowledge, and skills.

2. Fight against information hunger

Everyone wants to receive information, and the main way of its transmission is communication. That’s why companion care services are so important.

3. Getting new emotions

Despite the fact that the Internet, television, and other leisure methods are now available everywhere, the main way to feel emotions for a pensioner is to communicate with others.

Rules for interacting with the elderly

With physical aging, health deteriorates, self-esteem decreases, and the feeling of oneself irrelevance grows. Older people enter a stage of identity crisis when there is a decrease in the desire to rejoice and feel the fullness of life. Man becomes pessimistic, hypochondriac, and inclined to conscious loneliness.

As we age, the structure of the brain also changes, slows down thinking, formulates thoughts more difficult, controls reactions, and reduces communication. The manifestation of such deviations is expressed in a long story of the same, a distraction from the topic, a kind of restraint, sharpness of behavior, or even aggression. It should be understood that communication with older persons has its own peculiarities.

In order to suit the social life of a pensioner, you need to adhere to some rules of communication:

  • Always be interested in their health.
  • Do not appear unexpectedly. Warn the elderly person about your visit. An unplanned event scares and upsets the elderly. That is why they should be warned in advance of a visit or an upcoming event.
  • Speak loudly and articulately (in old age the hearing decreases) otherwise, they will not hear you or misunderstand.
  • Articulate your thoughts clearly. Because old people are slow to think.
  • Take your time. They may not catch your thoughts in time.
  • Be interested in the needs of pensioners. Listen to their stories. Agree with them. All old people love to tell about themselves in their youth. Others are not always interested in hearing about it. But when they think back, they return to those times. This is very important for raising the level of emotional comfort. Such conversations raise the tone and cheer the elderly. Don’t interrupt their memories.

By following these simple rules, you will be able to brighten up the life of the elderly person through communication. If you notice signs of resentment, fatigue, or aggression, stop the conversation. Do not impose a mode of communication. Come when you are waiting.

The importance of companion care services for the elderly

There is a rather rare category of people of old age that does not suffer from the absence or minimization of communication with others. Such people are usually busy rethinking their own lives and their role in the world. They do not burden themselves with loneliness and do not aspire to society. They do not show defensive or aggressive reactions when interacting with others. For all other categories of elderly people, friendly communication can improve the quality of life and health, empower every day with some pleasing activities, and help to avoid depression and apathy.

To stabilize the psycho-emotional state and to create new life prospects for the elderly, daily communication with relatives, friends, and like-minded people is necessary. Yet, so often active people do not have enough time or the possibility to stay with their old relatives or friends 24/7. For situations like this, the Galaxy Home Care company offers companion care services in Brooklyn, Nassau, NY, and not only there. Be sure that this company is known for high-quality assistance from the best experienced, skilled, educated, kind, and empathetic nurses. 

To build comfortable relationships with old people, their professional medical nurses know several secrets, like:

  • attentiveness to the opinion expressed, the experience of an older person;
  • the condescension to physical handicaps (impairment of hearing, vision, and memory arising in old age of slowness);
  • lack of irritability in listening to advice and recommendations;
  • attentiveness to complaints about health;
  • insistence on treatment or rehabilitation after illness, working with the fears and insecurities of older persons.

To conclude

Aging, as an inevitable period of human life, entails significant changes, both in the physiological sphere and in psychology. A decrease in the number of social contacts due to a decrease in physical activity and mobility, isolation from the workforce after retirement, and narrowing the circle of friends leads to a deterioration in the psycho-emotional state of an elderly person. The loneliness of the elderly, especially in combination with exacerbated chronic diseases, can lead to deep depression, leaving home, and even suicide. Better provide your dear old people with proper caring services and respectful attitude already today. Galaxy Home Care will always help you with this. Thank you for your time!

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