Premarital Self Sexual Assessment With the Best Sexologist in Agra

Premarital sex is a growing trend these days. Anyone living in metropolitan cities cannot escape the sights and sounds of public brawls, sexual escapades, and high intrigue love affairs of the young people who are not married yet. All such activities give rise to some serious questions about the effectiveness and efficacy of premarital checkups in terms of health and relational aspects. A pre-marital checkup is as important for individuals as it is for a country’s social harmony. 

Premarital self-sexual assessment (PSSA) with the best sexologist in Agra is important for every man, especially for those planning to get married soon. It helps in the prevention of STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

Unfortunately, many men avoid PSSA because of embarrassment or lack of knowledge about the subject. Many men believe that only people who are promiscuous or sex workers are at risk for STDs and that they can’t benefit from PSSA. This is simply not true; anyone who has had unprotected sex with a partner outside a monogamous relationship should get PSSA testing done, even if they don’t have any symptoms of STD infection.

Premarital Self Sexual Assessment(PSSA) was invented in the 21st century with the name Premarital Sexual Self Assessment. It is an online self-assessment test that helps to determine the sexual health status of an individual. PSSA helps to understand premarital sexual activities and also helps to rectify all the issues related to it.

PSSA consists of various parameters like Gender, Age, Sexual history, Addiction, Family history, etc. A person can easily assess himself by answering some simple questions based on these parameters.

PSSA was invented by a group of experts from different fields including medical practitioners and psychologists. The main motive behind the creation of PSSA is to make aware people of their sexual health so that they can take preventive steps for better sex life.

If a person goes for the test and clears it then that person is good to go for marriage and if not then the doctor will suggest some treatments so that they can get ready for marriage in a few months. The test also includes blood tests to check the hormonal levels and STI screening which includes chlamydia testing, gonorrhoea testing, syphilis testing, herpes testing, etc. To better understand your current physical condition, seek help from a professional. Click here to learn more.

Every man should go through a premarital self-sexual assessment (PSSA) before marrying.

It is the process of self-evaluation to understand your sexual needs and desires. It is a way to look at your sexual functioning and ability to satisfy yourself, and ultimately your partner.

Premarital Self-Sexual Assessment will help you in understanding who you are as a sexual being and how you can become more comfortable with who you are. This can also help you to develop greater empathy for other people’s unique sexual experiences and perspectives.

This will enable you to become better prepared about sex in marriage, improve your communication regarding sex, etc. 

The best sexologist in Agra can help you diagnose the issues related to your sexual health before you marry. It is a must for every man to do Premarital Self Sexual Assessment. Here are the reasons:

1) It allows you to know your sexual functioning ability so that you can understand better your partner’s sexual needs and demands.

2) It helps you in understanding your sexual weaknesses, limitations, fears, and anxieties which often lead to a less satisfactory first-night experience.

3) You can also get aware of any abnormality or sexual problems in advance which you can take care of with proper treatment and counselling.

4) It also helps you in getting rid of myths and misconceptions related to sexuality so that you can have a realistic expectation about your first night experience.

Many people who have sexual problems are too embarrassed to consult the best sexologist in Bareilly, and they suffer silently.

This is a very wrong thing to do as your relationship can get affected due to it.

If you are facing sexual issues like low libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, etc. then you must visit the best sexologist in south Delhi. He will help you in sorting out these issues with his years of experience in this field. 

Premarital self-sexual assessment is a must to do a thing for every man before getting married. Married life is full of problems and depression if you are not mentally prepared before getting married. Premarital sex can cause so many diseases such as STDs, cancer, low sperm count, and infertility. Premarital sex also affects your future married life and relationship with your other partner.


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