You Decided to Get the Merkur 34C – Now it’s Time to Choose the Best Razor Blade for Your New Merkur 34C

Congratulations, you have just not chosen the best way to shave, you also choose one of the best safety razors to do the shaving. That’s not where it ends, some other things are needed before you can have your first shave. Deciding on the other tools and materials for your shaving is just as important as choosing your safety razor, they all complement each other.

The tools and materials needed for your first classic shave with a safety razor include the following:

  • Safety razor
  • Razor blade
  • Shaving soap, cream, or gel
  • Shaving brush

Having the above items ready means you are all set for your first shave with your new razor.

Due to the rich history and popularity of classic wet shaving, there are different brands producing different models of each of the items listed above. Deciding on which brand or model to go for becomes another task, don’t panic yet, this is all in the bid to help you choose better, only that the focus, for now, is on the razor blade.

Some may tell you that any razor blade will be fine for your razor, do not listen to such ideas, the manufacturers are not stupid.

To put it clearly, the type of razor and your level of expertise in wet shaving are the two factors that determine the type of razor blade to use with your safety razor.

Before getting into the details of that, there are basically two single razor blades based on the type of safety razor.

  • Single-edge razor blade
  • Double-edge razor blade

At 0.5mm blade gap, Merkur 34C is a mild double edge razor so it uses a double-edge razor blade. The wide blade gap does not stop the razor from shaving as close as possible.

As stated earlier, your level of expertise in classic wet shaving is a big determining factor in the type and brand of razor blade you decide to pair with your safety razor. If you are a beginner in wet shaving who isn’t particularly sure of your skills and mastery yet, the extremely sharp blades are a no-go. And, as a professional in wet shaving who has been doing it for quite some time, the less sharp blades would always appear as far too mild.

How to choose the best razor blade for your Merkur 34C

The first thing you have to put into consideration is the fact that Merkur 34C is a medium aggressiveness razor. Then, based on your experience, the following steps will guide you to choose the right razor blade for your mild aggressive safety razor.

Your skin type is another big determining factor, some blades are more suited to providing a less reactionary shave for people with sensitive skin.

Another thing to consider is how fast your hair grows, some blades last longer than and if you are the type that needs to shave daily due to the rate at which your hair grows, you might want to go with the blades that retain sharpness for a long time. This will save you money and the need to change blades often.

Choosing a razor blade for Merkur 34C as a beginner

As stated earlier, as a beginner, you have to go with blades with moderate sharpness. The reason for this is not far-fetched, it reduces the tendency of cuts due to rookie mistakes, it also gives you a certain level of control over your shaving.

The following razor blades will be more suited to your day-to-day shaving as a beginner:


On purchasing your new Merkur 34C, you have must have found the Merkur blade that came with it. Rightly positioned to give you your first shave. The Merkur blade fits perfectly with the Merkur razor, giving a decent clean shave on using it. The widespread assumption that free gifts are mostly inferior in quality is wrong about the Merkur razor blade.


Astra blades are some of the best blade choices for a beginner and pros alike to get a good wet shave experience. The platinum coat on the stainless steel gives the blade a smooth gliding movement over the skin, reducing chances of nicks, cuts, skin redness, and irritation.

The blades give you more control over your shaving, sliding it across your skin is enough to give you a close shave. It is also better suited to short hairs.


Derby blades are also platinum-coated stainless steel. However, Derby blades are thicker and sharper which makes them last longer.

Shaving with Derby blades gives great value for money. They are cheap and efficient, a pack of 200 is enough to last you for up to a year.

Razor blades for professionals

These blades are better handled by professionals due to their unprecedented sharpness.


Feather blades are a product of Japanese supreme steel craftsmanship, they are extra sharp and should only be used in places where there is complete control of the shaving, experienced or not.

Feather blades are a beauty to shave with, provided you have the expertise to handle it, they are also not cheap like the others which only cements their place as a premium product for those who really know how to handle them.

Partying words

Irrespective of what anyone might have told you, choosing a razor blade is a personal decision, and as much as experienced opinions should be welcomed, doing your own homework to determine what works best for you can never be over-pronounced.

What is good for the goose is not always good for the gander. The popular blade everyone around you seems to be using and working for them might not be good for you, this doesn’t stop you from trying g it out, it will only tell you not to buy it next time. An experience they say is the best teacher. 

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