5 Special Features of Apartments in Alanya

Are you looking for a luxury home in the beautiful coastal city of Alanya? Well, you are lucky as we have all you need. Alanya’s beauty is breathtaking, given the Mediterranean climate and the rich cultural heritage.

Imagine yourself in a high-rise building watching the sun set into the calming waves of the Mediterranean Sea, and you are sipping a cup of Turkish coffee. That is a dream that can come true. Wait no more! We brought to you the special features that you get when you buy a house in this Turkish city. 

5 Special Features? 

When seeking an apartment, you consider your budget, area, and neighborhood. An apartment for sale in Alanya provides more than that. Here are some peculiarities of buying a luxury apartment in Alanya, Turkey. 

Amazing Locations and View

Most of the real estate ventures in Alanya are located in breathtaking locations. With a view of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and peaceful surroundings, these would be one of the best investments. They are in Mahmutlar and Oba districts, and both are by the shore. 

Your views might be a sea or a calming landscape. There are several gardens and trees around. You don’t have to especially look for “apartments by the sea” and pay an extravagantly high price for them. Since most houses are by the sea, the prices are similar and much less than in Europe. 

Affordable Price

The Alanya apartments provide luxury within the budget. Cracked walls and Seepage on the walls? That does not describe what an apartment in Turkey looks like. Also, the utilities that come along the house are well-maintained and in perfect condition. 

The state has control over the maintenance of the properties. They make sure that the developer or the associated companies take care of what they build. The state carries out regular checks and grading of the empty apartments for sale.

Additional Benefits 

Most of the apartments for sale in this beautiful city of Turkey have additional services. You might have access to a private gym. In other cases, you might even have a small garden where you can enjoy a barbecue or a party with friends. Some houses come with an attached swimming pool. All these benefits may be available to others living in the building. Make sure you ask questions about these additional services to your realtor. Also, you would have to pay a small extra maintenance fee. It might be deducted monthly or yearly, depending on your contract. It is called Aidat.

Good Opportunities for A Passive Income

Turkey is one of the best tourist destinations. When foreigners come, they would like to live by the sea. You can rent out your apartment on Airbnb or as a private luxury living space for tourists. It is one of the best ways to earn a passive income. You might even rent the apartment for a long period if you are not living in Turkey. 

Alanya is a booming place with not only tourism but also agriculture and light industry. The demand for apartments is high. The rent from the first year can return up to 15% of the total money you spent. If you change your decision and resell the apartment, you will have a profit of about 40-50%. 

Possibility to Get Permanent Residency

When you buy an apartment, there is a possibility to apply for Turkish residency and ultimately citizenship. You don’t need to apply for a visa or spend your holidays for a limited time. Alanya opens several doors for a work-from-home individual.

Get a natural tan or enjoy the amazing weather for a lifetime. All that is possible when you own a property in Alanya. If you have a small business, you can run it from home. Or you may even have a start-up in your home garage, or simply stay on a never-ending holiday. The apartment owners in Alanya are never left stranded. There is always more that Alanya provides 

How to Find Apartments Online? 

You can find suitable apartments online. But how do you see the apartment before you commit? Thanks to social media and the internet, you can have a video chat with a real estate expert and have a whole tour around. It is crucial to choose a real estate company that is reputed, legitimate, and has people who can speak foreign languages. 


In short, Alanya’s real estate potential is enormous, and you would not want it to go to waste. Invest your savings into something that can bring you happiness and simultaneously provide various opportunities for a passive income. Properties and lands are those investment opportunities that can never depreciate. Apart from the location, and cultural richness, you also get various additional services.

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