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Benefits of iOS mobile apps

Even though there are more Android devices than iOS, the latter platform boasts a more affluent target audience. iPhone is preferred by entrepreneurs, top managers, executives, and just wealthy people. For many years, Apple has been an example of a successful and modern business model. Products with the Apple logo are in demand in the developed countries of Europe and the USA. Therefore, to improve the quality and reliability of devices, hire IOS programmer is necessary.

In the concept of the well-being of the target audience, the iPhone has a clear advantage. In addition, iPhone users can easily afford to purchase a paid subscription or application on a paid basis. This circumstance has a positive effect on the promotion of mobile applications. As of 2020, the App Store platform hosted over 2 million native apps. These are impressive indicators of the growth and stability of the corporation, which promotes its “author’s” trends in the market.

Development of native applications

The development of original applications occupies a special place in the market. It is also a common type of software, with certain advantages over its counterparts, such as web applications or cross-platform programs. The main feature of native applications is a platform-dependent environment. That is, the application can only work under the control of a certain system, if we are talking about iPhone devices, the Mac platform is used.

A high entry threshold promises many difficulties because an expensive device is required to test and deploy a product. At the same time, native applications can offer a number of benefits that simply cannot be realized in the analog web version. Paired with a secure target audience on the iOS system, the developer gets a unique opportunity to profit from the sales of the “author’s” product.

native applications

According to the latest statistics, the market share of the iOS platform is more than 30% of users, and Apple’s market share is gradually increasing. Also, the advantages of iOS include the high purchasing power of iPhone owners. As a rule, they are used by entrepreneurs, business owners, top managers, executives. As a result, the developer is more likely to sell his software product, recoup costs and make a profit. Compared to a mass product, a native application has a number of advantages:

High performance

The platform-specific application is optimized for individual system requirements. As a result, the final version of the application has the fewest errors. Native applications are compiled for the requirements of a specific software environment. This has a positive effect on performance, because the program has less code and, accordingly, takes up less space and does not “pull” an extra resource from the device, for example, battery capacity or internal memory.


Since the application is stored in the device’s memory, the user does not move through the cloud architecture, but through his device. As a result of the closed ecosystem, the likelihood of acquiring third-party programs or viruses decreases. The native application is devoid of all the shortcomings of the web version, as it is based on closed source technology.


Own software is created taking into account the “native” platform and will inherit the features of the previous software environment. In this, native applications remain the most reliable and practical option for custom software. Cross-platform cannot take into account the individual characteristics of each platform, and developers need to make compromises in order for the application to be equally well perceived on different operating systems. Native apps are better organized and can offer custom features to users based on the client’s hardware.


A native application is created taking into account the hardware capabilities of the hardware. Moreover, it is easier for developers to adapt their products since such a wide variety of devices do not work on one operating system. As a result, the complexity of the operation, testing, and deployment is reduced, and the consumer receives high-performance software, taking into account the capabilities of the device.

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