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Bangladeshi Scientist Senjuti Saha Recognized by Lancet

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Renowned science publication Lancet has recognized Senjuti Saha, a distinguished microbiologist from Bangladesh, and has posted her profile on its website. It has never before showcased a Bangladeshi in this manner.

The publication highlighted the microbiologist’s biography and her contributions to the genome sequencing of dangerous coronaviruses and other pathogens like Chikungunya on their website.

Senjuti Saha, the director of the charitable Child Health Research Foundation (CHRF), admitted to The Daily Star that she initially believed the request from Lancet to prepare her profile was a ruse.

“I initially believed it to be a hoax when they requested my personal information for the profile. She said, “This is a sign that suggests the world is monitoring our work, and subsequently it turned out to be accurate.”

The author of the Lancet article described how her battle with thyroid cancer strengthened her resolve to strive for equitable health services in Bangladesh, where she has devoted her time to study.

Lancet remembered Senjuti acquiring a funding and a machine in 2018 to set up a sequencing lab as an illustration of her tenacity.

“I wanted to demonstrate to the world that sequencing could be done from anywhere in the world. There is no requirement that samples be sent to the US or the UK. Anywhere you are, you can sequence, and anyone can. We were able to demonstrate this in Bangladesh using our little sequencing machine,” the microbiologist was cited by Lancet.

It also stated that Senjuti and the genomics group she oversees at the CHRF went on to sequence and research viruses like dengue and chikungunya that harm Bangladeshi youngsters.

Her team was the first in the nation to sequence the fresh coronavirus in 2020.


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