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Quick Guide to Axie Infinity and Axie Infinity Scholarship Program

Axie Infinity

Recently, NFT-based video games have sparked the interest of the whole world. Now, this is a very competitive field, and the community keeps growing. How can you not get lost in the variety of games and figure out what path you should take? In this guide, you’ll learn more about Axie Infinity blockchain and the scholarship program. Shall we get started?

What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is an NFT based game which means that it is partially owned by its players. The Axie Infinity rules are pretty basic. In this game, you can buy creatures, the so-called Axies. You can make a purchase with Ethereum, which is another popular cryptocurrency. The game uses AXS tokens, which are not limitless; there’s a certain amount of tokens available in the game right now. AXS is a game NFT token, and the one who owns it has voting rights, meaning that the player can make decisions regarding the future of the game. In the Axie Infinity play to earn game, you can raise, trade, and breed your Axies. Other items in the game can also be sold or traded.

If you decide to buy the game, you can use an e-wallet to do so. There is no set Axie Infinity price: you can pay as much as you are ready to invest.

How to start earning in Axie Infinity?

One of the most important things you will have to do is to farm SLP, which can be sold and traded on the market. To get them, you can complete dailies, win battles in the Arena, and fight with monsters in the Adventure Mode. The more time you put into the game daily, the more SLP you will get.

SLPs are also crucial for breeding Axies, your pets, which you can breed. You can sell your Axies. The better and more powerful your pet is, the higher its value will be on the market, so you definitely want to make sure you take proper care of your Axies and work hard to make them strong.

What are the rewards?

The more you level up, the more SLP you’ll get. Here are the Axie Infinity slp rewards you can get from your rating:

  • 0-800: 0
  • 800-999: 1
  • 1000-1199: 3
  • 1100-1299: 6
  • 1300-1499: 9 SLP
  • 1500-1799: 12
  • 1800-1999: 15
  • 2000-2199: 18
  • 2200-2299: 21
  • 2300+: 24

When it comes to the Adventure Mode, things are a bit different, because rewards are distributed a bit more randomly than in PvP mode. Here is an Axie Infinity slp earning guide for AM:

  • LvL 1-4: 1
  • LvL 5-9: 2
  • LvL 10-14: 4
  • LvL 15-16: 6
  • LvL 17-20: 6-10
  • LvL 21-36: 10-20

 Axie Infinity slp

What is the Axie Infinity scholarship program?

The scholarship program allows you to delegate some (or all) tasks to the professional players who will take care of your account on a daily basis. As a result, you will continue to increase your Axie Infinity profit while not wasting your time on the activities you’re not interested in. Moreover, everything will be done by skilled and authorized scholars who will be controlled by senior managers. Everyone who works in the program is trained and tested, so you can be sure your account or accounts are in trustful hands.

Axie Infinity scholarship program

Is it safe?

Every action completed on your account is homemade and done without the usage of any possible cheats and hacks. One of the main perks of the scholarship program is guaranteed safety. And it is impossible to steal any kind of data

What are the benefits of the scholarship program?

Working with professionals when it comes to play to earn NFT gaming always means that you will achieve the best results possible. You will be backed up by a team of specialists who have studied the game and analyzed the market to come up with successful strategies that will lead you to success. Here are a few more perks the scholarship program has to offer:

  • The best 3 Axie Infinity team
  • 100% safety of your account is a guarantee
  • Selfplay options available
  • Quick delivery of your order
  • 130 SLP on average farmed daily
  • An opportunity to have as many accounts as you wish
  • Assistance with setting up your account
  • 24/7 customer support

How to get started?

To enter the scholarship program, all you need to do is contact the specialists at, and you will be assisted right away. From getting an Axie Infinity slp farming guide to leveling your Axies, PROs will help you with anything. You can get started with one of the best NFT games to earn money even right now.

NFT based games have been around for much longer than you think, and they’ve already had their ups and downs. The fact that these types of games have recently skyrocketed in popularity is proof that finally the industry of video games has taken a step towards a completely new era. And with the help of skilled and experienced experts, you can be sure that you will embark on this new journey safely and overcome all possible obstacles with ease.

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