3 Key Things Everyone should Avoid to Harm a Shoulder

Having a shoulder injury is one of the most painful experiences in life. An injury can happen to anyone, and at any time. People who don’t take the necessary precautions are likely to end up with an acute injury that may require surgery. Hence, this article explores three things that may cause a shoulder injury everyone should avoid. 

But before diving deep into the topic, let’s answer this crucial question.

What causes shoulder pain? 

Shoulder pain may happen due to an accident, abnormal twisting, a chronic illness, or a direct blow to a shoulder. Symptoms of having an injured shoulder include excruciating pain that doesn’t go away, bruising, and swelling that most happen after a person has sustained an injury. Some shoulder problems people experience develop gradually, mostly as sore muscles.

In comparison, some shoulder pain may happen because of the natural process of aging. Hence, it is not uncommon to find people above 65 complaining about shoulder pain. 

The good news is that most shoulder problems can be treated, and sometimes, without any surgery. Do the following things to avoid harming your shoulder:

1. Pay attention to your body

There is no sense in ignoring all the warnings that a body sends you. Each time you lift something too heavy for your shoulder, your body will send a stern warning in the form of pain. Ignoring all those messages your body is trying to send you could result in an acute injury that may need surgery. 

2. Avoid lifting too much weight

If you are into weight lifting, one of the things that you should avoid is lifting too much weight, especially if you are starting. Begin with lightweight and allow your body to adjust accordingly, and only when you’re used to a particular weight can you add more weight. 

3. Always warm up before you work out

Most weight lifters make the mistake of starting their gym sessions with weight, but this could be bad for the shoulders. When you go to the gym, you need to spend 15 minutes warming up and stretching. If you haven’t been exercising for months, allow your body to get used to lifting weights before you can begin punishing your shoulders with too much weight. And make sure that you lift the weights correctly. 

If you are currently struggling with weight loss but find it hard to work out at the gym because of an injured shoulder, there is Bariatric Surgery specialist – Michel Gagner that you can consult. It will help you undergo a weight-loss surgery that will transform your life. You can also get all the help you need, including a frozen shoulder as well. But first,  learn more about frozen shoulder symptoms to confirm if you really suffer from a frozen shoulder. 



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