Alexa or Siri: Which One is Better?

One-line answer to that question is that they are technically not too comparable. Alexa is a Smart Home device while Siri is a smartphone device. You are new to the voice-command personal assistant world and are wondering which one to buy. We will simplify the products for you and you can decide for yourself.

Alexa: The Personal Assistant for Smart Homes:

Smart homes are homes that have an extensive range of electronic devices that are run on the wifi or are connected to it. Your phone, fridge, TV, washing matching sound system. Security alarm and lights can all be connected to a central command system in a smart home. And that central command system is Alexa.

Alexa has over 90,000 commands that a person can give to the device. You can ask them about the weather, time in another location, current events, and virtually anything you like. You can also turn on and off-air conditioning, microwave, and all other products with a simple voice command. You will not need to get up to turn off the lights. Also, the command processor can be used to ask for complex functions like turn on the microwave oven for two minutes at 50% of the power.

Alexa is commonly used in the US and the Western world. The catch 22 is that you need a long-range of smart devices such as SMart lights, SMart bulbs, Smart TVs and other products that are not too readily available so far. But if you have smart devices in your home, then it may be time to go buy Alexa.

Siri; The Personal Assistant for Android Devices:

Siri is a smartphone voice command device launched by Apple. It should be noted that only Apple phones can work with Siri and no other Android has Siri as a functionality. It can be used for a wide range of functions. You can call people, ask information about any important information and schedule meetings. And you can ask help for navigation, ask where the traffic jams are or get the routes to your destination. Apart for this, you can use your phone through simple voice commands and pay bills, make payments and enjoy a long-range of functionalities that your smartphone has.

Siri Or Alexa?

Our discussion should have answered the question for you but let’s summarize. These two products are not interchangeable and you can buy both, Alexa for your home and Siri as an Apple Android application. You can run your entire home with Alexa and as we all end up buying newer electronics, we will all eventually have smart devices in our home. These smart devices can be connected together through Alexa and you can have a more interactive home.

Your Apple android already has Siri installed and all other android developing companies came up with their own versions of Siri that will respond to voice commands.

All in all, both of the products are era-defining in their own right, best of luck with your shopping!


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