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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know an Accountant Could do for Your Small Business

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, chances are you’ve worked with an accountant at one point or another (for bookkeeping and filing of your taxes). But did you know that accountants can do so much more than just taxes and bookkeeping for your small business?

Accounting involves the interpretation of information regarding an individual or business’ finances and operations. This means that hiring an accountant is an invaluable addition to your company’s financial team. They can help you navigate all of the important decisions that affect your finances. So if you’re wondering what an accountant can do for your small business, or need a tax service Epsom, below are 5 things that may surprise you.

Assist With the Loan Process

Starting a small business may often require you to take out a loan and since your accountant has a better understanding of your financial position, they can help you present the purpose of the loan and also provide you with different options for financing your business. Your accountant will gather all the necessary data and information required for the loan like; your credit needs, current financial condition, and sources of repayment. The data they gather also helps them work with you to craft highly compelling loan applications that a bank will be most likely to approve.

Help With Estate and Trust Planning

Your estate can be impacted by your taxes, so you will need an accountant to ensure that your assets go to your heirs rather than the government. Your accountant will provide you with strategies that allow you to pass your assets to your chosen beneficiary while minimising tax ramifications.

Review Your Contracts and Documents

Before entering into any agreement that has possible accounting or tax implications, it is always advisable that you have your accountant review the document first. They will analyse the agreement and make you aware of the tax and accounting consequences and how they will affect the financial prospects of your business. By getting the perspective of your accountant, you will be able to avoid any negative consequences associated with financial planning, financial statements, cash management, and insurance.

Provide Virtual CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Services

This is especially useful since most small businesses aren’t big enough to hire CFOs. Outsourcing an accountant can be a way for you to benefit from tailored financial advice and since most business operations can be done virtually these days, you can gain easy access to affordable, virtual CFO services. With electronic document sharing, online accounting software and even video conferencing, your accountant can also help you make decisions regarding development strategy, cash flow and investments in addition to filing your tax returns.

Help Your Business Grow

As a business owner, one thing you should always bear in mind is that your company’s success heavily depends on not only hiring the right people but, hiring them at the right time. Accountants are perfectly positioned to help you figure out how to grow your small business with smart hiring. By providing you with people-focused financial metrics every month (such as; operating profit per employee and average expense per employee), your accountant can help your small business grow through proper management of your greatest asset which is your workforce.


Accountants do more than just taxes and bookkeeping. They can be highly valuable additions to any company’s financial team. Above are some of the things that an accountant can do to help with the success of your small business.



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