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5 Cutting-Edge Technology Startups to Watch in 2022

technology startups

Technological progress never stops. And in the year 2021, we can see the consequences of constantly developing technologies everywhere we look. Smartphones, the Internet, and advanced artificial intelligence are only a few examples of the basic things that we have today.

Of course, none of these were developed in a day or even in a month. Most technologies we have nowadays took years to invent and decades to perfect. However, in the 21st century, the pace of progress is insanely fast. Each year, thousands of new inventions are created and presented to people. And not all of these marvelous innovations are invented by scientists.

Impact of Startups

Today, a large portion of new tech is developed by startups in the IT sector. We’ve made a huge step from the times when people wondered “what is IT company?” to the world where an IT solutions company can single-handedly change the whole market. Such businesses work on many things, from simple applications that make our daily operations simpler to complicated advanced systems worth billions of dollars.

The best thing about the industry today is accessibility. The only thing you need to do is find the cutting-edge IT company like Develux, and they will be glad to turn any of your ideas into reality. Also, you can use their experience and expertise to aid you on already existing projects.

Many businesses that are very famous nowadays were once startups. For example, look at Uber, a platform that lets you easily find a ride home, or LinkedIn, a huge social media that helps millions of people around the world find a job or the candidates for their vacancies. Both of them don’t seem special to us today, but at the moment of their creation, they were innovative and had a huge impact on the market.

So, here’s a list of the most interesting and promising tech startups that you should definitely follow in 2022.

The Most Promising Startups to Watch in 2022


Founded back in 2016 by one of the most famous entrepreneurs Elon Musk, Neuralink proves to be a huge point of interest each year. Their main goal is to connect humans with computers using extremely complicated and advanced devices that read the neuron signals from our brains.

But while they haven’t reached their target yet and aren’t likely to do that in the nearest 3-4 years, the advancements this startup brings are invaluable. First of all, one of their side goals is to create technologies that can improve the treatment of serious brain injuries and diseases.

Needless to say, many top neuroscientists are working for Neuralink. And thanks to the huge investments that are put into this startup, their work brings more and more advancements to modern medicine and the understanding of the human brain in general.


Augmented reality isn’t that surprising nowadays. There are plenty of applications and games on the market that make use of it. However, while looking at virtual objects being placed in a real environment through different gadgets is cool, it’s not that useful. So, AIRCADA is here to change that.

This startup aims to utilize augmented reality to provide real solutions for different industries. They offer software for already existing devices and their own AR glasses, both of which can help in countless different processes. Just imagine that instead of checking the blueprint of the pipe placement inside a giant factory, the glasses show you where every single part needs to go in real time.

Or maybe you’re doing an inspection of a complicated system, and AIRCADA is streaming all the data about every single object you need. Basically speaking, in the next few years, it can become your ultimate helper in any situation that is able to provide all the necessary data, tips, and predictions at the right moment.

Scale AI

Artificial intelligence is everywhere in the modern world. Even if you don’t realize it, you’re using AI every day by simply searching for something on the Internet or scrolling through the feed of personalized product recommendations. You could ask any IT services company, and they would tell you that a huge part of their clients are implementing AI everywhere they can.

Yet, one of the weak points of artificial intelligence is the inability to adapt to different scenarios rapidly. Most of the time, it happens because it can’t learn fast enough to operate adequately, as it can’t reach enough data it can use. The good news is, Scale AI startup is ready to help different companies make better use of AI.

In fact, it has already aided many famous companies like

  • Nvidia;
  • PayPal;
  • Samsung;
  • Toyota Research Institute;
  • US Air Force;
  • Pinterest;
  • and many others.

But how exactly does it help? Well, to perform well, any company or machine needs initial data. Scale AI provides the most valuable, precise information in the largest quantities possible.

That means their clients and the AI they use can analyze the data better, make adjustments in their work processes, and predict future changes with more precision. And considering how fast this startup grows, we’re sure they will bring even more advancements to the tech industry in 2022.


We’ve all heard of cars with autopilot. Right, it’s still far from perfection, as autopilot’s decisions are often questionable. That’s because a computer can only analyze and operate mathematical data and is unable to solve dangerous situations on the road that can end someone’s life.

But what if there are no humans inside the vehicle, and the only thing a computer needs to do is to deliver goods from point A to point B without colliding with objects? Nuro took that idea and turned it into reality. They create AI-driven vehicles that cannot take any passengers, only deliver whatever products you need.

Nuro’s machine could easily be considered the future of self-driven vehicles. Firstly, they are much smaller and have fewer chances to cause harm because of their physical structure. Secondly, they can drive without “worrying” about passenger’s comfort, making deliveries fast and efficient.

But most importantly, Nuro machines have only the most advanced tech, ensuring the best level of quality in every aspect. And as you could probably guess, the vehicles are completely electricity-driven. This company is gaining more and more attention, so we hope their solutions will become really popular in the future.


Today, almost everything is done remotely. Interviews are held in video calls, businesses prefer hiring an IT outsourcing company instead of in-house workers, and most of the events are done online too. But while video calls and outsourcing can be done pretty easily, conducting huge events on the Internet isn’t a simple task.

The main goal of Hopin is to remove that challenge and make online events easy to organize and attend. Their solution is an insanely flexible platform that provides user-friendly software with many useful tools.

It’s a perfect option for both event organizers that strive for the best quality and efficiency and attendees who want to access everything easily from their homes. Considering that the quarantines are still around, Hopin will rise to the top in the near future.

Summing Up

Countless different startups and technologies appear every day, and the ones listed in our article are the most interesting now. But don’t limit yourself to those only, as we hope to see more innovative solutions that will push technological progress further. So, follow the ones that interest you, and come up with new ideas yourself. Good luck!

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