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The Must-Have Items for Your Next Big Party!

While food and drinks are the heart of any party, things would get boring awfully fast if we didn’t go all out and splurge on some great party supplies every once in a while! From themed parties to costume parties and everything in between, if you want to throw the party of the year you’ll need the best party items and supplies like banners, gift tags, party bags from to fuel your next bash.

You don’t need to worry about blowing your budget on party supplies if you shop online. In fact, there’s an easy way that you save on all your purchases of online party supplies and that’s by shopping with a coupon code. Many of the best budget retailers offer free digital coupons that you can use to save on all your purchases. AliExpress is the perfect example and with a fantastic AliExpress promo code such as this one, you can save on 1000s of great party supplies like balloons, favors, gift bags, streamers, decorations and more! 

Check out our list of the must-have items you’ll need to plan everything from last-minute dinner parties to full-blown anniversary parties!

  • Party Invitations 

Formally inviting your guests is a memorable way to kick off any party. Make sure you include all relevant information like the time and place of your party and let your guests know if they’re allowed to bring a +1. If you’re looking for a way to save some money on party invitations, consider designing and printing your invitations yourself. You can find a lot of free programs online that will easily allow you to design professional looking invitations, free of charge. 

  • Basic Dinnerware

If you offer food and drinks, things are eventually going to get messy so make sure you have all the dinnerware you’ll need before you throw your next get-together. The exact supplies you’ll need will depend on how many guests you’re having. For a small dinner party, just use the plates and cutlery you already have at home. While it may not fit the theme of your party, you can always tie your party’s theme into the table decorations. 

If your guest count is too big to risk on plates that can be broken, choose disposable plates and napkins. You can find lots of cute styles online to match your party’s theme along with eco-friendly options you won’t feel guilty disposing of

  • Place Cards

If your party involves dinner, make sure to add place cards for a sophisticated touch. If you want to splurge, have your guest cards printed and designed by a professional paper printing website. If you’re looking for some more budget-friendly options, you can purchase blank place cards online for cheap and then get busy decorating them yourself.

  • Balloons

While balloons may not fit the theme of every party you throw, they’re a party-essential that’s easy to find online for discounted prices. The trick to using balloons without it feeling like a child’s birthday party is to avoid bright and flashy colors like yellow, red, or orange. Choose metallic or pastel colors which tend to look a bit classier for any occasion. Consider investing in a cheap balloon pump to save money, and your breath, on inflating your balloons before the big day.  

  • Party Favors

Leave a lasting impression on your guests by allowing them to take home small party favor. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive to make an impact, sometimes the best party favors are even DIY! To avoid comparisons to a child’s birthday party, ditch the gift bag and opt for party favors for adults that your guests will love.

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