Bowling Alley Birthday Party Ideas for Your Kids

If you want to score a perfect strike with your child, the best way to go is to throw them a fun birthday party that they will never forget. Choose a unique theme and immediately plan the decor, food choices, and games. It does not matter how young or old they are, the goal is to make sure everyone will have a ball!

And what better way than to hold the party in a bowling alley? Throw in some basic birthday party supplies like cups, plates, napkins, and decors, and you have one grand party for kids of any age.

Here are various tips to help you get started.

Birthday preparations

Aside from the aforementioned birthday party essentials, consider investing in such items as a piñata, small trophies, balloons, and game items. Before the actual birthday party, take time to make personalised invitations that reflect your theme. You can look for customised theme invitations online.

If you are proficient in Canva, there are a lot of invitation templates you can edit according to your event specifics. Include some confetti and bowling stickers on every party invite. Seal your invite envelope with a personalised in-theme party sticker or a fun message.

You can also try cutting out bowling pins from cardstock, then add some red stripes around its neck using a red marker. With the use of black cardboard, cut circles measuring 43/4 inch. Make sure to add three small white round stickers that will serve as the ball’s finger holes. On the opposite of the board, write the details of the party with silver ink.

To spice it a bit more, use CD sleeves as envelopes for your invites. Make sure to make your words fun so that your guests will be really excited.

Party decors and food ideas

The venue of the party will be the deciding factor behind your decor options. If you use a vast bowling alley, you will have less of a decorating to do. However, if you choose to hold the birthday party at home, you need to be all out to replicate a bowling alley-like atmosphere.

Here are some decor ideas you can explore:

  • Give out matching shirts to every guest to make it look like they are part of a team.
  • Buy kid-sized bowling shirts or make your own shirt. If you choose the latter option, you can find cheap shirts from local craft shops. Use your imagination and creativity to achieve the desired results.
  • Draw a giant bowling pin on the t-shirt with the use of fabric paint. You can write down the name of each guest to make it more personalised. Your guests would surely love the idea!
  • Make a welcome banner that says, “Welcome to (the birthday celebrant’s name) bowling alley!” Hang this near the entrance or your assigned lanes.
  • Set up miniature plastic bowling balls to serve as centrepieces of each party table.
  • Anchor differently coloured balloons on the edge of every food table to serve as additional decor.
  • Tie a black and white balloon on each chair and prepare five alternately coloured balloons for the birthday celebrant’s chair.

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There is no hard and fast rule that you should follow when planning for your child’s birthday party. For as long as you know it is something that would make the celebrant and his/her guests happy, then you are on the right track.

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