Conceal Your IP to Surf Anonymously

Surfing the internet comes with its challenges and dangers. Some people ignore their presence, but they are there and have significantly impacted the lives of specific individuals. Surfers should not use the internet without protecting their connection. Out of numerous options available to protect the connection, the best option is to use a proxy.

It is important to note several types of proxies available for users, but the best among them are residential US proxies. Unlike datacenter proxies, a US proxy allows its users a private device IP located within the United States to make them appear from within the US. This limits the risk of any detection by other users or programs used to track internet activities.

The need for a Proxy server

Here is a list of reasons why people and businesses need to use proxy servers in their daily routine.

  1. Users do not feel protected online anymore; stalkers can use their IP addresses to track their location. Therefore, internet users need to mask their identity on the internet to ensure no one invades their privacy.
  2. Numerous countries have started uploading geo-restricted content. Some shows or videos have global audiences, and sometimes people want to watch their favorite shows. Therefore, they need to mask their identity to view content by tricking the publisher into thinking the viewer is from another country.
  3. Certain countries are also habitual of blocking content that they deem inappropriate for their citizens. While this may be true for specific audiences, some people find the blocked content appropriate for them and want to view it. Therefore, they need to mask their IP address to make it appear from another country to view the blocked content.
  4. Some people have a hobby of collecting rare items from the internet. However, there might be a chance that the brand’s website is blocked in your country. When collecting is your hobby, the need for fulfilment outweighs everything. Therefore, these collectors mask their online identity to grab these rare items more than once.
  5. Businesses have a habit of gathering large chunks of information from public sources. This process needs to be automated, but usually, numerous websites limit getting requests from one IP address.
  6. During market research, businesses need to find information about their product in every country. To access country-specific data, they need to mask their IP address from that particular country.
  7. Numerous businesses need to cope up with ad fraud. Therefore, ad publishers keep a close eye on their advertisements. Since fraudsters can block known IP addresses of ad verification companies and testers, they require a workaround.
  8. Brands are faced with a constant nuisance of counterfeit products being sold online. They need to automate surfing the internet to detect where counterfeit products are available. Typically, these infringers are smart and deploy mechanisms to hide content and products based on the visitor’s online identity. Therefore, brands need to mask their IP address to catch them.

Working of a proxy

Proxies operate in a simple way. The user’s internet connection is bridged with a proxy server that forwards the request on the user’s behalf. In the case of datacenter proxies, the user connects to a public proxy server shared by numerous users simultaneously. If the user opts for using a residential proxy, the user is connected to a private server with many IP addresses.

The same IP address is never allotted to multiple users simultaneously, keeping everyone completely anonymous. However, the IPs are constantly rotated as per the needs of the user. This helps in retaining the anonymity of the user as it seamlessly switches from IP to IP. 

Components of a Proxy IP Address

The proxy IP address consists of three components. Understanding all three of them is critical to use them properly.

  1. Protocol: This defines the type of content that the user will be allowed to access via the proxy server. There are three main protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS. For website traffic, HTTP and HTTPS are used. However, only HTTPS is capable of sending encrypted traffic over the internet.
  2. Address: This defines the location of the proxy server as it functions as a ZIP code. The user can insert the proxy address in two methods:
    1. As a regular IP
    2. As a DNS hostname like a website address
  3. Port number: This indicates how the user will reach the proxy address. However, this does not reflect which ports of the proxy server are open. Therefore, the service provider will tell you which ones are open for you.

Authentication Methods

Once a proxy plan is purchased, the proxy server requires authentication before you can connect to the proxy server. There are two widely used authentication methods:

  1. Credentials: Your proxy provider will enclose your username and password authentication along with the instructions on how to connect to the proxy server in an email. However, certain apps may require adding credentials to the proxy IP address. Here’s an example if you’re using US proxies: ipaddress:portnumber:username:password.
  2. IP whitelisting: with this method, the users can specify a proxy IP address and immediately connect to it. However, this method is not ideal for users who want a dynamic IP address.


Proxies have made their mark in protecting people while they are surfing the internet. Residential US proxies can easily make users anonymous on the internet, allowing them to view their desired content while constantly rotating on their IP address around the United States. Setting a proxy on your browser is very easy; only the proxy server IP address, port number, and authentication are required to start surfing anonymously.

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