China Struggle as Covid Spreads, Hospitals are Overcrowded

China continued to wage a “all-out war” against the coronavirus in October, enforcing tough regulations despite the harm it was causing to the economy. After two months, the government has completely changed its mind about its zero-Covid policy. As a result, hospitals and cemeteries are overcrowded, millions of people are expected to contract the virus, and millions more are expected to die from it. Three years after the virus outbreak was originally revealed, China is once more in the grip of the Covid-19 grave warning.

An epidemiologist named Eric Feigl-Ding issued a lengthy tweet warning of a “thermonuclear awful” situation in China as illnesses spread quickly throughout the nation. American public health expert Eric Fiegl-Ding is the New England Complex Systems Institute’s COVID Task Force chief.

Despite recording more than 10,000 daily infections since then, China has continued to minimize the crisis’s escalating situation, citing eleven official deaths related to the virus since mid-November.

However, the employees at crematoriums and the films of China’s overcrowded hospitals paint a different story.

Hospitals are overcrowded

On social media, a number of videos have been posted with accusations that hospitals in China are overburdened due to an increase in infection cases. Additionally, additional shifts at mortuaries are required to address the increase in Covid deaths. However, the same has not received any official verification.

In the next 90 days, over 60% of China’s population, according to Eric Feigl Ding’s warning, may become infected with the coronavirus outbreak there, with the number of fatalities expected to reach millions. The epidemiologist cautioned that the effects would not be restricted to China and that the increase in Covid cases could lead to a complete closure and seriously harm international trade.

“Our lesson in Wuhan three years ago. This wave’s global effects in 2022–2023 won’t be minor “said he.

China may report more than one million deaths

New predictions from the US-based Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) suggest that until 2023, China might experience a massive increase in Covid-19 cases and over a million fatalities.

Worryingly, the virus appears to be spreading more quickly in China than it is elsewhere. Several highly contagious Omicron strains, including BF.7, are currently circulating throughout China.

According to a report by npr, researchers at the China National Health Commission have calculated that the R number, which indicates the average number of persons each sick person infects for the present strain, is 16, is 16. The current R number for China is higher than all previous pandemic waves worldwide combined.

With Christmas, New Year’s, and the Lunar New Year just around the way, it is anticipated that the situation would worsen.

What about the vaccination? 

What is the situation with vaccinations in China, though? Two doses of a Chinese coronavirus vaccine have been given to over 90% of the population over the age of 18. However, it appears that two doses are insufficient to eradicate the coronavirus Omicron subvariants. Additionally, according to an NPR investigation, barely 50% of older persons had received that third injection.

The recent approval of an aerosolized (inhaled) vaccine administered through nebulizer by the Chinese government is great news, even though the vaccination status appears concerning in light of the threat posed by Covid-19. Eric Feigl-Ding emphasized that the aerosolized vaccination increased antibodies over nine times at a lower dose and produced a stronger antibody response than intramuscular administration.

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