Is CCIE Test in Chinese?

Is CCIE test in Chinese? CCIE, the full name of Cisco Certified Internet Expert, is an Expert Level Certification Examination launched by Cisco in 1993. It is recognized as the most authoritative certification in IT industry and the top certification in the field of Internetworking. So Is CCIE test in Chinese? What is the form of examination? Today, I will give you a detailed answer.

Getting CCIE Certification spotodumps not only proves that your technology has reached the level of Expert, has been recognized and affirmed by the IT industry, but also is a symbol of honor and a manifestation of self-worth. CCIE Certification has become the dream of every network technician.

How to TakeCisco CCIE?

The value of CCIE is so high that the examination is naturally very difficult. Although there are Chinese tests in the lower-level CCNA and CCNP, there is no question bank of Chinese tests, which makes it very difficult.So we generally recommend candidates to take the English test directly.

CCIE has a higher level, so it needs to take an English test instead of a Chinese one. It is divided into Written Computer Test and Lab Experiment Test.

In the CCIE written test part, the main learning contents include IEExam Dictionary, Deployment of VPN Network, Advanced Routing Features, Deployment of Multicast Network, etc. The main learning contents of CCIE Lab are TS (troubleshooting), DIAG (Diagnose) and CFG (Configuration), which are divided into two training stages.

How to Prepare for English Test?

Of course, you should not be frightened by the English test. As long as you follow the teachers step by step, understand the knowledge points of CCIE, and lay a solid foundation. The English you see in the test is actually the knowledge points and vocabulary you master in SPOTO’S class. You only need to take a look then you will know what the test is about. English is not a barrier to CCIE. The important thing is that you should follow the right teachers, choose the right courses, and have perseverance so that you can yield twice the result with half the effort.

Here Are Some Learning Suggestions:

  1. Be prepared. Generally, you have to go through at least 6 – 9 months of hard work, or even longer. One month before the exam, you have to go all out to prepare for it.
  2. Choose the most suitable learning direction according to a personal situation. CCIE includes the following technical directions: Routing and Switching, Voice, Security, Service Provider, Service Provider Operation, Wireless and Storage.
  3. Read and practice a lot to familiarize yourself with Cisco technologies and products. CCIE is an Expert Level Certification, therefore, you should become an expert in related technical fields.
  4. Prepare books and learning materials for the written test. CCIE Certification website provides you with those books you should read.Careful reading and learning will provide you with a solid theoretical foundation.
  5. For every knowledge point, we should know what it is and why it is. Being good at summing up can help you find the problems quickly when you encounter similar problems in the exam, and it will also be a valuable asset in your career.
  6. For every requirement in the exam, read and understand it carefully, and don’t let go of every modifier. If you don’t know a word, you can ask the examiner for help to make sure you fully understand the problem. When a requirement is configured, test and debug it immediately. Avoid the configuration error of this function affecting other functions.
  7. Memorize the Port Number of Common Network Protocols. Based on the OSI Model, we can develop a structured habit of debugging. According to the appearance of errors, we can start from the bottom or from the top.
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