Unique Superpowers with Weird Powers

Unique Superpowers you know right? There are several superheroes with powers so bizarre that you would not want to be a fan of those characters in the future.

If you’re a fan of superheroes, you probably know about their unique superpowers. Some can fly faster than a speeding bullet, some jump from web to web, some live in dark caves and use cool gadgets. You feel like you’ve seen and heard them before – is that true?

Here’s a list of some selected superheroes whose names are as surprising as their unique superpowers.

1. Unique Superpowers: Zeitgeist (Marvel)

Zeitgeist is a member of the unique superpowers mercenary force X-Force in the Marvel Universe. His real name is Axel Clooney. Clooney’s early years are largely shrouded in darkness. During a night of sex on the beach, Axel Clooney discovered he had the ability to spit acid, which ended up disfiguring his partner. He then decided to use his abilities to become famous under the name Zeitgeist. When he grew up, he joined the X-Force, a team of superheroes hired to complete missions.

2. Unique Superpowers: Big Bertha (Marvel)

Big Bertha is one of the unique superpowers from the Marvel Universe, a member of the motley crew of superheroes known as the Great Lakes Avengers. Her real name is Ashley Crawford. Like most superheroes, she leads a double life. In her everyday life, Ashley is a model who lives in Milwaukee and has a great body. But when she has to fight criminals, she uses her proven superpower. She can transform into Big Bertha, a woman with incredible strength and an incredibly obese body. After defeating her enemies, Big Bertha sits on top of her, leaving her immobile and, you get the idea, miserable.

3. Dead Girl (Marvel)

Dead Girl has quite an interesting story. She was an ambitious actor in her life. She could have succeeded if a chance encounter one night hadn’t killed her. After her death, she began a mutation process and became an immortal zombie. In addition to immortality, she has superpowers such as regenerative healing, reanimating limbs, walking on air, the ability to temporarily reanimate others, and talking to ghosts. Basically, Dead Girl can survive anything from toxic contamination to a full-blown explosion because she’s already dead.

4. Dazzler (Marvel)

Dazzler, whose real name is Alison Blair, is not only a bubbly disco diva and skater but also a beautiful girl who has the ability to turn noise into a light show. For the most part, Dazzler has used this ability to further her singing career. However, because she is resistant to almost any kind of light or sound and cannot be killed by conventional methods, Dazzler has managed to join the X-Men. Dazzler can create numerous patterns of light, such as stars, circles, triangles and squares. In close combat, Dazzler can temporarily blind an opponent with light, use fog to conceal her surroundings, and create lasers and photon blasts.

5. Jazz (Marvel)

Jazz, also called John Zander, seems to be a really particular case within the X-Men universe as a consequence of the truth that his genetic mutation isn’t his super ability. However a change to his bodily look leads to his pores and skin turning blue. He has no different discernible powers or talents. Nevertheless, he’s an aspiring rapper.

6. Hand Boy (DC)

Hand Guy or Floyd Belkin is a member of the Legion of Superheroes and a superhero in the DC Universe. This guy doesn’t need to use a weapon in a dangerous situation because he can use his hands. That means more than just engaging the enemy. It means literally cutting off his upper limbs and using them as blunt weapons.

7. Brother Power Geek (DC)

Another strange superhero is Brother Power Geek, a former model who came back to life after being struck by lightning. This event also gave him several superpowers, such as durability, pain resistance and superhuman strength. Brother Power was still essentially a ragpicker, but he became a fighter for world peace. For some reason, after becoming a living mannequin, Brother Power coexisted with the hippies and embraced their values, becoming a hippie himself. Being a staunch pacifist, he rarely used his superpower and always tried to resolve conflicts without fighting.

8. Kid Athernity (DC)

Kid Eternity, or Chris Freeman, is a boy who “died before his time”. To avenge his guilt, Chris was brought back to life by the Lord of Chaos and granted the superpower of summoning. Since then, Chris is able to summon the help of any real or fictional hero. All he had to do was think of the hero he wanted to summon and say “Eternity”. To help the boy use his superpowers wisely, he was assigned a mentor, Mr. Guardian, who accompanied Chris on his adventures.

9. The Bouncing Boy (DC)

While working for a scientist on 30th century Earth, Chuck Thain accidentally drank an experimental superplastic liquid while watching a sporting event. The liquid radically altered his body, giving him the ability to inflate into a spongy, round object that could bounce and bounce without harm. When he accidentally entered the competition, he quickly got out of it and decided to try out for the Legion of Superheroes. Chuck tried to join the team twice and was rejected both times. After defeating an electric villain, Chuck adopts the name Jumping Boy and is invited to join the Legion of Superheroes. His good humor and charming personality led him to declare himself “morale officer” of the Legion.

10. Rainbow Girl (DC)

One of DC’s characters, Rainbow Girl (Dory Aandraison of the planet Xolnar), first appeared in Adventure Comics #309 (June 1963) as a rejected applicant for the Legion of Super-Heroes.

His second appearance was 25 years later in Who’s Who in the Legion of Superheroes #5 as Socialite.

The unique superpowers had to wait another 20 years to return to the pages of Action Comics #862 as a member of the Legion of Replacement Heroes, an organization of teenage heroes that exists a thousand years in the future universe. Apart from this, if you want to know about Hanako san and The Hookman, you can follow our Entertainment and Biography category also. 

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