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 The Ultimate NFL Betting Strategy Guide

The National Football League (NFL) is one of the most popular sports leagues in the world, and betting on NFL games is a pastime for many fans. Whether you’re new to betting or a seasoned expert, you’ll find all the information you need to place educated bets on NFL games in our comprehensive guide.

From understanding the odds to recognizing value bets, we’ll cover all the essential strategies that will help you become a winning NFL bettor. So read on and find out how you can take your NFL betting to the next level!

Understanding the Odds

The first thing any NFL bettor should understand is the odds. NFL odds are used to determine the payout for a bet and reflect the probability of an event happening. If the odds are high, it means that there’s less of a chance of that event occurring, so you would receive a larger payout if you won your bet. Conversely, if the odds are low, it means that the event is more likely to happen, so you would receive a smaller payout.

Moneyline Bets

A Moneyline bet is a wager on which team will win the game outright. It doesn’t matter how many points they win, you’ll win your bet if your chosen team wins the game.

Point Spread Bets

Point spread bets are slightly more complex than Moneyline bets. Here, you bet on which team will win the game, while also taking into account the point spread set by the sportsbook. For example, if Team A is favored to win against Team B and the point spread is +7 for Team B, then that means that if you bet on Team B, they need to win the game by more than 7 points in order for you to win your bet.


Totals bets are also known as over/under bets and involve betting on the total number of points scored in a game. The sportsbook will set a line, and you bet on whether the total number of points scored in the game will be over that line or under it.

Decide How much Money you’re willing to Bet on Each Game

To effectively manage your bankroll and put yourself in the best position to win, you must decide how much money you are willing to bet on each game. Picking a predetermined amount per game allows you to accurately track your wins, losses, plus-minus, and overall profits without getting swayed by emotion or the current trends of the betting market.

Sure, there will be times when those big bets pay off big time. But by limiting yourself to the same each game, you ensure responsible gambling etiquette no matter what outcome transpires.

Research the Teams and Players before Placing any Bets

Knowing the teams and players who will be involved in an NFL game before placing a bet is essential to successful betting. To be successful with your sports wagering, you must research the teams, players, and match-ups within each key fixture ahead of time. This means analyzing trends, prior performance, and which players have been injury-riddled throughout the season.

Knowing these factors can help you come up with more informed decisions when betting on football games.

Stick to betting on the point spread or Moneyline

NFL betting offers exciting opportunities for bettors of all levels, but if you want to take your NFL betting to the next level, it pays to get educated about NFL betting odds. When it comes to NFL bets, it’s important to stick with either the point spread or Moneyline. This will give you a better chance at winning your NFL wagers.

Calculating potential NFL betting payouts based on the NFL betting lines can also help you make informed decisions when placing bets. By closely monitoring NFL betting lines while armed with an understanding of NFL bet types, you’ll be well prepared to take your NFL betting to a whole new level.

Avoid Betting on your Favorite Team

NFL betting is a great way to add excitement to any game day. But if you’re serious about it, you have to put your personal biases aside. It may be hard, but to take your NFL betting to the next level, it’s essential that you don’t bet on your favorite team. 

Why? Because we all tend to overestimate the greatness of our preferred team. Betting with emotion can lead us down a treacherous path toward placing unwise bets reflected more by our fandom than by reality.

So make sure you enter each so-called “betting situation” objectively and with an unbiased eye – it’ll certainly give you an edge when going up against other bettors on the field.

Stop Chasing your Losses – Walk Away if you’re having a Bad Day

Chasing your losses isn’t just unwise, as it can take a toll on you financially if you don’t know when to stop. Learning how to assess the risks involved with any sports bet and knowing when to call it a day is vital in taking your NFL betting habit to the next level. 

Taking breaks throughout the season, setting realistic expectations, and having control over how much you’re spending will all help ensure that you have plenty of fun while keeping your losses in check.



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