Things to Prepare before you Move Interstate in Australia

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Australia is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the world. With beautiful beaches, lush greenery, and bustling nightlife, it’s not tough to see why so many people move interstate.

It was reported that 104,100 people shifted within Australia in the three months leading up to March 2021. If you’re also planning to move from one state to another, then this guide can be useful for you.

1. Create a Google doc/list 

The first thing that you need to do before moving interstate is to create a list of the essential items that you will be taking along. 

The list can include everything, right from the number of pieces of furniture to essential documents. 

Create a checklist and keep filling it in as you pack the items. This way, you will know what has been packed and what is still left. You can also assign numbers to your packing boxes and create a list of items packed in the particular box; this will help you remember which thing is in which box.

2. Talk to a car transport system

If you have a car with you, it’s only sensible that you move it during your interstate shift. However, shifting an entire car can not only be very costly but also risky. 

Many people often drive the car themselves when they’re moving, but if you don’t have that option, you need to talk to an Interstate Car Transport company. 

They will either hitch your vehicle to their own truck or load it with other cars that are also moving to the same destination as yours.

Compare prices online before making any decisions and ensure that the company takes care of any property damage during the move.

3. Sell items you don’t need

When you’re packing your belongings before the move, you’ll be tempted to carry every last piece of item that was there with you in your current residence. 

Unfortunately, that isn’t possible, even in interstate migration. So the next best thing is to sell the things you know you won’t carry.

Some might include toys, old clothes gathering dust in your wardrobe, and unused utensils.

You can easily post an advertisement for these items online on social media. Otherwise, you can also have a yard sale and sell them to neighbours and friends.

4. Research schools and offices

No matter where you’re moving, it’s important to do some research beforehand. If you have children in the house, they must enrol in new schools and adjust to a new environment.

As their family member, make sure you research properly, be it for schools, universities, or workplaces.

Even though Australia has a national curriculum for schools, the subjects and teaching methods will vary from one place to another.

Ensure your children have proper information about their new school and subjects.

5. Update your address on the electoral roll

As an Australian, if you don’t vote, your name will be deemed invalid from the voters’ list. As a result, you won’t be allowed to vote and may get fined with a hefty amount. 

So whenever you move interstate, you must update your address details on the electoral roll. After all, you can’t return to your previous address repeatedly to vote.

So, contact your local electoral body and ask them to change your address to the destination address and pin code. 

After completing your move, update your and your family members’ address.

6. Get help from others

No matter how well-prepared you are, moving is a daunting task. So, you must reach out to your friends and neighbors for some help. Ask them to help you out in any way that they can. 

For example, one friend can help you to pack and label each box while another can hook you up with a moving and packing company. 

If many people work together, shifting will become much easier physically and mentally for you. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask your loved ones for help and support during this time.


Once you have made a proper list and taken the above steps, it’s time to plan a budget and see how much you’ll spend on everything. So plan well ahead and keep ticking off boxes on your checklist!


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