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Every American can Get Coronavirus Vaccine by April: Trump

United States President Donald Trump has said every American will get the coronavirus vaccine by April.

While speaking at a news briefing at the White House on Friday, he spoke of the ambitious goal of making vaccines faster, CNN reports.

But this claim does not match with any timeline that the federal government’s health agencies, private researchers or even the companies gave about making the vaccines.

US already has recorded deaths of 200,000 people from the Coronavirus.

Trump has promised more than 100 million doses of vaccines before the end of this year.

Last Wednesday, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed a plan to distribute the vaccine, calling it an optimistic scenario. Under this, 4.50 crore dose of vaccines is planned to be given this year. Each person will receive the vaccine in two doses. It is planned to vaccinate 2.25 crore people.

During a briefing on Friday, Trump said the vaccine would be delivered within 24 hours of its preparation. “Distribution will begin with 24 hours after notice,” he said.

The timing of the vaccination has already sparked controversy in the US federal government. Speaking in the Senate last Wednesday, CDC director Robert Redfield said the coronavirus vaccine would not be widely distributed before next summer or autumn.

The day after his remarks, Trump reiterated his promise that the vaccine would be ready by October. He also scolded Redfield. He said Redfield misunderstood the matter and made a mistake about the timing of the ticker.

In the US, The federal government launched a separate operation called “Operation Warp Speed” to bring the vaccine faster.

The vaccines are in different stages of testing. Evidence of their safety and effectiveness has not yet been matched. The US Food and Drug Administration will approve the vaccines if they prove effective. Experts are concerned that tick approval could have political implications in the United States.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said people no longer believe Trump.

CDC director Robert Redfield said the Covid-19 vaccine could be available to the public in the middle of next year. However, masks are playing a leading role in preventing infections.



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