Brandon Fugal Net Worth, Full Bio, and Latest Career Updates in 2023

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Brandon Fugal is an American businessman well-known for his diverse real estate transactions and interests. The Utah-based individual is a well-known trader in the relevant industry and is enthusiastic about more than just real estate. As of 2023, Brandon Fugal’s net worth is around $450 million.

He has always been intrigued by the possibility that some supernatural and extraterrestrial force besides humans exists. Passionate about the secrets of our cosmos, he repurchased Skinwalker Ranch for a similar reason in 2016. This region is notorious for several paranormal and UFO-related occurrences, which the man wished to examine up close.

Last year, he closed over 150 big transactions and leased over 1,600,000 square feet. Brandon is the only expert along the Wasatch Front who has successfully bridged and controlled the office market in every county. As a result, he has gathered unparalleled market knowledge and achieved bottom-line results for hundreds of clients.

Brandon Fugal’s Biography

He was born in the state of Utah. He was born into a family in the middle class. Daniel Fugal was his father, and he died in 2021 after a long battle with diseases and carcinoids. Jill Fugal is the name of his mother. Brendon Fugal, Cameron Fugal, Patric Fugal, and Matthew Fugal are the names of Daniel Fugal’s four sons.

When he was younger, Brendon Fugal went to Pleasant Grove High School. He wanted to become a builder of homes. At age 18, he started working as a real estate agent.

Brendon Fugal went to Utah Valley University and got a degree in business. He was also on the Utah university foundation board for nine years.

Full Name

Brandon D. Fugal

Nick Name

Brandon Fugal



Birth Date

April 1, 1973

Birth Place

United States


49 years old

Marital Status



Lacey Anne Fugal







Net Worth

$450 million




5 feet 9 inch


75KG (Approx)

Brandon Fugal Net Worth

As of 2023, Brandon Fugal net worth will probably be around $450 million. He has accumulated enormous wealth through his entrepreneurial endeavours. Fugal is also an active philanthropist who devotes time to community service.

Fugal may earn a substantial amount as Chairman of the Utah-based real estate firm Colliers International, but his specific earnings have not been disclosed. As a result of his service at the real estate agency, he has attracted many prominent clients, such as Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, Novell, Inc., and the Workers Compensation Fund.

Net Worth:

$450 million

Source of Wealth:

Entrepreneur, Real Estate Developer

Monthly Salary:

$3.3 Million

Annual Income:

$40 Million+


April 1, 1973


5 feet 9 inch

Country of Origin:

United States of America

Last Updated:


Brandon Fugal’s Career


In 1994, Brandon Fugal began his career with Grubb & Ellis as a Senior Vice President. He was employed for a total of three years and eight months. From 2010 to 2016, he was the chief executive officer and co-founder of Cypher Corporation.

Brandon has worked with CBC Advisors, Coldwell Banker Commercial, and Zenerchi LLC in the past. Fugal is co-founder and board member of Texas Growth Fund IIIC, advisor at JUMP by Limitless Flight, owner of Adamantium Real Estate, managing partner at Pomaika’l Partners, strategic adviser at Xenter Inc., manager of Evermore Park Investments, and co-founder of Axcend.

Brandon Fugal is also the chairman of Colliers International. He’s held this position since April 2018. In addition, he is the proprietor of AeroDynamic Jets.

Recently, Fugal appeared and worked as an executive producer in the HISTORY Channel program “The Mystery of Skinwalker Ranch.” In addition to operating his real estate company, Brandon is a speaker and entrepreneur.

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How does Brandon Fugal Earn Money?

Brandon Fugal derives the majority of his income from his real estate firm. In addition, he has millions of friends, followers, and supporters on the internet and social media platforms who are eager to encourage him. Using the internet, he can earn more than one million dollars.

Through their firms, real estate brokers such as Dalton Gomez, Tarek El Moussa, Ladd Drummond, and Brandon Fugal amass enormous wealth. He can earn over 50 million dollars through commercials, campaigns, projects, donations, and a variety of other factors.

According to IMDb, Brandon Fugal served as executive producer of the reality television program The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch beginning in 2020. However, he earned more than $5,000 for each program. Hence, Fugal earned a minimum of $200,000 annually on average.

A real estate agent can generate income in numerous ways. Those are the

  • Commissions
  • Selling Property Commissions
  • Property Manager
  • Advertisements

Cottonwood Corporate Center, which is valued at $100 million, was sold by Brandon Fugal. Afterwards, he offered for sale the Banyan Building, which is valued at $2.2 million. In addition, he sold a second property, Rare Downtown Development Parcels, for ten million dollars.

In addition, Brandon Fugal has a business called Skinwalker Ranch. The company currently has a channel show. He earned at least 20 million dollars through his business.

Brandon Fugal is the Owner of Skinwalker Ranch

Indeed, one of Brandon’s ventures is the History Channel-famous Skinwalker Ranch. According to reports, the millionaire acquired the renowned property in 2016 and planned to keep it a secret until 2020, when the History Channel secured an arrangement with him to film there.

According to his description on the website of the network, “Brandon has always been intrigued by the wonders of the cosmos and the question of whether we are alone. Brandon acquired Skinwalker Ranch from aerospace magnate Robert Bigelow in 2016 in order to research and examine the unusual and unexplained events that have been observed there for more than two centuries.”

The Mystery of Skinwalker Ranch grants unprecedented access to a Utah facility that, like Roswell, New Mexico, and Area 51 before it, has captivated UFO hunters. With Brandon now involved and more and more information about the property being released in each episode, it seemed only a matter of time before something truly otherworldly was revealed.

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Brandon Fugal’s Early Life

Brandon Fugal, who was born on April 3, 1973, in the United States of America, has always been fascinated by the wonders of our world and the question of whether or not we are alone in our pursuit of knowledge. He completed his education at Pleasant Grove High School, where he earned his diploma.

Early on, he was a quick student, but only in subjects that he was interested in. Brandon Daniel Fugal gravitated into commercial real estate during the course of his education, with a particular interest in office brokerage due to its capacity to give him access to industry executives, such as CEOs and CFOs (CFOs).

Brandon Fugal’s Family, Siblings, and Education

Born in the United States of America on April 3, 1973, Brandon has always been fascinated by the wonders of our world and the question of whether or not we are alone in our pursuit of knowledge. He has not disclosed information about his family.

Brandon graduated from Pleasant Grove High School after completing his studies. From an early age, he was a quick student, but only in topics that interested him. During his studies, he gravitated toward commercial real estate, with a particular interest in office brokerage due to its ability to get him access to industry professionals such as CEOs and CFOs (CFOs).

Brandon Fugal Wife and His Family Origin

Brandon Fugal is blissfully married to his beautiful college love, Kristen Fugal. The pair met for the first time at Utah Valley University and became fast friends. After a few months, their acquaintance blossomed into a romantic relationship, and they wed.

Kristen is the Director of Legal Affairs for Adamantium Real Estate. The couple has four children together. In addition, the couple is known for giving back to the community through participating in charitable activities and sponsoring awareness campaigns.

About his family, Fugal was born to loving parents. Yet, he has not given any information regarding his parents’ modest profile.

Brandon Fugal’s Married Life

One may think that Brandon and Lacey have a strong relationship despite the fact that they choose a low-key lifestyle. Both the husband and wife enjoy traveling extensively. In an article about Salt Lake City restaurants, the pair disclosed their favorite eateries. It turns out that the couple’s favorite destination for date nights was Five Alls. Due to their familiarity with Fugal, restaurant owners did not even need to order menus after visiting the restaurant. So, it is possible that the couple’s first date occurred in the same area.

Brandon and his wife undeniably have a wonderful relationship. Also, they have always supported one another. Thus, their 25-year partnership has been free of gossip and controversy.

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Brandon Fugal Religion: What Beliefs Does He Follow?

Brandon Fugal’s religion is Christianity since he continues to identify with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was born and reared in a household that adhered to Christian religious views and practices, and he adopted the same principles at an early age.

Although the real estate magnate does not distinguish himself greatly in terms of religion and religious ideals, the Christian tenets continue to guide his life. They also play a significant role in their lifestyle and experiences at Skinwalker Ranch.

Cars Collection and Assets

Brandon Fugal has multiple fleets of automobiles, including Lamborghini, Jaguar, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz. In addition to this, he has a helicopter and a jet. Fugal also possesses an unrivalled collection of rare historical literature. From his early printings of LDS Church scriptural and theological times to his Shakespeare folio and History of Stonehenge, purchased from King Charles II in 1655, Fugal’s library is outstanding.

Brandon Fugal’s Physical Appearance

Brandon Fugal, 49, is a gorgeous man with a muscular and athletic figure and an amazing demeanour. He stands at the height of 5 feet 9 inches. Likewise, he has a balanced body weight of 75 kg. Additionally, Naess has brown eyes and black hair.

Yet, the well-known personality has never divulged any further physical features in public.

Body Measurement

Not Known

Eye Color


Hair Color


Hair type


Skin Type


Shoe Size

Not Known


5 feet 9 inch


75KG (Approx)


Not Known

Brandon Fugal and The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch

The second season of The Mystery of Skinwalker Ranch is currently underway. The focus of the show is Fugal’s Skinwalker Ranch and the surrounding surroundings. It has been referred to as the UFO Valley for years due to its reputation for unusual occurrences. The show follows a group of scientists as they learn more about the location’s past. They dissect all UFO encounters, odd animal mutations, and supernatural occurrences from the past two centuries.

The scientist utilizes the new technology to deconstruct the material to learn more about the location. In addition, the reason for its notoriety in relation to aliens, UFOs, and other paranormal phenomena. Brandon Fugal, on the other hand, has always been interested in this subject matter. The fact that we are not alone intrigues him and pushes him to investigate these mysteries further. This is why he purchased the property from aerospace magnate Robert Bigelow. In addition, after all these years of government secrecy, he revealed he had purchased it. In addition to Fugal’s crew, who monitor the site, Travis Taylor and Erik Bard are also brought in to inspect the location.

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Brandon Fugal Social Media Profile

Brandon Fugal is active on Instagram, where he has 13.7K followers and 236 people who follow him. He has also been using Twitter since March 2016. He has over 61K Twitter followers at the moment.









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