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Google’s Bard Chatbot Launches for the US and UK Users

Google Bard Chatbot Launches in US and UK

Listen to the Podcast: At, users in the United Kingdom and the United States can sign up for a waitlist. Google calls Bard a “preliminary experiment that lets you work with generative AI.” Google is giving its Bard AI platform to a small group of users. This comes after months of rumours about chatbots […]

PDFLiner Review – The Versatile Online Document Management Software in 2024


Listen to the Podcast: Are you looking for PDFLiner Review? PDFLiner is a readily available, user-friendly, and 100 percent secure PDF editor that requires no further software installation. Its reasonable subscription won’t leave you with an empty wallet.  Its user interface and functionality are simple enough for beginners to grasp. It won’t take long to become […]

How to Make the Most of Job ads with Lensa Connect?

Lensa Connect

Listen to the Podcast: If you own a home-based business, it’s likely that you’d be happy to have an additional source of income that didn’t divert your attention or energy from it and would really improve the way you interact with your current clients. You should be rewarded for your efforts if you’ve followed the […]

Why Do You Need a Registered Agent?

Registered Agent

Listen to the Podcast: What is A Qualified Registered Agent? The company or individual offering the services to legal process documents and official notices on behalf of your LLC or Business is called a registered agent. The registered agent must be more than 18 years old and a resident of your business’s State of operation. […]

Top 100 Videovor Alternatives for Converting Youtube Videos and Audio


Listen to the Podcast: Videovor is a web-based application that enables free audio and video downloads of YouTube videos. This program allows you to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and a variety of other video hosting providers. Also, you are permitted to save videos and music on your smartphone. Other applications are available to […]

What is Fansly and Is It Actually Better than OnlyFans?


Listen to the Podcast: Fansly is a service for content subscriptions that enables content creators to sell and monetize their work with ease. It has gained popularity among authors of adult entertainment. If you are familiar with Onlyfans, you should be aware that both websites offer comparable functions, but Fansly is superior in this regard. […]

Mastering Top Coding Languages: Python, Java, and More

Mastering Top Coding Languages

Listen to the Podcast: Modern technician IT specialties are among the world’s most dynamic, popular, and highly paid professions. And it is an immense development prospect that attracts beginners to change the scope of their work to IT. Below, we will tell you about the most popular programming languages for novices. And also, explain why […]

How to Upload Voice Notes in WhatsApp Status on Android and iOS?

How to Upload Voice Notes in WhatsApp Status

Listen to the Podcast: Like Instagram’s “Stories,” WhatsApp’s “Status” feature lets people post short updates about what’s going on in their lives. After 24 hours, these Statuses will be gone. Last month, WhatsApp added a few new Status features, like the ability to react and the ability to choose a private audience. Now, users can […]

Google Updates Messaging Conversation Threads with Contact Photos

Google Conversation Threads with Contact Photos

Listen to the Podcast: In recent weeks, Google has significantly changed the “RCS” branding and read receipt symbols. As a result, a contact’s profile photo is now displayed at the top of discussions in messages for Android. Users of Messages have always been able to tap a contact’s name in the app bar to open […]

The Rise of Online Betting: How Technology is Changing the Landscape

Online Betting

Listen to the Podcast: Over the past decade or so, online betting has grown tremendously and shows no signs of slowing down. More and more people are turning to online betting to enjoy their favorite sports and games, thanks to the development of technology and the widespread use of smartphones and other mobile devices. This […]

When Will Coraline 2 Coming Out? [Cast, Plot and Latest Updates in 2024]

Coraline 2

Listen to the Podcast: Do you want to know about Coraline 2? With the release of The Sandman season 2 on Netflix, Neil Gaiman has once again left us all craving more adaptations of his work. The English novelist is most known for his numerous fantasy works and his penchant for weaving little threads between […]

YouTube Music Now Lets Users Auto-Download Recently Played Songs

YouTube Music

Listen to the Podcast: When people listen to their favorite songs on YouTube Music, they will see the song and album credits. 9to5Google says that when the feature is turned on, users can access the overflow menu on YouTube Music and see the song credits option at the same time. A report from 9to5Google says […]