How To Get The Most Benefits From Sleep

Getting A Full Night’s Rest May Well Require Strategy

Sleep is absolutely necessary for health, but many things in the modern world conspire to steal it from us. If you’re going to find regular, reliable rest, you may have to adjust how you sleep. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get the most rest every night.

1. Try To Sleep On A Regular Schedule

What you need to do is sleep at about the same time every night, first of all. It matters less when you fall asleep than it does how consistent you are about it. Though that said, circadian rhythms will play a part in restfulness overall.

You’ll naturally feel more tired as evening comes, and more awake in the morning. Even so, whenever you go to sleep, try to do so at the same time every night.

2. Exercise With Regularity

When you exercise, you actually give yourself energy, but your body still needs to recover; so there’s a bit of a tradeoff. You’re going to have to get proper sleep. However, when you work out in the morning, it has an effect much like coffee, but without introducing any additional substance like caffeine. You have more energy in the day and sleep more restfully at night.

3. Eat The Right Foods At The Right Time

Try not to eat anything after five in the evening. When you start digesting late at night, ultimately you’re likely to experience late-night heartburn, which will keep you awake and reduce how restful your evening’s respite was.

Granted, especially when you’re younger, you can get away with eating right before bed. By your thirties, this habit is more likely to have serious drawbacks. It’s best to just get out of said habit now.

4. Get The Right Mattress

There are different mattresses for different types of sleepers. For example, you can find mattresses designed specifically for stomach sleepers, and those which are designed for couples who have different sleeping preferences. The “sleep number bed” comes to mind. In any event, you’ll likely rest more fully if your mattress matches your slumber preference.

5. Try Sleeping With A Pillow Between Your Legs

Your legs have weight, and that pulls on your pelvis, which can twist your back. Many people sleep on their side and wake up with pain in their backs. Sleeping with a pillow between your legs can keep your body’s weight from compressing your hips, ultimately allowing you to sleep with less discomfort, and therefore more deeply.

6. Resolve Emotional Issues That Steal Rest

If you’ve got emotional issues like sadness, guilt, or anger, they’re probably going to impact your ability to sleep restfully. Guilt and anger keep someone up at night. Sadness makes you sleep more, but too much sleep makes a person feel as tired as not enough sleep. All that to say this: for best rest, resolve emotional issues—especially anger—before you go to bed.

7. Get The Right Amount Of Sleep: 6 To 9 Hours, Depending

Some people literally only need an hour or two of sleep at night. Most people need between seven and eight hours a night. There are some that can’t function with less than nine hours’ sleep and some who are lethargic if they sleep more than six hours.

Figure out where your balance is, and try to get that amount consistently for best results in being rested over the long term.

Strategically Optimizing Restfulness

Solid steps toward more restful sleep include having a sleep schedule you stick to, exercising regularly, eating the right foods at the right time, finding the best mattress for your preferences, sleeping with pillows between your legs, resolving emotional issues, and sleeping the right amount of time. Consider exploring whichever of these tips apply to you.

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