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Possible Types of Drug Crimes

Types of Drug Crimes

Federal and state laws closely monitor and severely restrict any use, possession, or distribution of illegal or prescription drugs. The United States of America generally follows the federal drug classification schedule, except for marijuana, which is largely decriminalized under the current laws of many states. People convicted of drug crimes can also have serious consequences, so in such situations, it is important to seek the advice of a drug crimes attorney promptly. Read an overview of some common types of drug crimes.

Presence of illegal Drugs

A person cannot be accused of simply being under the influence of illegal drugs or even addicted to them. Illegal drug possession is a key, common drug crime that punishes those who possess or control illegal drugs. Possession of cocaine or heroin, the owner of which is another person, can bring the owner and the person in whom these drugs were found to criminal responsibility.

In some cases, a potential intent to distribute drugs can be inferred (legally) based solely on the weight of drugs found on a person. This is done by inferring or assuming that the volume of the drug is larger than usual for personal use.

Drug possession charges can also be brought against anyone in possession of prescription drugs unless they were prescribed to the accused by a doctor. Prescription drug abuse is such a serious public health crisis that some states have banned the legal storage of prescription drugs outside of their original packaging in pharmacies.

Common Drug Trafficking Processes

Current laws relating to drug trafficking prohibit any sale, trade, or exchange of drugs. Some states’ laws distinguish between selling drugs for a fee and simply sharing drugs. Drug trafficking is often a criminal offense and becomes more serious when large quantities of drugs are sold or when a person dies as a result of drug dealing. Federal penalties will also increase if drug dealers use firearms to sell drugs.

Short-term drug trafficking, for example, the sale of a small amount of a specific drug, can be considered a criminal offense. Penalties for this may not be as severe as wholesale drug trafficking, but possession with intent to distribute may include probation or some jail time. In such cases, it is important to prove your case, if you believe that you have been wrongfully accused of something you did not do, it is important to contact a criminal defense lawyer who specializes in criminal cases related to the sale or possession of various narcotics promptly.

Criminal cases involving drugs are a special class of cases with many key nuances and characteristics that are worth paying attention to. This is necessary for the most effective protection of enforcement of existing legal norms by law enforcement agencies. In such a situation, legal departments can eliminate many fabricated statements and evidence to protect the rights and interests of suspects. Arrests usually happen suddenly and unexpectedly. This complicates the rapid development of effective defense tactics, assessment of the situation, and assessment of compliance with the measures and norms of the current legislation. Qualified drug attorneys can help find justice, relieve mental and physical stress, and in some cases overturn convictions. In the end, it may turn out that the composition and facts of the crime do not exist, this can only be done by experienced lawyers. Drug lawyers may object to expert opinions for several key reasons. For example, every day many new drugs are produced that are not included in the list of prohibited substances. This has a huge impact on drug trafficking cases. In such cases, criminal proceedings are excluded. There are still many key ways to protect citizens whose rights have been violated. Experienced lawyers apply current legal standards for the benefit of their clients.

Pharmaceutical Production of Various Types of Narcotics

Another, fairly common type of drug crime is drug production, which includes all stages of the illegal production process. The most common variant of this crime is the cultivation of marijuana, which can be a perfectly legal process under current law. The industry of production of various types of narcotics is often a very complex process that consists of many stages.

Another form of a drug product that is often condemned and is a criminal offense is the production of methamphetamine. This crime is particularly dangerous because the manufacturing process involves dangerous chemicals and is a fire hazard. Those who manage drug production processes face long prison terms if convicted of this criminal offense.

Protection against drug crimes is important. Sooner or later, everyone tries something new, and, unfortunately, the drug industry is no exception. There were always cases and people who could offer to try “medicine” for any problem, wherever they were: at the university, at work, in a cafe. No one has a problem with blaming themselves or others, but if you have the opportunity or are already in trouble with the law, it’s important to know what to do. The first thing you need to know is that drug attorneys can provide you with skilled legal protection. Although their name is derived from the everyday slang of people, lawyers who have experience and knowledge in the legal meaning of drugs and related issues, understand the intricacies of the law, will be able to investigate your case, and learn all the nuances. They perfectly understand what a drug crime is and what punishments are provided for it.

Drug deals are often illegal, but this is nothing new. Unfortunately, when people find themselves in an unpleasant situation, they think of “escape.” Sanctions may be applied in the case of public use, production, cultivation, sale, and transportation. These include acts of violence that force people to take mind-altering drugs that produce powerful and potentially deadly toxins.

Protection against drug-related crime is extremely important and must be at a high level. But when things get out of control and something needs to be fixed quickly, not everyone knows where to quickly find a specialist who will help. You should seek legal help from experienced lawyers who understand and help even in the most difficult situations. These experts can provide key advice and suggestions on what to do at a given moment and what strategies of action are needed to get out of a difficult situation in a particular case. Criminal proceedings can be opened if the person who produced or used narcotics voluntarily admitted, disclosed, surrendered all narcotics, and agreed to the charge of selling narcotics. These individuals may be exempt from criminal liability in the case of a proper legal defense that can prove that they did not break the law. In the absence of any legal protection for drug cases, these cases go to court.

Another Common Type of Crime is the Possession of Drugs

Drug facility means any object that is actively used to manufacture, administer, inhale, or conceal illegal drugs. This also applies to equipment used to conceal, manufacture or package drugs. According to the National Drug Enforcement Center, it is illegal to sell, import, or export any drug. Some states criminalize the possession of drug paraphernalia. Examples of drug-related agents include, but are not limited to:

  • Roll paper;
  • Balance;
  • Cigarette paper;
  • Syringes and injection sets.

Several drug-related devices can often be used for legitimate purposes, some of which are specifically intended for legitimate purposes. Despite these designations, drug possession can be identified as illegal possession of drug paraphernalia based on circumstantial evidence. Drug residue or evidence of drug use often disproves claims that the substance was used for a legitimate purpose. Get expert legal advice on drug-related crimes. 

Most professional drug attorneys believe that dealing with drug cases raises many questions about the nature and reasonable limits of these crimes. The code of current laws and regulations only provides for the use of legal medicines, psychotropic substances, and their analogs. According to the cited extracts from the criminal code, it also regulates the storage, manufacture, transportation, and delivery of legal medicinal products with or without a sale. If you manufactured drugs for sale but did not have time to do it, then judicial practice allows us to talk about the composition of such a crime as “drug production”, the crime is considered completed. In the absence of signs of sale or purpose of sale, crimes are regulated not only by the Criminal Code but also by valid laws on administrative offenses. Thus, perpetrators bear administrative responsibility for the illegal manufacture, purchase, and storage of narcotics in small quantities.

A drug attorney can help you explain your situation. The judicial practice recommends calculating the sizes of various drugs. However, if the narcotic drug is the subject of a crime, combining it with other drugs is unacceptable. In criminal proceedings and drug addiction cases, you need the help of a qualified lawyer who protects your legal rights and interests from the moment the investigation of your case begins. This includes gathering as much evidence as possible, interviewing witnesses, and preparing court documents. Only experienced specialists will help you with this.

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