India Surpasses Brazil, Becomes Second Worst-hit by Covid-19

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India has surpassed Brazil to become the second worst-hit in the world by the Coronavirus cases.

The South Asian country recorded 90,802 cases overnight on September 7, taking the tally in the country past 4.2 million.

The country overtook Brazil, which was the second worst-affected country for several months, with 4.1 million of Coronavirus cases.

According to the Worldometers, India with total 4,277,584 Covid-19 cases remains one step behind the United States.

The US is the worst-hit country in the world with more than 6.48 million Covid-19 infections so far.

The rate of infection in India has been worsening day by day, with no signs of when it will hit the peak.

This country will soon tally the most cases in the world, experts predicted.

The death toll stands at 72,816, which is relatively low compared with the US and Brazil.

According to World Health Organization data, India has been recording the highest number of daily Coronavirus cases in the world for nearly a month.

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