What Packages You get at Holistic Sanctuary Rehab?

There can be many rehabilitation centers around the globe, but no one can match the treatment and approach offered by the holistic sanctuary for mental and drug addiction. This is one of the best places that is unique for its Pouyan healing technique. Additionally, here you get personalized care and one on one sessions to deal with the ailment.

You can choose the healing treatment and package depending on the chronic approach of the ailment. However, each package offers you the ideal solution and you can trust the performance of our staff and experienced doctors for mental and body repair.

With depression, anxiety, and trauma, you also have the proper treatment for drug addiction, alcoholism, eating disorders, and many other mental challenges. Moreover, the holistic rehab offers its luxury medical spa treatment that feels more like personal grooming. Is easy to receive dedicated care and you don’t feel as if you are under medical care.

5-Star Luxury Accommodations

At the Holistic Rehabs Tulum, every patient gets the ideal and most luxury treatments. From daily yoga to fitness activities, and outdoor sessions to the cool and calm oceanfront location, holistic rehabs on to the best mental repair centers that one can lean on.

Our 5-star accommodations with the ideal cure and Pouyan method become result-oriented for the lifetime. You may question how does the holistic sanctuary heal the patients? The answer is simple; we do not treat every patient with the same routine group discussions, or medications. On the other hand, the holistic sanctuary always looks up to the natural mind repair method and treats the soul and body with dedicated care.

Many clients and patients who have now left the rehab are satisfied with the treatment. Moreover, we use superfoods, proper nutrients die, and healthy activity to keep up with the best health. Here we treat depression, anxiety, trauma, substance abuse, drug addiction, and many more mental challenges.

Our ancient scientific-based healing method and advanced treatment bring on robust results. Moreover, the success rate is pretty high, especially for our luxury alcohol treatment centers.

Tulum Healing Center Packages

7-Day Retreats – $25K All Inclusive

  •         Limited Space
  •         Oceanfront Suits
  •         Organic Meals
  •         7 Day inclusive
  •         Plant Medicine
  •         100% Holistic Approach
  •         7-Star Luxury Accommodation
  •         15 Hours 0f 1-1 Holistic Therapy

10-Day Stem Cell Longevity Program -$45k All Inclusive

  •         IV Drips
  •         Superfoods
  •         Stem Cells
  •         Pouyan Method
  •         Mitochondrial Repair
  •         50 Hours of 1-1 Therapies
  •         Immune Booster Treatment
  •         Mind, Body, and Soul Transformation

4-12 Week Program (CALL FOR PRICES)

  •         4 Weeks All Inclusive
  •         Pouyan Method
  •         4 Weeks Minimum Stay
  •         150 Hours of Holistic 1-1 Therapy
  •         Sacred Plant Medicine
  •         Most powerful Healing System
  •         Total Mind Body and Soul Healing
  •         100% Complete Transformation

Total transformation

Many mental and drug rehabilitation centers would not offer you the total transformation. However, with the holistic sanctuary you get the most ideal human optimization that never lets you feel sleeping issues or insomnia at all.  Along with the mental repair, we assure to bring back the immune system, nervous system, and endocrine that is all about optimal health.

That is why our patients and clients leave the sanctuary with a satisfying approach. Moreover, the luxury medical spa with the most seamless treatments, massages, food, one on one sessions, 150 hours per week therapies, and is much more focused on mind repair.

What makes us unique and stand out is our set standards that we never compromise on. For mental rehabilitation, we have the enhanced safety and methodical approach that comes with the privacy of each client.

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