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Can I Get My Money Back from Diamond Resorts?

Are you looking for how to get your money back from Diamond Resorts? Diamond resorts cancellation is that what is playing on your mind right now? Well, then look no further than our blog because we are here to guide you in the perfect way that will help you get your money back!!

Can I Get My Money Back From Diamond Resorts?

Well, this is quite a common question that you might be having on your mind! If you are within the recission period, there is no way that you cannot get your money back from Diamond Resorts or any other place where you have bought your timeshare from.

However, if you have crossed your timeshare rescission period, then there is a chance that you can get your money back but in a different way. For that, you would have to go through certain procedures and then eventually get your money.

Ideally, we would suggest you work on the following steps that we discussed in the segment below!

What are the procedures to get your money back?

When you are considering buying a timeshare, it is seen that people think it to be a great investment. But that doesn’t eventually happen! When you purchase a timeshare and cannot bear the maintenance costs, you realize that it is a bad investment. And that makes you wonder how you must come out of this scandal.

So, follow the steps to find out what you should do. Here are the following:

1.     Speak to Diamond Resorts

Ideally, even if you have missed on the cancellation period, you can speak to the people and find out what your options are. Since Diamond Resorts have many properties, there is a chance that you can buy other property shares in place of the existing one.

This is applicable only if you think that the property that you have bought is not something you like or want. However, it’s highly likely to be something different as well. You might simply wonder that you don’t want to bear for long. And that can be a valid reason.

In that case, Diamond Resorts can buy the property from you. Usually, they don’t like customers to sell it to someone outside. So, you can get the opportunity to sell it back to them and get your money back from Diamond Resorts.

However, it’s important that you keep in mind that Diamond Resorts might not return the amount of money they promised. So, you would have to see how much they are willing to pay back to you and then evaluate your options.

2.     Sell it to someone close

Another way that you can get your money back is this one. If you can, you would be able to sell the property to someone else. In that case, you can be sure of getting a great amount and also be sure that the money is coming to you.

However, we would always advise you to sell the property to someone who you know will be able to cover the maintenance costs. You would definitely not want your close ones to face the problem that you are facing.

3.     Look out for potential buyers

Another way that you can get your money back is this one. Suppose you can look out for potential buyers. Try putting up an advertisement that tells people you are selling your property and want to get rid of it.

However, never settle for the amount that you come to you. Always check, evaluate and then settle for the amount that you think is the best. We advise this to all our readers. Never take hasty decisions.

4.     Speak to professionals

At this point, we literally mean that you should have a word with a renowned timeshare exit company. These companies know the technique of handling and getting out your money on time. You would definitely don’t want to get stuck and lose out on a lot of money.

Even though you would have to pay the timeshare exit companies but it is still better because you are sure that you are going to get genuine buyers. Or the settlement that takes place will be in your favor. In fact, timeshare companies do not charge until you are satisfied.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog today, we hope you know exactly how you must go about the process to get your money back from Diamond Resorts timeshare. If you are within the cancellation period, you will get the full money back. But if you miss out the time, follow the procedures that we have given you, and you are good to go! Do let us know in the comment section below how you liked the points we’ve given you and if you got your Diamond Resorts timeshare back or not.

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