Men Suffer More Complications than Women from Covid-19

An investigation carried out by the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine concludes that there is a factor associated with gender with the disease caused by the Coronavirus.

A study by the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI) concludes that men hospitalized for covid suffer more complications, require more admissions to intensive care units and have higher mortality than women admitted with the disease.

The study, which compares the clinical characteristics of Covid-19 disease among men and women based on data from 12,063 admitted patients included in the SEMI Covid Registry, has been published in the scientific journal “Journal of Clinical Medicine” and It is signed by 25 internists from Spanish hospitals.

Despite the fact that the women included in the study were older than the men (67.9 vs. 65.7 years on average) and had a higher percentage of severe dependency (10.1% vs. 5.1%), they died more men, who also needed more admissions, although the researchers emphasize that these also arrived at the hospital in a worse condition and with more serious symptoms.

In fact, there were more men with bilateral pneumonia upon admission. Most of the deceased were over 85 years old, in both groups, men and women — 52.2% and 41.2%, respectively.

There are also differences in terms of the treatments received, according to the SEMI in a statement: more systemic treatments and respiratory therapies were used in men, who had a worse progression of the disease.

The symptoms with which COVID appeared in men were mainly cough, fever above 38 ° C, dyspnea, tachypnea and oxygen saturation below 92%, while women presented milder symptoms such as odynophagia, ageusia (loss of taste), anosmia (loss of smell), headache, joint pain, and abdominal symptoms.


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