How Car Insurance Works for Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicles?

Are you looking to convert the vehicle you own to a wheelchair-accessible vehicle? If this is the case, you must be confused about how car insurance works for wheelchair-accessible vehicles. You might be thinking if it covers part of the cost. Well, in most cases, the car insurance for wheelchair-accessible vehicles works the same way as regular car insurance. 

Car insurance for wheelchair adapted vehicles can be obtained via a standard car insurance policy. You need to know that insurance rates are partly based on the vehicle and partly on the driver which includes his driving history, location, age, and other factors.

If your car is expensive and might cost to repair or replace, you might have a high insurance premium for the potential cost of fixing it.

How does car insurance work for wheelchair-accessible vehicles? Well, if you think that it works differently than regular car insurance, you might be wrong. It is just like standard car insurance. If something happens to your wheelchair-accessible vehicle or you, the entire vehicle might be eligible for repairs. Though it works similarly, you need to add modified part coverage to your policy. 

This post will further discuss how car insurance works for Wheelchair-accessible vehicles. We will be mentioning all the crucial details related to the car insurance for the wheelchair-accessible vehicle. So, let us begin the post and find out information regarding how car insurance works for wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

How Does Car Insurance Work for Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicles?

Car insurance considers just accidents and it doesn’t care about if you are having any disability or not. So, car insurance works for wheelchair-accessible vehicles just the same way as it does in other vehicles. A wheelchair vehicle insurance can provide you and your vehicle with protection at several levels that depend on the collision and the comprehensive coverage that has been selected by you.

You can talk to your insurance company to know what is covered in your car insurance. Whatever is available varies with the place you are staying in. You will likely be having different options in different states such as Orlando, FL, and Los Angeles, CA might have different coverage. 

The working of wheelchair-accessible vehicle insurance policies also works similar to other policies. You can consider buying collision coverage for covering any accident-related repairs to your vehicle, buying comprehensive coverage for covering any thefts, non-accident-related damages, etc. You can also go for buying liability coverage for covering damage that you might cause to another person or his property.

The wheelchair-accessible vehicle insurance differs is with modification coverage. You might need to list the vehicle modification on the insurance policy. One might need to pay extra for covering this modification. If such modifications are less than around $1,000, your policy might cover them without any extra cost. This is how car insurance works for wheelchair-accessible vehicles. 

What to Consider When Applying for Wheelchair-Accessible VehiclesCar Insurance

As we have discussed how car insurance works for wheelchair-accessible vehicles, if you are looking to apply for car insurance for wheelchair-accessible vehicles, you need to consider a few things. Let us check what you need to consider for this.

  1. Equipment coverage
  2. Full Disclosure
  3. Disability classification
  4. More Details

Equipment Coverage: You need to ensure that any handicapped equipment such as a wheelchair, is covered under the insurance. 

Full Disclosure: You need to make full disclosure of your wheelchair-accessible vehicle to your insurance company. You need to disclose fully all the modifications to your vehicle.

Disability Classification: You need to fully disclose the specific disability for removing any doubts related to the level of risk while driving. The rates might be determined by the likelihood of an accident due to the disability.

More Details: If you have a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, you can ask for details. You need to ask the right questions and then compare different types of insurance coverage. Hence, you will be able to make a more adequate decision related to car insurance for your wheelchair-accessible vehicle. 

Auto Insurance For Disabled Veterans

Several insurance companies have special military programs for disabled veterans. These programs provide auto insurance for disabled veterans at reasonable rates. Some of the insurance companies that provide auto insurance for disabled veterans are: 


Military Discount

Safe Auto












Liberty Mutual




State Farm




The General


Are Wheelchair Modifications Covered by Insurance?

Wheelchair modifications will be covered with the insurance as long as these wheelchair modifications are listed in your insurance policy and the insurer is aware of such modifications. Insurers will be covering damages that might occur to your wheelchair modifications in several situations.

It depends on the policies of the car insurance you are opting for. So, be careful before choosing an insurance policy for your wheelchair-accessible vehicles. 

Here ends the post on how car insurance works for wheelchair-accessible vehicles. If you are thinking to buy car insurance for your wheelchair-accessible vehicles, you need to ensure that the insurer is aware of the modifications. You might need to get added coverage.

You can compare car insurance online and pay the relevant amount and get the best car insurance for your wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

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