Why is My Karcher Pressure Washer no Pressure?

Do you have irregular water flow? Are you already thinking of changing your pressure washer and buying another?

Do not take extreme measures. At Amphibious we are aware of your difficulties, so we offer you alternative solutions to extend the life of your Karcher, whether it presents an irregular pressure or if the flow is non-existent.

Irregular water pressure

One of the most common problems with your best commercial pressure washer is intermittent pressure. The fact that these machines need water pressure is undeniable, so you must supervise that everything works properly in this regard.

If you see this reaction, don’t freak out or panic. It may be due to a minor issue, so following these steps should fix it immediately.

  • Clean the nozzle with a thin wire, as there may be a clog.
  • Eliminate any air that may be trapped. That is, it will be necessary to purge the equipment before using it.

If your Karcher pressure washer continues to have irregular pressure and your problem is not solved, you should look for the cause of the failure.

Why is my pressure washer no pressure?

If your Karcher has no pressure or it is very low, you will have to do a more exhaustive review of the equipment.

If your best battery powered pressure washer has no pressure or it is very low, you will have to do a more exhaustive review of the equipment.

First of all, check that there are no kinks in the hose or that there is a very poor flow of water in the garden hose and very little water flow enters the machine.

Low pressure is usually due to the small amount of water available to the equipment. In case everything is in perfect condition, the problem may be … the pump!

In the pump you can find faults such as the following:

  • Damage to the o-rings and seals where the pistons are located
  • Water filter or nozzles blocked by dirt
  • Damaged or dirty valves
  • Internal pump faults

To solve these problems, we give you a Step by Step of everything you need to do

Check the o-rings

If they are worn, they can prevent the water from coming out with the proper pressure. In case this is the fault, you will have to change them.

Just slide in the old rings (like many household problems, a screwdriver is enough) and put the new ones in place.

Evaluate the water filter

If the filter is leaking water, this is probably where the problem lies.

You will need to find the filter where the water supply connects and check if there is a problem. In case it is dirty or clogged, clean the dirt.

But if it is damaged, replace it. This way you will avoid a bigger problem.

Check both the nozzles and the mechanism parts

Be careful with this data! It is very common for the nozzles to get blocked so, as we mentioned earlier, you should try to solve any obstruction.

But not only with the nozzles. Also, the pressure washer handgun may fail, so it is worth evaluating whether the problem lies here.

Detangle the wire

If there is a tedious activity, it is untangling cables. In this case, it is a vital issue, since untangling will prevent the appliance from overheating.

Attentive while using the pressure washer

When using the appliance, you must closely monitor the flow of the water. If it continues to fail, the idea is to retrace your steps and review the solutions that we mentioned earlier.

Once the wash is finished, let the water run for a few minutes. This will remove detergent residue and the machine will not lock up.

Similarly, it is very useful to expel water that is stored for long periods. It is very common for water to freeze or expand, in case of being kept in a cold place, you must remove the hose accessory and use the Karcher for a few seconds.

With these recommendations, the Karcher that does not have pressure will recover it without major shocks. And if you want more recommendations, do not hesitate to visit our blog. We will give you all the tricks and tips to keep your home cleaning equipment in the best condition.

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