COVID-19 Update: 37 Lakh Global Deaths, 17 Crore Cases

More than 37 lakh people have already died of coronavirus infection in the world. Over 17 crore people have been infected with the virus. Moreover, more than 8 crore people have recovered from the virus.

According to the Coronavirus Resource Center at Johns Hopkins University on Tuesday (till 8am), total 173,638,512 people have been diagnosed with Covid-19 worldwide and 3,737,406 people have died of the infection.

The United States has reported the highest number of infections and deaths of Covid-19 so far. Total 33,378,143 people contracted the Coronavirus in the U.S. and 597,952 have died.

Till 8am Tuesday, 28,996,473 people have been diagnosed with the Covid-19 in India. With the infection number, India is the second worst-hit country in the world. So far 351,309 people have died in India, which is ranked as the third country in terms of Covid-19 deaths.

As per Johns Hopkins University tally, so far 16,984,218 million people have been infected in Brazil, a South American country. The country is the third-highest in the Covid-19 infection. Total 474,414 people have died till Tuesday. Brazil is the second country in Covid-19 deaths.

Total 68,078,391 people have received Covid-19 vaccines in the world so far till today, according to the tally.

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