Four Creature Comforts It Pays to Spend a Little Extra On

It can be hard to unlearn budgetary habits, especially where money has been tough and shrewd financial decisions necessary. But, with the average wealth of the South African household seeing a surprise increase, there may be opportunities for you to spend a little more, and reap the benefits. Here are four things it pays to spend a little more on.

Your Eyesight

Cheap glasses are easy to come by, but are often shoddily made and not designed to last. As the old saying goes: “buy cheap, buy twice.” Investing well in two or three high-quality pairs of glasses will see your glasses last far longer, and withstand a lot more rough treatment. With a more significant investment, laser eye surgery can remove the need for glasses altogether, and improve your quality of life immeasurably.

Your PC or Laptop

As laptops and PCs become more and more available at lower price-points, it can be tempting to be thrifty in your choice of a new computer. However, the shrewd spending of a little extra money in the right direction, and the quality and power of your new computer increases significantly. The best-in-class for your money is an Apple Mac, whether the Macbook series or the desktop iMacs. The latest editions sport revolutionary chipsets proprietary to Apple, and offer unparalleled processing power for resource-intensive work like photo editing and 3D rendering.

Even if you rely on certain Windows-only software programs and applications, there are ways to get them to run on the superior technology of a new Mac. For example, forex brokers Tickmill have included open-source interface program WINE in their MT4Mac bundle, which allows you to use the MetaTrader app to trade on a Mac with one handy download.

A Holiday

Holidays are special events, whichever way you take them; whether you spend a weekend in a caravan or a week in the Algarve, you are taking precious time for yourself, and maybe for your family or friends. However, affording yourself a bigger budget for your holiday can create increasing returns. Even if your holiday is still a cheaper, domestic one to the Western Cape or to the Wild Coasts, a little more money can create a significant increase in comfort – the difference between a cheap hotel and luxurious private accommodation.

Of course, an even larger budget can find you taking your holiday from a period of recharging to an experience of a lifetime; transforming it from a domestic city break to a week of cultural exploration in a distant country. With an explosion of interest in wellness tourism from South African travellers, that larger budget could well enrich your health – both physically and mentally.

Quality Foodstuffs

We’ve all had a period of living entirely off instant noodles or microwave meals – and continuing to subsist off cheap and readily-available fast- or junk-food can be an easy trap to fall into. But spending more on your grocery shop can lead you to eating healthier, and feeling physical benefits as a result. Of course, food need not purely be fuel for the body; food, when done right, can have a profound effect on your health and mood, outside of nutrition alone. Indulging in foods that make you happy, whether chocolate treats or luxury dishes.

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