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8 Types of Healthy Foods to Heal Subchorionic Hemorrhage

Foods to heal subchorionic hemorrhage

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Subchorionic hemorrhage is an early pregnancy condition that causes bleeding. During the first trimester, it is expected. What are the foods to heal subchorionic hemorrhage? We will discuss this in detail.

One of the main signs is bleeding from the vaginal area. Most of the time, the blood will stop on its own. Pregnant people between 10 and 20 weeks will likely get a subchorionic hematoma. About 10% of all vaginal bleeding is caused by it. Most hematomas needn’t be treated because they are small and bleed slightly.

This article will discuss the best foods to heal subchorionic hemorrhage. We will also discuss the causes and symptoms of subchorionic hemorrhage and simple tips to avoid subchorionic hemorrhage with pregnancy care.

Subchorionic Hemorrhage During Pregnancy

normal and abruption placental
Normal and Abruption Placental Condition

Hemorrhage refers to bleeding from a ruptured blood vessel. Internal or external bleeding is possible. When the placenta attempts to implant, it can cause bleeding, known as subchorionic hemorrhage. It occurs between the uterine wall and the developing embryo sac. A simple definition would be blood pooling between the placenta and the uterine wall. When bleeding occurs, medical professionals refer to it as subchorionic bleeding.

Twenty-five percent of pregnant women experience vaginal bleeding, and twenty percent of first-trimester bleeding is caused by subchorionic hemorrhage.

First-time mothers frequently deliver a subchorionic placenta. This condition arises when the placenta separates from the uterine wall incompletely. Subchorionic placenta problems often go away on their own after receiving appropriate care. However, serious issues and complications may arise if the condition is not treated correctly.

Subchorionic hematomas vary in size based on maternal age and the size of the fetal gestational sac. If it is smaller than 20% of the size of the gestational sac, there should be no cause for alarm. However, ones that are even half the size of the gestational sac can cause severe complications and excessive bleeding.

Subchorionic Hemorrhage: Causes and Symptoms

Subchorionic hemorrhage causes are not well understood. When this happens, blood leaks through a hole in one of the membranes surrounding the embryo. However, some common causes could be:

  • Severe shock
  • The implantation of trophoblasts in the uterus
  • Chronic hypertension
  • Infections
  • Intimate sexual contact
  • Placenta separates from the uterine wall only partially
  • Miscarriage in the past

The symptoms of subchorionic hemorrhage or hematoma include:

  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Abdominal pain
  • Cramping

Some women, however, may show no signs at all. Ultrasound imaging is frequently used for diagnosis because it can detect the hematoma and pinpoint its exact location.

Foods to Heal Subchorionic Hemorrhage

No foods heal subchorionic hematoma. A well-balanced diet with vitamins, healthy food, fresh juices, green vegetables, and lots of water is best for any pregnancy. Smaller meals more often will also help. Here we will discuss 8 types of foods to heal subchorionic hemorrhage.

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Foods Rich in Vitamin K

vitamin k foods
Vitamin K Enriched Foods

Vitamin K can aid the healing of subchorionic hematomas, which plays a vital role in blood clotting. Eat more of the vitamin K-rich foods listed below:

  • Green leafy vegetables, especially spinach, kale, and collard greens, are rich in vitamin K.
  • Vitamin K is abundant in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage.
  • Liver, fish, and lean meats are good sources of vitamin K.

Vitamin C Enriched Foods

vitamin c enriched foods
Vitamin C Enriched Foods

Subchorionic bleeding may benefit from the collagen-forming and tissue-repairing abilities of vitamin C. You might want to up your vitamin C intake with these foods:

  • Vitamin C is abundant in citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits, and tangerines.
  • Berries, especially red and blue varieties, are rich in vitamin C.
  • The kiwi is yet another great source of vitamin C.

Leafy Greens

leafy greens
Leafy Greens

Your subchorionic hemorrhage can benefit from the vitamins and minerals found in leafy greens.

  • Leafy green vegetables like spinach, kale, Swiss chard, collard greens, and bok choy are rich in essential nutrients that support the immune system and speed recovery.
  • Vegetables high in magnesium and iron are especially beneficial in treating subchorionic hemorrhage.
  • Leafy greens can be added to salads, sandwiches, wraps, and smoothies, raw or cooked.

Foods Contain Omega-3 Fatty Acids

omega-3 rich foods
Foods that Contain Omega-3 Fatty Acid

Since omega-3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory, they may help treat subchorionic hematoma by reducing inflammation and speeding up healing. Be sure to eat plenty of these omega-3-rich foods:

  • Salmon, mackerel, and sardines are examples of fatty fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Walnuts, chia seeds, and flaxseeds are some nuts and seeds rich in omega-3s.
  • Olive oil and canola oil, both vegetable oils, are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

Whole Grains

whole grains
Whole Grains

Healing from a subchorionic hemorrhage can be aided by eating a diet rich in whole grains. The fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in whole grains can aid your body’s healing process.

  • A diet rich in whole grains can lower blood pressure, ease inflammation, and protect against further complications after a subchorionic hemorrhage.
  • Oatmeal, quinoa, brown rice, and barley are all great examples of whole grains.
  • Vitamins and minerals found in these grains can aid in recovery from a subchorionic hemorrhage.

Foods Rich In Iron

iron rich foods
Foods Rich in Iron

To prevent the development of anemia after suffering from blood loss due to subchorionic hemorrhage, it is crucial to consume iron-rich foods. Examples of iron-rich foods are:

  • Iron is abundant in red meat, such as beef, pork, and lamb.
  • Beans, lentils, and chickpeas are just a few examples of legumes that are high in iron.
  • Breakfast cereals fortified with iron are a handy way to meet your daily iron needs.

Probiotic-Rich Foods

probiotic rich foods
Probiotic-Rich Foods

A healthy gut microbiome can help with health and healing all over. Yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, and other fermented foods high in probiotics can help keep a healthy balance of gut bacteria and help digestion.

  • Probiotics can help make the body less inflamed. If there is less inflammation, it could help the body heal.
  • Gut health may affect mental health. Probiotic-rich foods may improve mental health and healing.

Stay Hydrated

stay hydrated
Always Stay Hydrated

Maintaining adequate water intake is essential to good health and can even speed up recovery. Subchorionic hemorrhage can heal faster if the patient drinks plenty of water to keep blood volume and circulation healthy. Your healthcare provider may advise increasing your water intake above the recommended eight glasses daily.

Foods to Avoid When You are Dealing with Subchorionic Hemorrhage (Hematoma)

The condition usually goes away independently and doesn’t harm the mother or the baby. Still, it can cause problems like premature delivery or even a miscarriage in rare cases. Therefore, taking measures to lessen the likelihood of developing a subchorionic hematoma is essential, such as changing your diet.

foods to avoid while subchorionic hemorrhage

We have discussed 8 types of foods to heal subchorionic hemorrhage. But what about the foods to avoid when you are experiencing subchorionic hemorrhage?

Subchorionic hemorrhage risk can be reduced by avoiding foods high in sugar, saturated fat, and sodium. In addition, processed foods are harmful to your health because they contain many unhealthy ingredients. These include preservatives, additives, and trans fats.

Pregnancy Tips: Healthy Eating

A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats should be maintained throughout pregnancy. However, a few nutrients in a pregnancy diet should be prioritized.

Healthy Eating During Pregnancy: First Trimester

Talking to a doctor or a registered dietitian is essential to make a personalized diet plan for your needs during pregnancy. But we can give you an idea of what a healthy diet chart for the first three months of pregnancy might look like. This sample diet chart has a wide range of foods high in nutrients and good for the mother and the growing baby.

Meal/Snack Food Option 1 Food Option 2
Breakfast Fortified whole-grain cereal, low-fat milk, Sliced bananas, and a glass of orange juice. Scrambled eggs, spinach, tomatoes, whole-grain toast, mixed Berries.
Mid-morning Small tub of low-fat yogurt and a handful of mixed nuts. Apple or pear, a slice of whole-grain toast, almond butter.
Lunch Mixed green salad, grilled chicken, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, hard-boiled egg, olive oil, and lemon juice Whole-grain wrap, hummus, mixed roasted vegetables, feta cheese, baby carrots, and bell pepper strips.
Afternoon A small bowl of mixed fruit salad and a handful of almonds. Low-fat cottage cheese, cherry tomatoes, whole-grain crackers.
Dinner Baked salmon, steamed broccoli, quinoa, mixed greens, and vinaigrette dressing. Lentil soup, various vegetables, brown rice, mixed greens salad.
Evening Snack Slice whole-grain bread, avocado, and warm low-fat milk. A small bowl of air-popped popcorn and water infused with lemon and Cucumber slices.


Healthy Eating During Pregnancy: Second Trimester

his sample diet chart includes a variety of nutrient-dense foods to support the health of both the mother and the developing baby.

Meal/Snack Food Option 1 Food Option 2
Breakfast Greek yogurt, granola, fresh berries, honey. Oatmeal, chopped nuts, dried fruit, low-fat milk.
Mid-morning Baby carrots, hummus. Whole-grain crackers, low-fat cheese, sliced cucumber.
Lunch Turkey or chicken breast sandwich, lettuce, tomato, avocado, whole-grain bread, and a side salad. Quinoa and black bean salad, corn, bell peppers, and Lime-cilantro dressing.
Afternoon Sliced apple, peanut, or almond butter. Low-fat yogurt, chia seeds, honey.
Dinner Grilled or baked chicken, sweet potatoes, steamed green beans, mixed green salad, and vinaigrette dressing. Whole-grain pasta, marinara sauce, sauteed vegetables, and garlic bread made from whole-grain bread.
Evening Snack Small smoothie, frozen berries, spinach, low-fat milk, protein powder. Whole-grain toast, mashed avocado, warm low-fat milk.

Natural Remedies for Subchorionic Hematoma

Blood pooling between the chorionic membrane and the uterine wall is called a subchorionic hematoma. Pregnancy-related symptoms include bleeding from the vagina, abdominal pain, and cramping. Subchorionic hematomas typically heal on their own without the need for intervention. However, there are natural remedies that have the potential to reduce symptoms and speed healing:

Get a good night’s sleep and let your body recover. Your doctor may advise bed rest or reduced activity, depending on the extent of the hematoma and the severity of your symptoms.

Hydrate yourself well; doing so can aid in maintaining hydration levels and general health during pregnancy.

Walking and prenatal yoga are two examples of gentle exercises that can help pregnant women maintain their fitness levels and improve their blood flow if given the green light by their doctor. If your doctor advises you to exercise while pregnant, you should always listen to him or her.

Strengthening the muscles that hold up the uterus through regular pelvic floor exercises like Kegel exercises may help reduce the risk of complications from subchorionic hematoma. Before beginning a new exercise routine while pregnant, you should talk to your doctor.

Some research suggests that bioflavonoids and vitamin C can aid wound healing by fortifying blood vessel walls. Before taking any supplements during pregnancy, you should talk to your doctor.

Eating a balanced diet with essential nutrients like iron, calcium, and folic acid is vital to keep yourself and your developing child healthy.

Stress can hurt your health and the health of your baby. You may want to try deep breathing exercises, meditation, or prenatal yoga to help you unwind.

Can Subchorionic Hematoma Come Back?

It is unlikely that a subchorionic hematoma will recur during the same pregnancy if the initial hematoma has resolved and healed. Even so, it’s not an impossibility. The likelihood of a second hematoma developing depends on several factors, including the initial hematoma’s size, its location, and the underlying cause (if known).

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Pregnant women should keep up with their prenatal appointments and discuss any worries or symptoms they may be experiencing with their healthcare provider. They will be able to monitor your and the baby’s health, give you tailored advice, and suggest any interventions or treatments you might need to have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Stay Healthy During Pregnancy: Important Tips

healthy pregnancy tips
Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

Staying healthy during pregnancy is vital for the mother and the developing baby. Here are some essential tips to help maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout your pregnancy:

  1. Prenatal care: Regular prenatal visits with a healthcare provider are essential to monitoring your and your baby’s health. These appointments can help identify potential health concerns early and ensure you receive the necessary care and support.

  2. Balanced diet: Consume fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Eat iron, calcium, folic acid, and omega-3 fatty acid-rich foods. Create a pregnancy diet plan with a doctor or dietitian.

  3. Prenatal vitamins: Take prenatal vitamins as your healthcare provider recommends to ensure you get all the necessary nutrients, especially folic acid, which is crucial during the first trimester to reduce the risk of neural tube defects.

  4. Exercise: Your doctor recommends moderate exercise to stay fit and support a healthy pregnancy. Walking, swimming, and prenatal yoga help.

  5. Rest and sleep: Your body needs extra energy to grow your baby, so get enough rest and sleep. Sleep 7-9 hours per night and take short naps if needed.

  6. Manage stress: Managing stress during pregnancy is crucial. Try deep breathing, meditation, or prenatal yoga. Ask friends, family, or a counselor for help.

  7. Avoid harmful substances: If you’re expecting a child, it’s best not to indulge in unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, or using drugs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered some commonly asked questions. Find your queries here.

What should I avoid with a subchorionic hematoma?

Bed rest and staying in bed may be recommended if the hematomas are particularly large.

  • Don’t stay on your feet for too long.
  • Stay away from sex.
  • Put off working out.

What triggers subchorionic hemorrhage?

Subchorionic hemorrhage occurs when blood leaks through the membranes surrounding the embryo in the uterus. The partial separation of the chorion membranes from the uterine wall is thought to be the underlying cause.

What is the solution for subchorionic hematoma?

Most cases of subchorionic hemorrhage resolve on their own. There is currently no known cure. Maintaining regular contact with a healthcare provider allows for closer health monitoring. Getting plenty of sleep and avoiding strenuous activities might be helpful.

How long can a subchorionic hematoma last?

In most cases, a subchorionic hematoma will not result in a miscarriage, even if it bleeds intermittently throughout the first trimester. By the second trimester, they have usually passed.

Can subchorionic hemorrhage harm a baby?

A subchorionic hematoma (SCH) during pregnancy has been linked to an increased risk of unfavorable outcomes for the pregnancy.

What can worsen subchorionic hemorrhage?

Most of the time, we can’t figure out what caused a subchorionic clot. In rare cases, there may be a deeper cause, such as a problem with the mother’s blood clotting, a history of trauma, severe hypertension or early-onset preeclampsia in the mother, or the mother’s use of drugs that speed up the heart rate, such as cocaine or amphetamines.

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Final Verdict

A nutrient-rich diet can promote healing and well-being during pregnancy, mainly when dealing with a subchorionic hemorrhage. Expectant mothers can support blood vessel strength and foster healing by incorporating essential vitamins and minerals, such as iron, vitamin C, and bioflavonoids.

It is vital to consult with a healthcare provider before making any dietary changes or taking supplements, as they can offer personalized guidance tailored to your specific needs. Prioritizing a balanced diet, staying hydrated, and following your healthcare provider’s recommendations can contribute to a healthier pregnancy and aid in the recovery from a subchorionic hemorrhage.

Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only and does not replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. This information is not comprehensive and should not be used to make health or well-being decisions. Consult a qualified healthcare professional with questions about a medical condition, treatment options, or health regimen. This website or the content should never replace professional medical advice.

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