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Cold War Zombies Maps: List of Top 5 Best Maps

Cold War Zombies Maps

Navigating the treacherous terrain of Cold War Zombies maps can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned Call of Duty enthusiasts. With multiple offerings that vary in complexity, atmosphere, and challenges, players often find themselves questioning which battlegrounds provide the ultimate undead-slaying experience.

Ever find yourself wondering which map will give you that perfect blend of thrill and strategy?.

One intriguing fact about these zombified landscapes is their evolution. From humble beginnings with “Nacht der Untoten,” zombie maps have transformed into intricate worlds rife with secrets and lore.

Their development mirrors both gaming technology advances and player expectations for richer storylines.

By highlighting the top Cold War Zombies maps that receive high praise from fans worldwide, our article aims to lead you through this undead maze. From innovative gameplay to mesmerizing narratives, each chosen arena has made an undeniable impact on what it means to engage in zombie combat within Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Ready for survival tips that could save your next mission? Keep reading!

Overview of Cold War Zombies Maps

Cold War Zombies Maps Guide

The landscape of Cold War Zombies maps unveils a realm where creativity meets chaos, an experience that Call of Duty fans have eagerly dived into. These arenas are not just battlegrounds but storytelling canvases, a testament to the evolution from World at War’s initial undead offerings.

Each map is designed with unique aesthetics and intricate layouts, challenging players to navigate treacherous terrain while uncovering hidden Easter eggs and harnessing powerful wonder weapons.

As part of Black Ops Cold War (BOCW), these environments take on fresh identities by integrating round-based gameplay with objectives—sparking new strategies for survival. They offer diverse atmospheres; from Die Maschine’s nod to Nacht Der Untoten’s eerie presence to Mauer der Toten’s vertical complexities, every map elevates the Zombies mode narrative through detailed easter egg quests and conversations among characters tied inextricably to the game’s lore.

The innovative Outbreak mode even shifts paradigms further, morphing traditional wave defense into an objective-focused escapade across larger open landscapes—a daring step away from conventional corridors and cramped quarters that pays homage yet pushes boundaries within the zombie genre. Additionally, you can read on how to remove mobile lag on Call of Duty 

Top 5 Cold War Zombies Maps

[Video Credit: @Doughnuts]

Cold War Zombies has some great maps to play. Here’s a look at the top five that fans love.

Map Name Key Features
Forsaken Introduces Forsaken entity, Chrysalax weapon.
Die Maschine Mix of old and new, Nacht der Untoten setting.
Mauer der Toten Vertical design, CRBR-S weapon, Claus the robot.
Firebase Z Set in Vietnam, saves Samantha, RAI-K84 weapon.
Outbreak Roam large areas, complete missions, and unique play.
  • Forsaken: Black Ops Cold War

  • This map brings in the powerful Forsaken entity and offers players the Chrysalax wonder weapon.
  • It earns its spot for giving gamers strong weapons and a thrilling end to their zombie battles.

Die Maschine: Black Ops Cold War

  • Die Maschine mixes old and new, with Nacht der Untoten placed above an underground lab.
  • Players enjoy it for its familiar feel and fresh twists, making it a must-play map.

Mauer der Toten: Black Ops Cold War

  • Mauer der Toten goes high with buildings to climb and fight zombies in.
  • Its vertical design stands out, and the CRBR-S wonder weapon alongside Claus the robot adds fun to the fight.

Firebase Z: Black Ops Cold War

  • Set in Vietnam, Firebase Z tasks players with saving Samantha while battling new enemies.
  • The RAI-K84 wonder weapon is a highlight here, keeping gamers coming back for more action.

Outbreak: Black Ops Cold War

  • Outbreak changes things up by letting players roam large areas and complete missions instead of just surviving.
  • Its difference from traditional maps makes it special, offering a new kind of zombie adventure.

Forsaken: Black Ops Cold War

Forsaken is one of the top Cold War zombie maps, featuring a hauntingly atmospheric setting in Delphi, Greece. Players are drawn into an unfolding mystery and face challenging undead hordes as they navigate through ancient ruins.

To find out why this map deserves its spot on the list, keep reading for a detailed description and analysis of what makes Forsaken stand out from the rest. So buckle up and let’s delve into the world of Cold War zombies!

Features and Description (Forsaken)

Forsaken takes you on a wild ride in the zombie universe. This map stands out with its thrilling new enemy, the Forsaken. You’ll need to be quick and smart to fight this powerful creature.

The space is filled with cool spots to explore and dangers to face. Players get their hands on an amazing weapon called the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon. It’s not just for show; this tool can really turn the tides into a tough fight.

The map brings fresh challenges that both old fans and new players will enjoy. You’ll find yourself moving through different areas, from creepy corridors to open spaces where anything can happen.

And let’s not forget about all the secrets hidden around—they’re waiting for clever players to uncover them!

Why It Makes the List (forsaken)

Forsaken is a hit because it brings fresh excitement to Cold War zombies. Players meet the Forsaken entity, which adds a cool twist to the game. You get to play with new weapons like the Chrysalax wonder weapon, too.

Fans love this map for its action and new challenges.

This map stands out with its story and design. It’s full of surprises that keep players on their toes. Forsaken has lots of space to explore and fight zombies in fun ways. Its unique features earn it a spot among the best maps for zombie fans everywhere!

Die Maschine: Black Ops Cold War

Die Maschine is a popular map in Black Ops Cold War Zombies, featuring a large underground bunker and a variety of undead enemies to battle. With its eerie atmosphere and challenging gameplay, this map provides an exciting experience for players looking for intense zombie action.

To find out why Die Maschine makes the top 5 list of Cold War Zombies maps, keep reading!

Features and Description (Die Maschine)

The Die Maschine map in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War gives players a thrilling experience, combining the classic Nacht der Untoten building with the hidden Projekt Endstation base.

It features an observation tower where players can upgrade weapons and take a break from battling zombies. However, there’s passive damage due to radiation in the tower. The wonder weapon for this map is the Crysalaxe Savager, which serves as both a battle axe and an SMG.

This main map in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War offers an ideal balance for dedicated zombie fans and multiplayer-focused newcomers. Whether playing alone or with friends, it provides fun gameplay with an easy Easter egg guided by the game for most steps.

The well-thought-out layout, wonder weapon availability, straightforward easter egg, and overall playability make Die Maschine one of the best Cold War Zombies maps.

Why It Makes the List (Die Maschine)

Die Maschine makes the list because it redefines the zombie experience with a perfect balance for both die-hard fans and new players. This map also introduces unique enemies and a special weapon called The Death of Orion, making it stand out even more.

Set in an abandoned Group 935 outpost, Die Maschine features an intriguing environment with a shipwrecked freighter, a lighthouse, and an empty coast that adds to the excitement.

Moreover, this map offers The Crysalaxe Savager as its Wonder Weapon—a dual-type weapon functioning as both a battle axe and an SMG. Not only does it offer exciting new gameplay elements like moderate difficulty Easter eggs, but it is also greatly enhanced by the perspective of Leonardo Garcia, an anime enthusiast who brings unique insights to the gaming experience.

Mauer der Toten: Black Ops Cold War

Mauer der Toten is a thrilling addition to the Cold War Zombies Maps, featuring a gritty Berlin setting with a mix of tight corridors and open streets for intense zombie battles. The map also introduces new gameplay mechanics and objectives to keep players on their toes, making it a must-play for fans of the mode.

Are you ready to dive into this action-packed map? Then let’s explore what makes Mauer der Toten one of the best Cold War zombie experiences.

Features and Description (Mauer der Toten)

Mauer der Toten, one of the top Black Ops Cold War Zombies maps, stands out for its vertical layout and engaging gameplay. This map introduces the CRBR-S wonder weapon, which adds a new level of excitement to battles against the undead hordes.

Players also encounter an intriguing addition in the form of robot Claus, providing both challenges and opportunities in their quest for survival.

The unique design of Mauer der Toten offers players an immersive experience as they navigate through various levels while encountering boss zombies that keep them on their toes. The map’s vertical structure presents dynamic challenges, making it a must-try for fans seeking a thrilling and demanding zombie experience.

Why It Makes the List (Mauer der Toten)

Mauer der Toten makes the list of the top Cold War zombie maps for several compelling reasons. Its vertical layout introduces new challenges, encouraging players to adapt their strategies and offering a refreshing change from traditional horde combat.

The CRBR-S wonder weapon further enhances the gameplay experience, providing a powerful tool for surviving against the undead hordes. Additionally, the introduction of the robot Claus adds an intriguing dynamic to gameplay, creating unique interactions that keep players engaged and excited.

Furthermore, Mauer der Toten has garnered positive feedback from players and critics alike due to its immersive design and engaging mechanics. The combination of these elements elevates Mauer der Toten as one of the standout experiences in Cold War Zombies, making it a must-try map for fans of the genre.

Firebase Z: Black Ops Cold War

Firebase Z is another fantastic addition to the Cold War Zombies maps, featuring a wide-open map set in the Ural Mountains. With new features and exciting gameplay, Firebase Z offers a thrilling experience for players looking for an immersive zombie survival challenge.

Interested in learning more about why Firebase Z makes the list? Keep reading!

Features and Description (Firebase Z)

Firebase Z is a captivating post-launch zombie map in Black Ops Cold War, immersing players in the heart of Vietnam. The gameplay encompasses thrilling challenges and introduces the RAI-K84 wonder weapon, enhancing the gaming experience with its unique features.

Samantha’s rescue mission takes center stage in Firebase Z, providing an engaging storyline that captivates players throughout their journey. Additionally, the map offers an intricately designed environment that adds depth to each gaming session, ensuring an immersive and unforgettable experience for all players.

Why It Makes the List (Firebase Z)

Firebase Z earns its spot on the list due to its fresh take on map settings, offering an immersive experience set in a deserted Group 935 Siberian outpost. With intriguing elements like a shipwrecked freighter, a lighthouse, and an empty coast, the map brings captivating visuals that appeal to dedicated zombie fans and newcomers alike.

Additionally, Firebase Z introduces the powerful Wonder Weapon, the RAI-K84, adding excitement for players seeking new armaments to enhance their gameplay.

The balance of appeal in Firebase Z is also notable; it caters both to dedicated Zombies mode enthusiasts and those more inclined towards multiplayer experiences. Amidst various criticisms, such as its average layout and tedious easter egg quest, this map manages to distinguish itself through its unique setting and refreshing visual design, reminiscent of the highly praised IX map from Black Ops 4.

Outbreak: Black Ops Cold War

Outbreak is a large-scale zombie experience set across the Ural Mountains, featuring multiple regions and objectives for players to conquer. With its dynamic open-world gameplay and unique map design, Outbreak offers an exhilarating twist on traditional zombie modes that will keep players on the edge of their seats.

If you’re looking for a new and exciting challenge in Cold War Zombies, Outbreak is definitely worth diving into.

Features and Description (Outbreak)

Outbreak is a unique mode in Cold War Zombies, focusing on completing objectives rather than surviving rounds. This mode introduces new maps and content, offering a departure from the traditional round-based gameplay seen in other maps.

Players will encounter different challenges and dynamics as they work to complete specific tasks in this mode.

This mode is distinctly ranked as the worst map due to its deviation from the classic round-based gameplay, elongated completion times, and perceived lack of novelty when compared to other maps in the game.

Why It Makes the List (outbreak)

Outbreak stands out because it introduces a separate mode with objectives instead of traditional round-based survival. This mode offers new maps and content, giving players a refreshing experience beyond the usual zombie gameplay.

Despite being ranked as the least favorite in this article due to its departure from traditional gameplay, Outbreak brings innovation and variety to the Cold War Zombies experience.

Moving on to our next top Cold War Zombies map.

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Honorable Mentions

While the top 5 Cold War Zombies maps are undoubtedly impressive, there are several other noteworthy maps that have also left their mark on the game. Keep reading to discover some of these exciting honorable mentions and why they deserve recognition!

Ascension: Black Ops

When “Ascension” was introduced in Black Ops, it brought with it new perks like Stamin-Up and PhD Flopper. This map also marked the first appearance of a free Perk Bottle drop during the Space Monkey round.

“Ascension” added an exciting layer of challenge and strategy for players to navigate.

With the addition of innovative perks and gameplay elements, “Ascension” in Black Ops provided a fresh and engaging experience for fans of the Zombies mode. The inclusion of Stamin-Up and Ph.D. Flopper altered how players approached their strategies, making this map a significant milestone in the evolution of the Cold War Zombies series.

Zombies in Spaceland: Infinite Warfare

Zombies in Spaceland in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is a beloved classic known for its unique features. The map has a retro theme park setting with numerous attractions and Easter eggs to discover.

What makes it stand out is the cameo appearance by actor David Hasselhoff, which adds an extra layer of entertainment. This map also offers various challenges, tasks, and hidden secrets for players to uncover while battling hordes of zombies.

Overall, Zombies in Spaceland provides an immersive experience with its distinctive setting and gameplay elements that set it apart from other zombie maps.

Moon: Black Ops

Moon is the final DLC map in the original Black Ops Zombies storyline. It’s set on a top-secret lunar outpost with low gravity, giving players a unique gaming experience. One of its highlights is the Zap Gun Wonder Weapon, which has become a fan favorite among the zombie community.

Moon offers an exciting setting and gameplay that keep players engaged until their last breath.

Kino Der Toten: Black Ops

Kino Der Toten, featured in Black Ops, is set in Group 935’s Kino Facility, located within an abandoned German theater. The map provides a friendly introduction for beginners and offers endless replay opportunities.

In addition to traditional gameplay elements, it introduces innovative components such as crawler zombies and the fire pit trap. Kino Der Toten holds its ground as a classic favorite among players due to its engaging setting and unique features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now here are some common FAQs on Cold War Zombies Maps.

Which zombie map is hardest?

Ranking the toughest in Call of Duty, the top 3 challenging Zombies maps include Nacht Der Untoten, Shangri-La, and Verruckt, each offering formidable obstacles for players seeking intense undead battles.

Is Cold War Zombies free?

You can play the mode for free on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, and PC. Zombies is a co-op mode in Black Ops Cold War, so it’s best enjoyed with friends.

Are all Cold War zombie maps free?

Yes, they’re all part of the base game. You get access to all zombie maps and modes without any extra cost.


In conclusion, ranking the top 5 Cold War Zombies maps provided a comprehensive analysis of each map’s unique features and playability. The article delved into the background and storyline of each map, offering insights into wonder weapons, easter egg quests, and boss battles.

It also highlighted the history of Call of Duty Zombies mode, dating back to 2008’s Call of Duty: World at War. Stressing practicality and efficiency, it encouraged readers to explore diverse content beyond the title’s focus, including popular cosplays, horror movies, sci-fi movies, and video games.

Finally, embracing a motivational tone toward continued exploration and engagement with the topic ensured that readers were left inspired to delve deeper into this captivating world.

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