Best Voodoo Movies of All Times

Voodoo Movies are synonyms of horror and terrifying characters. They are a bit scary and have their level but not everyone will go to them. Voodoo Movies.

Also, it is possible to say that watching Voodoo Films is no more than visiting the woods at night and playing with devils.

This article makes it easy to access all Voodoo movies in one place with distinctive reviews.

The Princess and the Frog (2009):

In the course of discussing the Voodoo Films, Tina (Anika Noni Rose) is dedicated and ambitious and dreams of opening the most prestigious eatery in New Orleans.

The dream gets destroyed when he encounters Prince Naveen (Bruno Campos) who has been transformed into an amoeba the evil Dr. Falier. He made a mistake in the eyes of the princess and looking to break the spell Naveen was able to kiss the poor Tiana to transform her into a Frog.

The two also embark on a saga through the valley to seek out the assistance of a powerful priestess of Voodoo.

Angel Heart (1987):

The street name is”Mr. Bug. Kanga can be linked to the global menace of self-made heroin in a variety of areas.

While Bond is trying to unravel Mastermind’s scheme, he comes across Solitaire (Jane Seymour) the gorgeous tarot reader that is the key to the mastermind.

Child’s Play (1988):

Voodoo Movies, Mike Norris (Chris Sarandon) killed the murderer Charles Lee Ray (Bradford). He employed black magic to convert his soul to the form of a doll, which is known as a mill.

The mill is responsible for the death of Andy’s son Betty Andy discovers his doll alive. He attempts to warn others but she’s taken to an institution.

To prevent Andy Chucky from becoming one of the victims, Karen is now trying to persuade the agent to shoot the doll. This Movie is among the top Voodoo Films of all time.

Voodoo Dawn (1990):

Voodoo Movies, A group of migrant Haitian farmworkers fights an ordained priest from the Haitian Voodoo Priest who attempts to kill them. He also uses their bodies to create an army of zombies.

White Zombie (1932):

Voodoo Movies, In the context of the Voodoo Movies Murder Legendary (Bella Logos), is Haiti’s designated zombie master. He’s the one to call when the task is handed over to Beaumont (Robert Fraser) for assistance in a bizarre project.

In love with Madeleine Short (Madge Bellamy), Beaumont has decided on the simplest solution to Kill Short and then bring her back in the form of a zombie.

Then, she’s his for the rest of his life. The only problem is that the famous fetch holds the girl to herself – and her spouse (John Heron) is there to help Madeleine.

I Walked with a Zombie (1943):

In the realm of Voodoo Films, I wandered with a zombie an amazing film. Canadian Nurse Betsy Connell (Francis D.) was employed to provide care for Jessica Holland (Christine Gordon) who was a woman suffering from an unnatural Caribbean sugar plantation.

In her search for answers, Betsy has been drawn to the dark culture of the island with its dark culture of Voodoo as well as zombies. and has come to expose the Dutch family’s shocking secrets.

The House on Skull Mountain (1974):

Just before her death, Voodoo queen Pauline Christoph (Mary J. Ted McKenzie) instructs her butler (Jane Durand) to send her a few letters to her voodoo film.

Many recipients are aware that they are part of Christoph and are asked to go up to Skill Mountain in Georgia to examine his will.

Not able to leave their homes and be alone, survivors are afraid to join forces.

Sugar Hill (1974):

The nightclub’s manager Langston (Larry Johnson) of the nightclub Langston (Larry. Johnson) refused to sell his business to the Mob boss local to the area Morgan (Robert Connery) The owner was then beaten by thugs while on the job.

The grieving fiancee of Diana “Sugar” Hill (Marquee B) promised to take revenge for her husband’s murder and looked to her grandmother, Walk Mama Maitrisi (Zara Kelly).

Together, they stop an evil spirit called Baron Smydy (Don Pedro Cole) who is willing to assist Sugar. They gathered an army of zombies and were assigned the assassins of Langston.

Needle (2010):

The story is about an undergraduate student who was between 22 and 23. He acquired an 18th-century device that was incredibly destructive.

If it disappears suddenly, and the students begin to die, the pupil and his friend can catch the culprit before the majority of people are killed.

Voodoo Possession (2014):

Voodoo Movies, In discussing the Voodoo Films, imagine the proud devil that feeds on blood is a symbiosis of pain and afflicts the living beyond the grave for believers as well as skeptical people, within this world or beyond. There is no way to stop voodoo’s endless evil occupation.

Awed by a sense of bravery since childhood, the miserable Eden Chase travels to a wild Haitian refugee to search for their missing brothers. When he arrives, he discovers the entire prison population as well as the hospital’s chief (Danny Trejo ) McKitty) meets a powerful Voodoo spirit.

In the present, Eden must abandon the truth and enter into the world of a demon to save his brother, or else, both will be forever punished.

Jessabelle (2014):

Voodoo Movies, In her return to her childhood home in Louisiana to recuperate from a terrible car crash, Jessabelle is confronted with an exhausting process to recover – and she is determined to stay. of leaving.

The Plague of the Zombies (1966):

A mysterious disease within a small town in Cornwall is causing the deaths of young workers. The doctor. Thompson is helpless and seeks assistance from Prof. James Forbes.

His daughter and the professor, Sylvia Thompson, travel. Strange things happen fast and beyond imagination.

Professor Forbes believes that there is a black magic element and that one person has an extraordinary ability. He isn’t sure how near he is. The dead are revived because of the magic ritual, therefore he must serve as a smart zombie.

In the world of voodoo, death mysteries play an important part in attracting audiences.

Venom (2005):

Ray (Rick Kramer) the proprietor of the gas station, helps an old priest of voodoo stuck in a car wreck.

Ray transforms into a gruesome zombie who terrorizes and kills several teens including his son Sean (D.J. Cotrona) who walks across his way.

With the aid and charisma of the priests of Voodoo, Shaan, and their companions fight for their lives as they are pursued by bio.

Voodoo Black Exorcist (1974):

Galindo is a long-dormant and strong Caribbean pastor of voodoo who was able to survive like a buffalo hero aboard a luxurious South Sea liner and proceeded to make passengers scream.

Gatinbo was responsible for the murder of many people and would return to his slim friendly state, as well as the ruthless Sylvia who brings back memories of Kenya’s previous flame.

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