Top 5 Open-World Games That Will Make You Want to Explore

Open-world games are among the most popular because they allow players to explore freely at their own speed and pick their own experience. However, when even the largest open-world environments are packed with place markers, exploration can feel forced, as if players are ticking off a list of tasks.

This list, on the other hand, includes open-world games that have mastered free roaming, making exploring feel natural and gratifying for the players. A blank mini-map has been used to do this, but the physical world itself must be fleshed out with unique adventures and rewards potentially lurking around every corner. These are the most satisfying open-world games for exploration.

1. Elden Ring

Winner of the Game of the Year Elden Ring is unquestionably the pinnacle of natural and gratifying exploration. It accomplishes this in a variety of ways that all contribute to one of the best gaming experiences available. To begin, the map in Elden Ring is concealed until players discover map fragments; nevertheless, even with these, players will not receive markers for anything until they discover it. Despite the lack of map markers or broad objectives, players seeking to get back on track can follow the Golden Path, which leads to the main bosses via a series of Sites of Grace. This assists exploration in striking a good balance.

Another way Elden Ring exploration seems gratifying is because just by seeing some glowing stuff up above, players know there must be a route up, even if they have no idea how. Elden Ring’s biggest asset for exploration, though, is the way the environment is laid out, with surprises waiting everywhere, even if they aren’t spotted from certain angles. Elden Ring also avoids fostering a fear of losing out in players because there is simply too much to do and players can always return in New Game+.

2. The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Breath of the Wild is widely regarded as a work of art in game design, and it established the benchmark for how natural exploration should function in open-world games. The exploring in Breath of the Wild is so fantastic that it is one of the open-world games that can turn any brain off while playing.

Aside from the beauty of Hyrule, which is replete with plateaus and fascinating mountains to scale, the joys of roaming in Breath of the Wild include the freedom to do anything players want and stumbling onto the rewards when they least expect it. Many players would say that being lost in the mountains was one of their favorite game experiences.

3. Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds is a humorous open-world game that players should strive to enter blindly, as learning all of the game’s mysteries is a prize in and of itself. Players will find themselves in a bizarre and ever-changing solar system caught in an apparent infinite time loop. The environments and mechanics are unlike anything gamers have seen before, and unraveling the riddles demands players to think outside the box.

Outer Wilds’ exploration and amazement at the unknown is so excellent that many gamers wish they could wipe their memory and start afresh. The game is quite thought-provoking, with an ethereal beauty to it.

4. Valheim

Valheim is a game about exploration by nature, and the fact that the globe is produced randomly at the start means that even veteran players can enjoy playing on new map seeds. When players arrive in Midgard, they will find a completely blank map that can only be revealed by running or sailing about, or by constructing a Cartography Table, which allows players to share their map explorations with friends.

Aside from the lack of map markers, other than those created by players, the main factor that makes exploration rewarding is discovering the many biomes within Valheim, each of which presents its own obstacles and eventual rewards. Nothing beats setting out with companions and finding into the ideal place for a base with all the necessary biomes nearby. Similarly, every new resource discovered opens up new crafting possibilities, and playing blind makes this exploration even more exciting. Valheim’s appealing art style also contributes to the game’s enjoyable exploration.

5. Subnautica

Subnautica is one of the few open-world games that takes place underwater, making the adventure instantly unique and interesting for new players. After crash landing on a distant planet, players must strive to survive in the eerie depths while controlling their oxygen levels and evading Subnautica’s most terrifying animals.

In contrast to the other games on this list, players will want to plan out their investigations more carefully because things can get pretty deadly. Successful explorers, on the other hand, will be tremendously happy with the secrets they discover lying underneath. One of the finest benefits for exploring is the knowledge that players organically gain and may then apply to future dives.

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