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When will be Prison School Season 2 Renewed or Canceled?

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Prison School season 2 was created at J. C. Staff Studios, which is where the animation was produced. This studio produced Toradora, Food Wars, DanMachi, and One Punch Man. Mizushima Tsutomu created “Kangoku Gakuen,” a popular Japanese animated series based on manga. 

He also created Another and Shirobako. First broadcast in the summer of 2015, there were 12 episodes. In July, TV Tokyo broadcast the program. It lasted from 11 July to 26 September. Outside of Tokyo, the story takes place at Hachimitsu Private Academy. These schools are recognized for their high academic requirements and severe discipline.

Things may change as a result of forthcoming reforms, but they may not. The institution previously accepted solely female students but now also accepts male students. In the beginning, only five lads existed. All of us: Kiyoshi, Gakuto, Shingo, Andre, and Jo!

Prison School Season 2 Renewal Status

First things first, the J.C. staff studio has not yet announced any renewal or cancellation information. Currently, the status is pending. Given the show’s success and the fact that there are still many stories to tell, the possibility of Prison School season 2 is powerful. The Prison School season 1 concluded in September 2015 but did not cover every aspect of the manga. In addition, the 28th chapter was released on April 6, 2018. Hence, there is a tale to be told, but after seven years, one must question whether J.C.Staff abandoned the project.

When the director of Prison School and SHIROBAKO, Tsutomu Mizushima, was contacted on Twitter by the author of mystery movies and horror novels Naoyuki Uchida about a second season, he responded: “Thanks for watching consistently since SHIROBAKO! I am unaware of the Prison School season 2. I want to do it, but… (face with embarrassment emoji)” This discussion took place in 2015, so much may have changed since then.

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Production Updates

A short glance at the studio’s most recent releases will reveal its whole history. In the past four years, the animation business has not worked on any long-term projects. About all of the anime produced by the studio had only one season of split-cour anime. If these numbers are accurate, it would be difficult to renew Prison School Season 2. Yet, there have been rare instances in which anime has had a resurgence in popularity.

More than four seasons of anime are similar to Is It Bad to Attempt to Pick Up Girls in Dungeons. Food Wars continued for up to four consecutive seasons. Hence, this sequel is possible if all other conditions are met.

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Prison School Season 2 Quick Info


Prison School

No. of Seasons:


No Of Episode:

12 (season 1)



Script Writer: 

Akira Hiramoto


Tsutomu Mizushima


Manga, Seinen, Anime, Comedy

Voiced by:

Hiroshi kamiya, Katsuyuki Konishi, Kenichi Shuzumura


J.C. Staff Studio


Kōtarō Nakagawa

Country of Origin:


Origin Language: 


Available Languages: 

Japanese, English

Next Season Release Date:

Not Yet Confirmed

Available On:


Prison School Season 2 Release Date

Initially, it was reported that Prison School season 2 was in the works, but as of now, there is no news to offer. In this sense, “nothing” refers to the absence of any cancellations. Due to the absence of an official word from the team, the competition will proceed as planned. To put things into perspective, we might assume that the creators of the series have not abandoned the project yet.

The series has always had a strong fan base, and the release of a new edition will only serve to grow that fan base. In order to make an informed decision regarding the production of a sequel, it is necessary to take into account the original source material, the popularity of the anime, and its sales.

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Prison School Season 2 Plot

The plot of Prison School centres on an occurrence at the all-girls high school “Hachimitsu Private Academy.” The institution has a reputation for educational excellence and strict discipline. Kiyoshi Fujino, Takehito Gakuton Morokuzu, Shingo Wakamoto, Jouji Joe Nezu, and Reiji Andre Andou, five young boys, were accepted for the first time to an all-girls school. Yet the young men were unaware that this school was an all-female institution. Nevertheless, upon admission to the university, Kiyoshi realizes that he and his friends are the only males in an all-female institution.

Later, the young men are caught engaging in voyeurism in the school’s washing area, which leaves them with two options: either they are expelled from the university, or they are sentenced to one month in high school prison, where they will remain under the supervision of the Underground Student Council. Kiyoshi is distraught when he discovers that every of his buddies is a masochist and enjoys the punishments inflicted upon them by their handsome but brutal bosses.

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Prison School Season 2 Cast and Characters

Prison School Season 2 Cast

Prison School season 2 would still be about the school and the people who go there. There’s a chance that the story will include some new characters. Characters list:


Japanese Voice Actor

Kiyoshi Fujino

Hiroshi Kamiya

Jōji “Joe “Nezu

Daisuke Namikawa

Takehito „Gakuto“ Morokuzu

Katsuyuki Konishi

Shingo Wakamoto

Ken’ichi Suzumura

Reiji „André“ Andō

Kazuyuki Okitsu

Meiko Shiraki

Shizuka Itō

Mari Kurihara

Sayaka Ōhara

Chiyo Kurihara

Chinami Hashimoto

Hana Midorigawa

Kana Hanazawa

Prison School Season 2 Trailer Updates

You are now aware of all the facts and our opinions regarding Prison School Season 2, so you have likely deduced that there is no trailer for the second season of Prison School. Because we do not know if there will be a Prison School season 2 of the show, it is possible that a trailer may not be released. Yet, based on the available data, the future is not entirely apparent.

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What is Going to Happen in the New Season?

In the Prison School season 2, the plot takes an unexpected turn, resulting in the conviction of many teachers for crimes such as using boys as human shields and inventing strategies to expel pupils from the institution. During the ensuing weeks, the youngsters will become familiar with their new professors and coaches. Risa, Kate, and Mitsuko are only a few examples, to name a.

Kate, who was Mari’s adversary in middle school, relished in humiliating and shaming her classmates, which she did with gusto. Mari was a victim of hers. But, after witnessing the horrific torture their superiors were subjected to, the warriors vowed to either aid their superiors in fleeing or devise a way to rescue them from their current predicament on their own.

Prison School Season 2 Source of Material

The plot of the first nine volumes of the manga was followed by the anime’s Prison School season 1. In contrast, the author has thus far written 28 volumes in this series, containing a total of 277 chapters. So, J.C. Staff Studio must produce about 200 chapters for Prison School season 2. With that much source material, they can even create two or three more anime seasons if they so choose. The presence of so many unadapted chapters bodes well for the future of the anime.

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Prison School Season 1 Ending Explained

Conclusions are crucial for anime because they allow for sequels. Just rewrite the conclusion of Prison School. Hence, the pupils were deemed innocent and released from prison. In contrast, the Underground Student Council was incarcerated due to their abuse of the lads.

As a result, the lads began their new lives in school, while the underground council was punished for their actions. I believe that the finale is one of the primary reasons why the anime has not been renewed for a Prison School season 2. The series had what I refer to as a “Closure.” Simply expressed, a considerable number of viewers were delighted with the first season’s conclusion. As many are unaware that the story continues, they do not request a sequel.

They assert that the anime has concluded. If a sequel is never made, it may be because there was nothing to anticipate in the next season. Obviously, you can wish for more, but the story concluded when the guys were liberated from the general public. They then continued their high school careers. This assumption is also reasonable. Consequently, if Prison School season 2 is approaching, the first season’s conclusion does not complement it strongly.

Prison School Ratings And Reviews

So let’s determine if ‘Critical Acclaim’ is a barrier for the Prison School season 2. If just fans desire a sequel, the authors will not make a decision. In order for them to be more hopeful about the series, there must be widespread audience approval.

How therefore can we determine if a series is popular with the wider public? The correct response is “A Planetary Survey.” But that would be costly, so let’s just examine the ratings.









Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Prison School Season 2

Where to Watch Prison School Season 2?

As expected, there is no way to view Prison School season 2, as no season two is available to watch. The best anime-related websites on the Internet, Funimation and Crunchyroll, aired the first season globally. Therefore it is safe to anticipate that Prison School season 2 will also be streamed via Funimation and Crunchyroll.

Is English Dubbing Available?

Funimation and AnimeLab host the English dub of Prison School season 1, while Hulu and Crunchyroll host the Japanese version with English subtitles.

Is Prison School Canceled?

Even though the anime series has gained worldwide fame and received numerous excellent reviews, Prison School season 2 has not yet been announced. Nonetheless, it has not been canceled.

Does Hana like Kiyoshi?

She is the subordinate and faithful friend of USC president Mari Kurihara, and she has an unrequited crush on Kiyoshi Fujino.

Is there romance in Prison School anime?

Apparently, Kiyoshi and Hana develop a love attraction, but for Kiyoshi, it becomes a sexual attraction. This, he has confirmed, is due to the tremendous tension on each occasion since he was going to kiss her, but this time of his own volition.

Is Prison School worth watching?

Prison School is a type of anime that strives far too hard to be edgy and bizarre. Nevertheless, this time it works. Because the tale is engaging (despite the strange concept, the series remains consistent with its disregard for logic) and the characters are well-developed.



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