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Millionaire Couple Pose as Motel Workers to Get Covid Vaccine

A casino CEO and his wife are facing charges in western Canada as they have been posing as local motel workers so they could receive the Coronavirus vaccine, CNN reports.

According to court documents, Rodney Baker (55), and Ekaterina Baker (32) were charged under Yukon’s Civil Emergency Measures Act.

Yukon Community Services Minister John Streicker said the couple showed up at a mobile clinic last Thursday in Beaver Creek and they received the Coronavirus vaccine there. The couple live in Vancouver.

The charges they face are not for getting the vaccine under fraudulent circumstances. They failed to follow quarantine requirements after arriving in Yukon territory.

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The Bakers allegedly traveled from Vancouver to Whitehorse on January 19. therefore, they should have follow Coronavirus protocol to self-isolate there for 14 days.

But instead, they chartered a plane on January 21 and flew 200 miles to Beaver Creek and identified themselves as motel workers, and got the shots. They raised suspicions by asking for a ride to the airport, Streicker told CNN news partner CBC.

The Bakers were each charged with failure to self-isolate for 14 days upon entry into the territory. Also, they were charged for failure to behave in a manner consistent with the declaration provided upon entry into the territory.

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