How to Watch Sports Online for Free?

Whether you love the thrill of watching top players fight for the final win, or you’re just there for the drama and entertainment, watching sports is a great way to relax and unwind after a long and grilling week at work.

However, the downside to being a sports fan is that specific sports channels are blocked in certain countries of the world, so if you’re traveling, you might have to miss a couple of matches just because of geo-blocking.

There is, however, one good news; you can watch your favorite teams play from almost anywhere in the world if you choose to stream sport online. The downside to this is that streaming services keep going up, and a single high-quality sports streaming service these days could cost more than $100 monthly.

But, of course, that doesn’t mean you have to let go of the one mode of entertainment you genuinely enjoy. There are several ways you can enjoy sports for free online, and in this blog, we’re going to talk about some of them.

Watch sports online for free

A common misconception is that streaming sports online involves signing up for shady websites and downloading tools and files that could very well be malicious malware meant to attack your privacy and data.

There are free resources that are open to the citizens of the United States that can be used to access sports matches for free. However, if you live outside of the United States, you can always subscribe to a USA VPN to access the same resources by spoofing your location to the United States.

Now that we have that out the way let’s explore these methods!

Keep your focus on the highlights

Now, things would have been easier had there been just a couple of sports, teams, channels, and platforms to choose from—but our world is a lot more colorful than that. With so many options available, it can be time-consuming to watch every single time.

If you don’t want to invest that much time in just consuming sports and matches, a great idea is to stick to the highlights and highlight plays. If you’re going to try this out, offers users access to free highlights that cover most of the important bits and moments of the entire game.

ESPN is also not the only network to offer free highlights; other major sports networks, including FOX Sports, CBS Sports, and NBC Sports, also upload prompt highlights for free. Also, even if you’re a couple late, you’ll still be able to catch these on YouTube.

Avail free trials

Granted that most major sports networks require you to have a paid account and valid credentials to access high-quality live streaming, but there are other networks like FuboTV and Disney+ that will also let their users enjoy a free trial period.

Even though this isn’t a long-term solution, it will let you catch important games for free and help you decide if the network is worth subscribing to. We think this could be a win-win situation!

Be careful with free live streaming

Here’s a truth bomb; nothing is really for free. Not the FREE cookie that came with your chocolate box, and not the live streaming services that are being offered online­—there is always a catch.

And of the nastiest catches when it comes to free streaming websites is that the sites are laden with hackers and cybercriminals that are using the sites as bait and are waiting for a chance to get into your data.

When you’re looking to stream from one of these free websites, it’s essential to take proper security measures. These could include using a spare computer that doesn’t have a bank account logged in to or using a VPN to ensure that you’re anonymous online.

Once you’ve done that, you can use platforms like 123TV, VIPLeague, and SportSurge to stream games.

Try watching sports for LESS instead of free

Instead of trying to watch sports for free, a better option is to get to watch the games for less. There are many low-cost streaming services that you can subscribe to in order to catch all your games.

Starting with SlingTV, this service offers ESPN, FOX Sports, and the NFL Network for around $35—which sounds like a great deal! The platform also includes bundles where you can add other channels, for example, their Sports bundle, which will cost you an extra $15.

Another option is DAZN. This one costs a solid $99.99 billed annually but gives users a chance to enjoy a larger pool of sports and games and even includes documentaries. The platform also lets users bypass the pay-per-view costs, and gives them access to smaller sports channels as well.

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