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Astrocartography Chart – 5 Easy Steps to Discover Your Astrocartography Map

Would you like to learn about astrocartography charts? It’s complex; you must explore a few other things to learn perfectly about them. But why do you need astrocartography charts?

They are a fascinating tool that combines astrology and geography to show how the planets at the time of your birth influence different places on Earth. By looking at these charts, you can discover how specific locations may affect your life, relationships, and personal development.

If you think it’s getting exciting, keep reading until the end.

What Is Astrocartography?

Astrocartography is mapping your astrological chart onto the Earth’s surface. Unlike traditional astrology, which is based solely on your birth date, astrocartography considers the planetary positions and their impact on different locations on Earth. It explores how the celestial bodies, such as planets and stars, influence your energy, particularly about where you live or visit.

At the core of astrocartography is the natal chart, essentially a snapshot of the sky at the time of your birth. This chart captures the planetary placements and their configurations, which imprint upon you the moment you take your first breath. According to astrologer Bonita Oliver, these energies shape the trajectory of your life, although you still retain free will and individuality. Astrocartography focuses on understanding how to harness and navigate the energies bestowed upon you.

In practical terms, astrocartography examines the impact of the planetary lines from your natal chart on your life and well-being. It considers how the planetary positions affect you in different places worldwide. While your birthplace holds significance, astrocartography expands its analysis to encompass the entire globe, considering the planetary placements at various locations.

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By mapping your astrological chart onto different regions, astrocartography reveals the potential influences and energies you may experience in those areas. It helps identify favorable or challenging living, working, or traveling locations. Astrocartography offers insights into how the planetary lines intersect with specific places, shedding light on the unique energetic dynamics that might unfold in each location.

What Is Astrocartography Chart

astrology chart

An astrocartography chart, also known as a relocation chart, is a specialized astrology chart that maps out the placement of celestial bodies, such as planets and stars, over different locations on Earth. It considers the specific geographical coordinates of a person’s birthplace and analyzes how the planetary energies manifest in various regions.

The astrocartography chart provides insights into how the planetary lines intersect with different parts of the world, indicating the potential influence of those energies on an individual’s life in specific locations. By understanding the astrocartography chart, one can gain valuable information about the energetic dynamics, opportunities, challenges, and favorable areas for various aspects of life, such as career, relationships, and personal growth, in different parts of the world.

2 Best AstroCartography Map and Chart Calculator 

Now we’ll suggest you the AstroCartography map And chart calculator. We’ve got 2 options for you; let’s check them. 

1. AstroCartography Astro Map and Free Online Calculator

AstroCartography and Astro Map’s Free Astrology Online Calculator is valuable for exploring astrological influences in various locations. Generating personalized planetary maps provides insights into conjunctions with the Ascendant/Descendant and Midheaven/Imum Coeli, highlighting significant energies in different areas.

The calculator’s optional features, such as other aspects and Parans, add depth to the analysis. The interactive clickable map enhances the user experience, allowing easy exploration of astrological influences in different parts of the world. Whether for travel or relocation decisions, this tool empowers individuals to understand how their birth chart interacts with geographical locations, aiding informed choices.

2. The Local Chart by Astro for You LLC

The Local Chart, provided by Astro for You LLC, holds significant importance for managing and understanding one’s reality based on their current geographical position. This tool becomes particularly crucial for individuals who reside or frequently travel to locations different from their birthplace.

The Local Chart allows users to anticipate and foresee potential events and their consequences in their changed geographical location. The Local Chart effectively supports relocation to influence one’s destiny. By offering insights into the likely events that may unfold after a geographical change, this calculator proves to be an invaluable resource. It empowers individuals to make informed decisions and better understand the astrological influences specific to their current residence or stay.

Want to check the calculator – visit here

How to Read an Astrocartography Chart?

To interpret an astrocartography chart, follow these steps:

  1. Enter your birth date, time, and location into a reliable astrocartography chart calculator, such as Astro Dienst’s tool. This will generate your personalized astrocartography map.
  2. Examine the astrocartography map, which displays numerous lines crossing the globe. A distinct color designates each line and corresponds to a specific planet. These lines represent different astrological energies, some more auspicious than others.
  3. Pay attention to the colors and planets associated with each line on the map. Different colors indicate various planetary influences, while the planet labels signify the celestial body associated with the line.
  4. Consider the proximity of a city or location to a specific line. If a place falls within approximately 500 miles of a line, it is believed to be influenced by the energy associated with that line. The closer the location is to the line, the more potent the influence may be.
  5. Explore the interpretations and characteristics associated with each planet’s line. For example, the Sunline represents self-actualization and personal fulfillment, while the Moon line relates to emotional connections and feelings of home. Understanding the attributes of each planet’s line will provide insights into the potential experiences and energies you may encounter in different regions.
  6. Analyze the interactions between the planetary lines. Lines may sometimes intersect or cross paths, creating additional dynamics and energies at those specific locations. These intersections indicate how different astrological influences may intertwine in specific areas.
  7. Consider your specific intentions and desires when interpreting the astrocartography chart. Determine which planetary lines align with your goals, such as career aspirations, emotional fulfillment, or spiritual growth. Focus on the regions where these lines intersect or are prominent to identify potentially beneficial locations for living, working, or visiting.

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What the Planetary Lines Represent in the Astrography Chart?

Astrocartography readings offer a fascinating way to explore the potential influences of planetary lines on different locations worldwide. By mapping your personal planetary lines from your Natal Chart onto a globe, you can gain insights into the best places to visit, live, or thrive based on your intentions and the planetary aspects involved.

To conduct an astrocartography reading, you’ll need to obtain an Astrocartography chart, which can be generated for free online. Having your exact birth time for accurate results is crucial, as this information is essential in astrology. Remember that interpreting an astrocartography chart requires skill and practice to decipher in-depth information.

Each planetary line on the astrocartography chart represents the influence of a specific planet. Here’s a breakdown of what each planetary line represents:

Sun Line

The Sun line indicates where you are likely to feel self-actualized and fulfilled. It represents an area where you can shine and fully develop your sense of self. This line is generally considered one of the best options, depending on the nature of your Natal Sun.

Moon Line

The Moon line reflects places where you will have emotional ties or engagement. It encompasses a broad spectrum of emotions; overall, it will feel comforting and reminiscent of home. The Moon line is worth considering if you intend to start a family or establish deep emotional connections.

Mercury Line

The Mercury line indicates a place that fosters intellectual stimulation, communication, expression, social activities, creativity, and connections. The Mercury line is significant if you seek a location promoting mental growth, learning, and engaging conversations.

Venus Line

The Venus line represents a place that is special in your heart. It signifies fondness and affection, and being in this location may positively impact your love life or financial situation—especially if Venus is well-placed in your Natal Chart.

Mars Line

The Mars line suggests a place suitable for energy, drive, and ambition. However, it’s important to note that being in this location can also be challenging. It may trigger anger, frustration, inflammation, or even burnout in the long run. Consider your tolerance for intensity before choosing a Mars line.

Jupiter Line

The Jupiter line is often associated with luck, benefits, growth, and expansion. Being in a place along this line can evoke a sense of abundance, hope, wisdom, and overall prosperity. It’s considered an advantageous line, especially for Day Charts.

Saturn Line

The Saturn line typically represents hard work and persistence. While being in this location might feel like a slog, it can ultimately help you build something solid and long-lasting. It supports establishing more robust structures and boundaries, particularly for Day Charts.

Uranus Line

Unpredictability, unexpected circumstances, sudden changes, rebellion, freedom, and authenticity characterize the Uranus line. This line might be intriguing if you seek drastic change, innovation, or adventure. However, be aware that it may also lead to long-term destabilization.

Neptune Line

The Neptune line fosters creativity and spirituality. Being in this location can inspire artistic and musical pursuits and enhance your spiritual practices. However, it’s essential to approach this line with caution, as it can also bring illusions, confusion, and a tendency to see things through rose-tinted glasses.

Pluto Line

The Pluto line represents profound tests and transformations. Being in this location can lead to intense growth, often accompanied by power struggles. It may bring about cataclysmic or catalytic changes, leading to rebirth and personal evolution.

Chiron Line

chiron line

The Chiron line indicates a place that offers healing and nourishment. Symbolized by a key-like glyph, being in this location can bring about a sense of emotional or physical healing. It represents a tender and supportive environment.

North Node Line

The North Node line is associated with soul growth and a sense of destiny or fate in a particular place. It signifies opportunities for personal development and aligning with your higher purpose. It’s represented by a stylized “n” or horseshoe-shaped symbol.

South Node Line

The South Node line is a place to release anything that no longer serves you or past versions of yourself. It may also relate to ancestral or karmic experiences. Symbolized by a stylized “u” or nose ring-shaped glyph, this location allows for the shedding of old patterns and embracing new possibilities.

Astrocartography readings can provide valuable insights into the planetary influences in different geographic locations. However, it’s important to remember that astrology is just one tool for self-exploration and decision-making. The interpretation of an astrocartography chart should be taken as a guide, and personal preferences, practical considerations, and individual experiences should also be considered when deciding where to live, travel, or thrive.

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The 4 Cardinal Points in an Astrocartography Chart and Their Significance

In an astrocartography chart, the four cardinal points play a crucial role in providing insights into various aspects of our lives. These energetic archways serve as important reference points and can offer valuable information for decision-making regarding career choices, relationships, and other life matters.


The Ascendant is a cardinal point representing the point in the horoscope where the Sun shone over the horizon at our birth. It symbolizes our identity, how others perceive us, our physical appearance, and our general behavior. The Ascendant gives valuable insights into who we are at our core and how we project ourselves to the world.


The Nadir is the lowest point in the horoscope and holds significance in understanding our family background and early experiences. It represents the family we were born into and provides insights into how we perceive and experience our family dynamics. While some astrologers associate the Nadir with the mother, it can also offer insights into our connection with our father or parental figures.


The Descendant is the opposite point to the Ascendant and holds significance in our relationships. It represents our partnerships, including spouses, lovers, or business partners. The Descendant provides insights into the relationships we form and the people we tend to attract. It helps us understand our partnership patterns and sheds light on the dynamics we may encounter in our close connections.


The Midheaven is the highest point in the horoscope. It signifies our aspirations and what we strive to become in life. This cardinal point represents our desired career path and the role or position we envision for ourselves. It also offers insights into our social standing, any figures of authority or mentors in our lives, and the overall direction we want to take regarding our professional and public life.

The four cardinal points in an astrocartography chart provide essential information about our self-identity, family background, relationships, and career aspirations. Understanding these points can assist in making informed decisions about various aspects of our lives, allowing us to align our choices with our deeper desires and goals.

Understanding Your Relocation Chart

Your birth chart is not fixed and can change depending on your location. This concept recognizes that different places can evoke different energies within us. For example, you may feel a distinct energy in New York compared to Los Angeles. To explore how your birth chart shifts based on your location, you can utilize Astro-Seek’s relocation chart calculator. By inputting your birth date, time, and location, you can generate a new birth chart that reflects the astrological influences in your current or desired location.

Relocation charts are particularly relevant for individuals who have experienced immigration or identify as third-culture kids, like yourself. They can offer valuable insights into which cities or regions might align better with your overall life path and energy.

In your case, having immigrated at a young age and spending a significant portion of your adulthood in New York, you naturally feel a strong connection to that city. However, by generating a relocation chart for Los Angeles, you can explore the astrological influences present in your current location. This can provide clues and a deeper understanding of whether Los Angeles resonates with your energy similarly or differently than New York.

Tips for Interpreting the Lines on Your Astrocartography Map

When lines intersect or overlap on your astrocartography map, they provide a more intricate and detailed narrative of your life in that particular location.

Living in a place with too many lines can be overwhelming, bringing excessive energy. Even residing directly on a natal line can be intense. To determine the optimal distance from natal lines, refer to a recent blog post that delves into this topic.

But what if there are no lines present? Finding no lines in a specific area suggests that the energy in that place may not be particularly supportive or challenging. Instead, it can serve as a sanctuary of sorts. However, it is advisable to consider traveling or relocating to a location with more supportive planetary lines to reap the benefits fully.

It’s worth noting that astrocartography lines can still impact within a radius of 600 miles, so it is essential to measure the distance even if a line extends into the ocean. Additionally, pay attention to parents and local space lines if no natal lines exist.

5 Easy Steps to Discover Your Astrocartography Map

Below I’m mentioning 5 easy steps to discover your Astrocartography map. 

  1. Familiarize yourself with the meanings of planetary archetypes. Each planet embodies both positive and negative aspects. You can find some essential keywords related to planetary archetypes at the end of this article.
  2. Explore the significance of angles in your astrocartography map. Understanding the implications of angles is essential in deciphering the energies present in different locations. For more details on this topic, continue reading below.
  3. Begin by analyzing your natal chart. Pay attention to the sect of your chart; which planet—Mars or Saturn, for example—is more favorable or unfavorable for you? Identify your happiest planet, whether it’s Jupiter or Venus. Examine the essential dignities and the placements of planets in various houses. Assess the aspects they form with one another. This comprehensive analysis will provide valuable insights into whether a particular line on your astrocartography map will bring positive or challenging experiences.
  4. Take note of Parans and Local Space Lines. These intersections and horizontal lines cross your natal ACG lines, offering additional information about specific cities, regions, and places associated with your natal lines. Utilizing professional astrocartography software like Solar Fire to access paran lines and local space lines is essential.
  5. Analyze your relocated natal chart to understand how different areas of your life are activated in a new location. This will provide insights into the specific aspects of your life that the energy of the new location may influence.

How to Create Your Astrocartography Chart?

To create your astrocartography chart, follow these steps:

  1. Find an app or service that offers astrocartography chart generation. There are free options like Cafe Astrology and more advanced services like that may require payment.
  2. Input your birth information into the chosen app or service. This will include your date, time, and location of birth. After entering the details, the app will generate a basic interpretation and an automatically generated chart. For a more comprehensive analysis, you may consider consulting an expert astrologer.

When interpreting the chart yourself, keep in mind the following tips provided by astrocartography professionals:

  • A locational astrology map displays energetic lines based on the celestial bodies and angular houses at the time of your birth. Moving along these lines will bring the energy of those celestial bodies and points into your life.
  • For example, if you move to a location along your Mars planetary line, you may feel a strong sense of activation and willpower. Such a place would encourage you to take initiative in your life. On the other hand, if you relocate to a location along your Venus line, you might be more inclined towards seduction, romance, and artistic expression.
  • Another approach is to create a chart using your birth information but inputting the city, state, and country of the place where you want to be. This chart will resemble your natal chart with variations, such as a different Ascendant and house placements depending on the distance from your birthplace. The Moon’s position may also vary slightly.
  • Exploring the lines of these points as they extend across the Earth will generate experiences related to specific sectors of your life.

How to Harness a Location’s Energy without Traveling?

If you cannot physically travel to a specific location but still want to harness its energy, there are alternative ways to connect with that place. You can immerse yourself in the culture of the desired location through various means. For example, you can explore that region’s literature, art, and music to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of its essence.

Additionally, you can seek opportunities to engage with people from specific locations. Building relationships with individuals who have ties to that place can provide insights and connections that allow you to tap into the energy associated with it. You can form meaningful connections even if you haven’t physically met someone in their birthplace, as personal experiences and influences can extend beyond geographical boundaries.

Exploring the culinary delights of the region by trying its cuisine, learning the language spoken there, watching movies depicting its culture, and supporting local artisans by purchasing their goods online are all ways to immerse yourself in the energy and essence of a place, even from a distance. By engaging in these activities, you can still connect with the vibrancy and spirit of a location without physically traveling there.

Learning Astrology and Astrocartography

Astrology is a complex field beyond knowing your sun, moon, or rising sign. Our identities are shaped by multiple planets in our natal charts. For instance, our communication (Mercury) may differ significantly from our sun sign. The houses, planetary rulers, and aspects further enrich the story of how the planets interact with each other within our charts.

It is crucial to understand that astrology operates through correlations, not causation. The stars do not dictate our actions or behavior. Astrology serves as a reflection, offering insights into our karmic journey. It is a language, and as we delve into its symbols, glyphs, and lines, we understand its meanings more deeply.

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Reading a complete birth chart can be likened to reading a book about a person’s life, which is why techniques like zodiacal releasing, an ancient Hellenistic timing method, can aid in planning and understanding positive and challenging periods throughout one’s life.

Ultimately, astrology is the language of life. Like any language, proficiency comes with time, dedication, and guidance from experienced astrologers. By working one-on-one with astrologers, reading informative books (one recommendation is mentioned below for beginners), or starting with the fundamentals of planets and aspects, you can gradually develop a solid understanding of astrology.


That is everything about the astrocartography chart. Remember that while astrocartography provides insights and guidance, it is not an absolute predictor of outcomes. Individual experiences and personal factors also shape our interactions with different locations.

So, Use the astrocartography chart as a tool for exploration and decision-making, considering your preferences, practical considerations, and life circumstances.


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