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1 Billion in Rupees in Words: Conversion Method, Value Chart, Solved Examples and FAQs

1 Billion in Rupees in words is equal to 10,000 million. The number 1 billion is a natural number that can be written as 1,000,000,000. The number before 1 billion is 999,999,999, and the number after 1 billion is 1,001,001.

Place values are a way to describe numbers in math. There are two ways to show the place value of a digit in a number. The Indian system and the international system are the two main ones. Place value charts are used to find out how many places a number has. Using positions, you can add to numbers that are written in a general way.

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The order of place values is from right to left. A place value starts with the unit’s place (one place), then goes to tens, hundreds, thousands, and so on. In this short note, we’ll talk about what 1 billion rupees is worth in the Indian place value system. We will also look at the Indian and international place value charts.

What are Indian Rupees?

The official currency of India is the rupee, which can be written as INR. Before, Rs or Re was used to show the Indian Rupee. One Indian rupee, or INR, is made up of 100 paise. But as of 2019, 1 rupee coins are the smallest currency that can be used. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is in charge of the Indian currency. The RBI Act of 1934 tells the RBI what it needs to do to manage the currency.

What is a Billion?

Now that we’ve gone over the first step in figuring out how many millions are in a billion, we can move on to the next step, which is figuring out what a billion is. But before we go any further, can you tell us how many zeroes are in a million? If you got that right, good job! If you don’t know, scroll up a bit to find out.

As we keep counting, we go from 0 to 9, then from 9 to 99, from 99 to 999, and so on. We start getting five-digit, six-digit, and ten-digit numbers, and it keeps going up as we keep counting. A billion is the first and smallest 10-digit number that is made up of a 1 followed by nine zeros.

A billion is a very big number with nine zeros after the 1.
It is also called “a thousand million” because multiplying a thousand by a million gives you a billion. Try it: 1,000 × 1000,000 = ?
Have you heard of the word “gigameter” before? Well, you do now. The “Giga” at the beginning of this word means “billion.” It means that 1 gigameter is the same as 1 billion meters.

An Overview of 1 Billion 

In the International System, one billion INR is equal to 10,000 lakhs, which is a natural number that can be written as 1,000,000,000. Mathematically, the number is defined by its place value, which goes from the unit place to tens, hundreds, thousands, and so on. The number 1 billion comes after 999,999,999 and before 1,000,000,001.

Once upon a time, the word “billion” in British English meant “millions of millions,” or “one billion billion.” But over time, the meaning of this word has changed. It now means “one thousand million” and has been used that way for decades.

Why do You need To Know The Conversion Tricks?

In 2005, I was traveling on the MG Road of Gurgaon with my program manager, who was a Swiss man visiting India for the first time. He was interested to see how much building was going on all over the city. He asked me if someone was going to buy the house. I answered quickly that the buyers buy before the property is even on the market (it was the period of the construction boom in Gurgaon).

When he asked how much an apartment costs, I told him it could be anywhere from 40 Lakhs to 80 Lakhs. He obviously didn’t know about Lakhs and Crores, so I had to give him numbers in Millions, and in US dollars. It took me a while, and I looked like a fool.

I’m sure you’ve been in a similar situation, which is why you’re here.

What is Place Value Chart?

The place value of a number’s digits can be understood in two ways: the Indian system and the International system. The Indian system, which is also known as the Hindu-Arabic system, uses a comma to separate the digits. We start putting the comma from right to left, first after every three numbers and then every two.

A place value chart is a good way to figure out the positional value of a number. The number before the value is 999,999,999, and the number after 1 million is 1,001,001. We can use the place value chart to figure this out by going from right to left. This is because the order of place value goes from right to left.

Zero Metrics Calculation
Info-Graphic Credit: Dibakor Roy/

Place Value Chart for Indian System

In the Indian system, the value of a digit’s place is given in this order:









Ten Crores


Ten Lakhs


Ten Thousand














 The Hindu-Arabic way of counting is also called the Indian way of counting. In this scheme, the “,” a comma is used to show the difference between the spaces. The first comma comes after three numbers from the right, then after two numbers, two numbers, and every two numbers after that.

International System Place Value Chart:

The sequence of a digit’s position value in the International System is as follows:











Ten Thousand

Hundred Thousand






One Million

Ten Million

Hundred Million






One Billion

Ten Billion

Hundred Billion




How many Zeros in a Billion?

There are nine (9) zeros in a billion. 

1 billion = 1,000,000,000

The place value of each zero can be understood in the below-given chart.

1 Million is a Billion?

1 million = 1000,000

One million is equal to 1000 thousand.

1 billion = 1000 million = 1000,000,000

Therefore, one billion in million is equal to 1000 million.

What Does Billion to Rupees Conversion Mean?

One billion is a big number, but one billion rupees is even bigger. To change from one number to another, you have to multiply it by 10 to the ninth power, or 10 billion. This is a huge number, worth more than $100 billion in U.S. dollars.

1 Billion in Rupees
How Many Millions in a Billion?

And now it’s time to answer your question: how many millions are there in a billion? Since we’ve talked about what a million and a billion mean, it shouldn’t be hard to change one into the other. But before we give you a step-by-step explanation of the answer, we want you to try it on your own. When you’re done, you can compare your answer to our answer to see if you were right.

Let us give you some hints to make it easier:

Here, we need to turn 1 billion into a million so we can figure out how many millions are in a billion.
To do this, we can either use the fact that 1 billion is equal to 1,000,000,000 and 1 million is equal to 1,000,000 and then do some simple math.
Or, we can just multiply the million amount or value by 1000. It will tell us how much 1 billion is worth in millions.

How to Convert Billion into Rupees?

There are only a few steps to go from Billions to Rupees:

  • The first step is to put the number (billion) into the calculator’s input field.
  • The second step is to click the “Convert” button on the calculator to start the conversion.
  • Lastly, the screen will show the value that was changed from billion to rupees.

1 Billion USD in INR

1 Billion USD in INR means we need to change 1 Billion US Dollars to Indian Rupees (INR) (INR). This is done by using the current value of a dollar in INR, which changes based on how the market is doing. For example, if 1 USD is worth 76 INR at a certain time, we just multiply that number by 100 crores since we know that 1 Billion = 100 crores.

Example: If 1 USD is worth 80 INR at the moment, how much is 1 Billion USD worth in INR?

Solution: Since we know that 1 billion is equal to 100 crores, we multiply the value of 1 dollar by 100 crores. So, 1 billion USD is equal to 80 times 100, which is Rs. 8,000 crores.

1 Billion in Rupees in words

Assume 1 dollar = 82.50 rupees

Value of 1 billion = 1,000,000,000 rupees

So $1 Billion in Rupees in words = 82.50 x 1,000,000,000 = 8.25 x 101,010

Usually, 6 billion dollars in rupees = 82.50 x 6,000,000,000 =  4.95 x 101111

1 Billion Indian Rupees

The international system always uses billions, which are based on charts that show the value of each position. According to the Indian system, the value of one billion Indian Rupees is the same as

1 Billion in Rupees in words = 1,000,000,000 rupees

Because of this, we can also say

1 Billion = 10,000 Lakhs

So a billion in millions equals 10,000 million. So, a billion is the same as ten billion billion.

In other words, one billion is the same as 100 crores (like 1 lakh equals 1,00,00,000).

Billion to Rupees Converter Calculator

Billion: In the international place value system, a billion is a unit. It is written as 1,000,000,000 in numbers. One billion can be written with either b or bn. One billion in the Indian number system is equal to ten million lakhs, and one billion is equal to 100 crores. The billion-to-rupee calculator turns billions of dollars into rupees.

Rupees: The rupee is India’s main unit of money. In India, one rupee is equal to 100 paise.

A billion-to-rupees calculator helps you figure out how many rupees are in a billion. For example, 1 billion is the same as 1 billion, or 1,000,000,000.

So, 9 billion equals to 9,000,000,000 rupees.

Conversion Table of 1 Billion in Crores

The conversion from billion to crore is easy to understand.

In terms of crores,

1 billion is equal to 100 crores

Which means

1billion (1b) = 1,000,000,000 rupees

1,000,000,000 Rs = 100 x 10000000 (1 Crore)

Hence, 1 billion is equal to 100 Crores.

For instance,

To turn a given number of billions into a number of crores, just multiply the number of billions by 100 crores.
For example, multiply 8 by 100 crores to turn 8 billion into crores. This means that 800 Billion


1 Crore = 1/100 billion = 0.01Billion

Example 1: Express the value of 8.3 billion in Rupees.

Solution: 8.3 billion Rupees

We know that 1 billion = 1,000,000,000 Rs

So, 8.3 billion = (8.3 × 1,000,000,000) = Rs 8,300,000,000

Therefore, 8.3 billion is equivalent to Rs 8,300,000,000 Rs.

Example 2: Express the value of 3 billion in Crores.

Solution: 3 billion in Crores.

We know that 1 billion = 100 Crores.

So, 3 billion = (3 × 100) = 300 Crores.

Therefore, 3 billion is equivalent to 300 Crores.

Example 3: Express the value of 5 billion in Rupees.

Solution: 5 billion in Rupees

We know that 1 billion = 1,000,000,000 Rs

So, 5 billion = (5 × 1,000,000,000) = Rs 5,000,000,000

Therefore, 5 billion is equivalent to Rs 5,000,000,000 Rs.

Example 4: Express the value of 6 billion in Crores.

Solution: 6 billion in Crores.

We know that 1 billion = 100 Crores.

So, 3 billion = (6 × 100) = 600 Crores.

Therefore, 6 billion is equivalent to 600 Crores.

Example 5: Express the value of 5.5 billion in Crores.

Solution: 5.5 billion in Crores.

We know that 1 billion = 100 Crores.

So, 3 billion = (5.5 × 100)

= 550 Crores.

Conversion from Billion to Lakh

One billion can be turned into lakhs by writing billion as a number of lakhs. 1 billion is the same as 10 lakhs since 1 lakh is the same as 1,00,000. In other words, 1 Billion is the same as 10,000,000. So, if we want to turn a Billion number into a number of lakhs, we need to multiply it by 10,000.

Example: Convert 5 billion to lakhs.

Solution: Since 1 billion = 10,000 lakhs, therefore, 5 × 10,000 = 50,000 lakhs.

Conversion from Billion to Crore

The conversion from 1 billion to crore is the same as the conversion from 1 billion to lakh, except that the factor is 100 in this case. Because 1 Billion is equal to 100 Crores. So, if we want to change a Billion number to a Crore number, we need to multiply it by 100.

Example: Convert 3 billion to crores.

Solution: Since 1 billion = 100 crores, therefore, 3 billion = 3 × 100 = 300 crores.

Million to Crore Conversion

Conversion Formula:

1 Million = Crore / 10.

You can use the number converter to change any amount from millions to crores or from crores to millions. People in the West use the word “million,” which means 106 or 1,00,0000. In Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc., the number 107 or 1,000,000 is written as a “crore.” One million is the same as 0.1 crores, and 500 million is the same as 50 crores.

Million to Crore = Value in millions × 0.1

How many crores in 20 million?

0.1 × 20 = 0.2 crore

Million to Lakhs Conversion

Conversion Formula:

1 Million = Lakhs x 10.

In Eastern countries, the word “lakh” stands for “one million.” Million to Lakh conversion is needed when you live in a country that uses one system (e.g., million, billion) and works with people from a different country that uses a different system (e.g., lakh, crore) and vice versa. There is 10 lakh in a million.

Lakh to Million = Value in millions × 10

Trillion to Crore Conversion

The following is a table that our online trillion-to-crore calculator made. You can find out how many crores a trillion is.

Conversion Formula:

1 Trillion = Crore x 100000.

The word “trillion” is used to mean 1012 or 1,000,000,000,000. ( for reading this type of large number you can use a Standard form calculator). One trillion is the same as one million billion. If you multiply the value in a trillion by 1,00,000, you can turn it into an Indian number, such as a crore.


Now that you’ve gotten this far, turning 1 billion or 10 billion into rupees shouldn’t seem like a hard thing to do. We’ve told you everything you need to know about how to turn a billion into Indian rupees or how much a billion rupees is worth. Don’t worry if you still have questions; we’ve got you covered. Check out this blog to learn more about not just a billion rupees but also a million rupees.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 1 Billion in Rupees in Words

How many zeros are in 1 billion?

There are 9 zeros in 1 billion.

Which place value system uses Billions?

The International System for Counting Places used the word “billion,” which is about the same as “1,000,000,000.”

What is the lakh equivalent to one billion rupees?

One billion rupees equals 10,000 lakhs rupees.

1 billion is equal to how many crores?

One Arab can turn 100 crores into 1 billion.

Convert 10 Billion in Rupees?

10 Billion = 10000000000 Rupees

What is the value of 1 billion in lakhs?

A billion dollars is worth 10,000 lakhs.

How many crores are there in 1 billion?

You can write “billion” as either “b” or “bn.” In the Indian number system, one billion is equal to ten million lakhs. In terms of crores, 1 billion is equal to 100 crores, so 1 bn (1 b) = 1,000,000,000.

How many crores is equal to 2.4 billion?

2.4 billion is worth 240 crores.

How many lakhs is equal to 7.5 billion?

7.5 billion is equal to 75,000 lakhs. How? 1 billion = 10,000 lakhs. So, 7.5 billion is equal to 7.5 times 10 million, or 75,000 million.

What is the value of 1 billion?

In India, 1 billion is the same as 10,000 lakhs. In terms of crores, 1 billion is equal to 100 crores.

How much is a trillion?

trillion Add to the list. A trillion is 1,000,000,000,000, which is also called 10 to the 12th power or 1,000,000,000,000. Since a trillion is such a big number, it’s hard to understand, so sometimes it just means “wow, a lot.”

How many lakhs is equal to 7.5 billion?

Because 1 billion is worth 10,000 lakhs, 7.5 billion is the same as 75,000 lakhs.

What is the value of 1.5 billion US dollars in crores?

1.5 billion dollars will be equal to a 1.5billion x 74.69 ( the current value of the dollar ).

1 Billion = 100 Crores.

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